"Boy! Up! Get up!"

Harry was pulled roughly out of his dreams of flying motorcycles by the shrill voice of his Aunt Petunia as she moved past the cupboard door and into the kitchen. Harry quickly changed out of his too big pyjamas and into his too big clothes and rushed into the kitchen, not wanting to be accused of laziness because he took too long.

"Eat your breakfast quickly, we're going to the zoo and I'll not have you slowing us down." Harry looked at the table were there was a single piece of soggy toast, as usual he wondered why he was only allowed toast when Dudley was given bacon and eggs and hash browns and whatever else he wanted but he knew better than to ask, his aunt didn't like it when he was ungrateful. "And I want you on your best behaviour, nothing freakish. Vernon has been called into work and I will not be forced to neglect my Dudders just because you can't be normal for once."

Harry raised his eyes from his plate and looked at Petunia, trying not to look too hopeful.

"Am… Am I coming with you?"

Petunia glared at her nephew but couldn't maintain her harsh expression in the face of those green eyes that were almost pleading with her, green eyes so much like her sister's.

"Yes, Harry. You are coming with us." She almost smiled at the happiness that lit up his face, making him look more like Lily than ever, before she remembered that her sister had abandoned her to the magical world and one day her nephew would too. She reinforced her glare, making Harry look back down at his plate, and turned her attention to Dudley who was gearing up for a tantrum.

"Why?! Why does the boy have to come with us?! Why can't he go to Mrs Figg like normal?!" Dudley's fat face had turned as red as the fried tomato that was smeared all over the front of his t-shirt, left over from breakfast.

"Mrs Figg passed away darling, we don't have anybody else to look after him and we can't leave the little freak alone in the house. What if he touched something or played with your toys? If he's with us we can keep an eye on him but don't worry, I won't let the horrid boy spoil your special day."

Harry tried hard not to flinch at the hate in his aunt's voice as she mentioned him but it was pointless to try. It hurt too much to know he wasn't loved by his family.

Dudley calmed down, reassured that just because Harry was going with them for once didn't mean he mattered now, Dudley could still have his own way.


The trip to the zoo was the best day of Harry's life so far, his aunt and cousin almost completely ignored him and he was allowed to look at the animals on his own as long as he stayed in the same section as them. As they entered the reptile house Harry imagined this is what his birthdays would be like if he still had parents. He was turning seven in just over a month and could imagine being brought to the zoo after eating a special breakfast, his dad lifting him up so he could see the animals better while his mum told him about the animals they were looking at.

He could almost hear a soft female voice whispering to him about which snakes were venomous and where they came from. He would have been able to convince himself the voice was real if he hadn't already known the things it was telling him. Different animals were some of Harry's favourite things to read about and Harry spent a lot of time reading. Books of Dudley's that he smuggled into his cupboard that no one ever noticed were gone, books that Aunt Petunia decided weren't normal enough to keep in the house and tried to throw out before Harry rescued them when she wasn't looking and books in the library at school were Harry got to read whatever he wanted because he couldn't go onto the playground or Dudley and his gang would play 'Harry Hunting'.

He watched Dudley bang on the glass of a huge snake that was sleeping in one of the tanks built into the wall. Harry couldn't help the tiny grin that shaped his lips as his bully of a cousin's eyes narrowed at the snake for was ignoring him. Dudley stood there a moment longer trying to get the snakes attention before giving up and, with one last glare for good measure, moving on to push over some smaller children that were stood in front of a display of water snakes.

Harry crossed the room to look at the snake that had annoyed his cousin so thoroughly. It was the biggest snake at the zoo and the plaque next to the window proclaimed in to be a boa constrictor.

"Sorry about him." Harry whispered as he leant his forehead against the glass of the tank. "You must be forever getting idiots like that disturbing you while you're sleeping. Must get annoying."


Cedric watched as the little black haired boy began to whisper to the large snake, too far away to hear what was being said. He felt his eyes go wide as the snake rose to look at the black haired boy, probably the first little boy that didn't bang on the window. He tugged on his mum's hand as he saw the fat blond boy punch the smaller boy in the side and knock him to the floor.

All three Diggorys watched in shock as the little black haired boy made the glass in front of the boa constrictor disappear, allowing the snake to make a break for freedom pausing slightly on the way to nudge the little boy in thanks.

The elder Diggorys watched in concern, Cedric in confusion, as a thin woman with pinched lips dragged the boy to standing by his hair and hit him over the head with enough for to knock his glasses to the floor. The family of three could hear the woman berate the silently crying little boy, the room now clearing out and becoming just empty enough to hear what was being said over the chaos that had erupted in wake of the snake's departure.

"I warned you! I wanted none of your freakishness on this trip! You've ruined Dudley's birthday! Just you wait till Vernon gets home from work; you'll be in your cupboard for the rest of the summer!"

The boy began to tremble at the threat of the man he'd see later.

"Mum, why is that lady telling the boy off? It was an accident because the other boy hurt him, he didn't do it on purpose."

Mary Diggory chose her words very carefully as she answered her son, her eyes still focused on the only other people in the now deserted reptile house.

"He must be a muggleborn sweetheart and when the muggles don't understand what's happening they get scared and that sometimes makes them act mean." She frowned as the woman grabbed the boys chin in an obviously bruising grip and forced him to face her, her words becoming vicious and out and out insulting. "Amos, we've got to do something, that child can't be more than four or five and I highly doubt her attitude is going to change even if we did explain to her what was going on."

