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Chapter Seven

Viktor growled from his place at the Slytherin table, drawing the attention of his roommate who just rolled his eyes and went back to his breakfast. Viktor hated this. Watching witch after wizard fawn over Harry. They were barely worthy to be in the presence of the little Ravenclaw.

He'd stopped trying to tell himself he wasn't jealous. It hadn't been working. Viktor had shocked himself when he finally admitted his feelings, only to himself of course, and he'd been trying to understand where they came from ever since.

He could easily see the appeal in Harrison Diggory. Who couldn't? But Viktor had always been rather untameable when it came to relationships so it surprised him that the one person who hadn't deliberately tried to pin him down had succeeded without either of them realising.

Viktor remembered when he'd first seen the younger boy. Both Hermione and Harry thought that the first glimpse had taken place in the Top Box, after the World Cup. But they were both wrong. It was before. The eighteen year old had been heading towards the stadium, a few hours before the match was to start, when he'd walked past a boy with eyes and an arse he was sure he'd never forget.

He'd wanted to approach the boy there and then but at a World Cup final, that close to the rabid fans? Viktor knew better than to remove his Disillusionment Charm. He valued his life. But he'd vowed to find the boy again. Viktor wasn't crude enough to collect notches on his bedpost but that was definitely one body he wanted to sample for himself. He'd expected it to be a rather difficult quest so he was surprised when he saw the boy again in the Top Box. Almost as though he were waiting for him.

He'd been fairly obvious with his intentions, he hadn't wanted to lead the boy on, and Viktor had been surprised that Harrison had been so receptive to the idea. Most people wanted promises of forever. It was just another thing that set Harrison apart from the crowd.

It was supposed to be a one off but Viktor had spent the rest of the summer thinking about those green eyes and narrow hips and when he saw Harry again at Hogwarts, he just couldn't pass up the opportunity for a repeat performance. Then another one. And another.

Viktor was completely hooked within a month.

And he'd only just admitted it to himself when he was reminded of the approaching Yule Ball which meant that he needed a date. And more importantly, Harry would need a date. This made Viktor's possessive side flare something wicked, bringing a whole host of other problems with it.

His wand hand would twitch whenever he so much as thought about another person holding Harrison close as they danced. It just didn't sit right with him. Harrison was his and no one else's. He just had to make Harry see that.

At first it seemed like it would be a rather easy task. Harry was saying no to every person who asked him but what if that would include Viktor? Their relationship had no strings attached and maybe that was what Harry ultimately wanted, that's why he was saying no to everyone who asked him.

But then wouldn't he have just said yes to the first person that came along? If he wasn't waiting for someone specific then wouldn't he have just picked someone and gotten the whole thing over and done with?

Viktor didn't want to delude himself into thinking Harry was waiting for him but he couldn't deny that he hoped it was the case and that scared him. He'd never really felt anything for anyone before.

He loved his family and was loyal to his friends but he'd never had romantic feelings that went beyond attraction. Being a professional Quidditch player meant he had a string of admirers but none of them had ever captured his attention the way Harry had. They were too busy batting fake eyelashes to have anything resembling a conversation.

He'd taken them to bed of course but he'd never taken them seriously.

But he could talk to Harry and he did quite often. If they weren't sleeping together, Viktor would consider them friends. Actually that wasn't true. Even though they were having sex, Viktor would consider Harry a friend. It was Viktor's feelings blurring the lines between them. He wanted more than simple friendship.

And now, watching that arrogant blonde boy almost demand that Harry attend the Ball with him, Viktor's blood was boiling. Yet his tongue felt too heavy to shout out, to interrupt them. What if Harry wanted this? What if Malfoy was the person he'd been waiting for?

He'd never been more relieved in his life when Harry said no but that did nothing to sooth the pure rage that flooded his system when that little blonde bastard dared touch what was his. And he was. Harry was his, even if he didn't know it yet.


Harry jumped as the door was slammed behind him. He knew Viktor was going to do it but he still jumped nonetheless. The young Ravenclaw could honestly say he had no clue what was going on, he didn't understand why Viktor was so angry.

And it wasn't like Viktor was explaining things; the man was just grunting and glaring around the room as though he half expected enemies to pop out at him.

"Viktor?" Harry prodded then froze as that glare was turned on him, though it did soften a little bit which helped Harry calm down. "What's wrong?"

Viktor looked like he was grinding his teeth. "That boy! He had no vight to touch you."

"Draco?" Harry asked with a frown, why was he so annoyed by what Draco had done? "Draco's just an idiot who likes a challenge, he'll get bored sooner or later."

Viktor growled again and stomped forward until he was towering over Harry. "I don't like it. They are not vorthy of you."

Harry was lost; there was an undertone to the conversation that he just didn't understand. "I don't take him seriously." Harry assured him. "Though Draco is going to be very persistent about this."

"I don't like it." Viktor ground out again.

"Neither do I." Harry told him with a sigh as he sat down on one of the tables. "Draco isn't used to being told 'no', he has an overgrown sense of entitlement. It'll just take a while for him to realise I'm not playing hard to get."

Viktor stared at him, an intense stare that made it seem as though he was trying to read his mind. "Are you playing hard to get? Do you vant him?"

"No!" Harry said adamantly, shaking his head.

Viktor just stared harder. Harry was starting to get annoyed now. He didn't understand where this had come from or what it was really about.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes!" Harry stood up, what was Viktor really asking? He didn't know whether to be furious or exasperated. Right now, furious was winning. "For fuck's sack, Viktor, the guy's a brat! More than an hour in his company and I'm likely to punch him! I don't want him!"

"Then who do you vant?" Viktor shouted back.

Harry froze, the word 'you' caught in his throat. He couldn't tell Viktor that. Viktor wanted no strings attached, he'd known that from the start. But he couldn't lie to