Amos glanced at his wife and son, both of them frowning at the woman's behaviour.

"We had always planned on having another child." His whispered, looking thoughtful. "We can easily afford it."

"You want to take him in?" Mary looked shocked and just a little bit hopeful obviously pleased with the idea of another child after the difficult birth of Cedric when she lost the ability to conceive. Amos smiled and kissed his wife tenderly.

"I think that might be the best solution."

Mary smiled blindingly at him before approaching the woman that had finally stopped degrading the tiny black haired boy and was fussing and crooning over the obese blonde child.

"Excuse me," She said, as politely as possibly although the fury of a mother seeing a child mistreated was evident in her eyes. "I'm Mary Diggory, I couldn't help but notice what happened."

"Nothing happened." The woman snapped immediately, clearly trying to look superior and failing due to her obvious terror that someone had seen what the child had done.

"Nothing bad happened." Mary instantly tried to reassure, holding her hands up in a placating manner. "But this little boy did accidently magic, it happens with magical children when they get angry or scared."

"You're one of them, are you? Bet you went to that school as well." The bitterness was almost tangible and Mary frowned in confusion. If the woman already knew about magic why was she angry at the little boy for something he couldn't control? With a sinking feeling in her stomach she watched the hate enter the woman's eyes as she mentioned a school, obviously Hogwarts.

"Yes, I'm a witch." She answered with as much pride in her voice as she could muster, refusing to be cowed by the woman in front of her. "And this little boy is a wizard and there is nothing wrong with that."

"So say you." The woman scoffed, not willing to get into a debate over the subject. "Well, what do you want?"

"My husband, Amos, and I were wondering if you would like us adopt him." She replied bluntly, she couldn't tolerate the woman enough to spend time beating around the bush.

"Why would you want him?" She asked the second the shock had worn off and been replaced with suspicion.

"Because every child should be valued and cherished and you are clearly doing neither." Mary's tone was the coldest Amos had ever heard it, the last of her patience worn away at the horribly worded question. "I imagine he will be much happier with other magical people that can understand him as opposed to vilifying him."

The woman looked taken back by Mary's words and almost ashamed but Mary put that down to a trick of the light.

"Did you… Did you support…?" Her lips became even thinner as her waved her hand around as though to pick the word right out of the air.

"Who?" Mary asked with a frown.

"Vul… Vol… Voldemort." She paused slightly as the man in the background flinched but chose to ignore it. "The one that killed his parents."

Mary gasped, he was an orphan?

"Oh you poor boy." She whispered looking at the tiny child staring at his guardian with a mixture of confusion, hope and anger. She looked back at the woman waiting for a response. "No, we'd never support that monster."

"You'll keep him safe? With his own kind?" The question was asked a mixture of regret and wistfulness. Mary didn't even need to think about the answer.


"Then you can take him." It was said with a cool detachment but the emotion couldn't be hidden in her eyes. Mary wondered at their relation for the woman to have such mixed emotions over him. She bent down and passed the little boy his glasses off the floor, staying at eye level with him. Her breath hitched at the fear and hope and confusion swirling around the most beautiful green eyes she'd ever seen.

"Hello," She whispered, not wanting to startle him. "I'm Mary, that's my husband, Amos, and that's my son, Cedric. What's your name?"

"Harry, ma'am, Harry Potter." His voice was soft and musical, trembling just a little bit and Mary fell just that little bit more in love with him. She heard the twin gasps behind her and fought the urge to hex the woman that barely deserved the title of mother. This boy had almost died for the entire wizarding world, his parents had died and the people lucky enough to take him in treated him as less than human. "Am… Am I going to live with you now?"

"Yes, sweetheart, you are." Her smile widened at the matching one Harry gave her, his whole face lighting up with happiness and relief. What must his life have been like for him to be relieved he was moving in with strangers? "I'm going to take you and Cedric to get your things and Amos is going to get some forms that your family need to sign."

"I don't have any things." Harry's eyes were downcast, obviously ashamed. Mary's face tightened as she tried to hold in the snarl she wanted to directed at the pathetic excuse for a human being standing next to her. The only kindness she'd obviously ever shown the boy was allowed him to be adopted.

"Well then, how about we go straight home then, you can pick out a bedroom." The Diggory family home wasn't huge by any standards but it had four bedrooms, two of them currently guest rooms. More than enough space for one more person.

"Will… Will I be a part of your family now?" The question was hesitant, almost as though Harry were afraid of the answer, which he probably was, expecting to be rejected but hoping not to be.

"Yes, Harry, you will be. I'll be your mother, Amos will be your father and Cedric will be your brother." Mary almost cried as Harry's face looked like it was going to split in two from the size of the smile he graced them with. She stood and held out a hand for him to take, which he did tentatively, before holding out her other hand for Cedric. "Come on, Cedric, we've got to take your new little brother home."

Cedric looked at Harry, who shifted nervously under the scrutiny, before ignoring his mother's hand and going round to Harry's other side and offering his own. The younger boy looked at him in shock before taking it shyly, green eyes wide behind his coke bottle glasses. Those will be the first thing to go, Mary thought to herself as she watched her older son show his acceptance for her younger son.

With one last pointed look to her husband, silently telling him to take care of the details, Mary proudly escorted her two children to the portkey site in the magical section of the zoo and took them home.


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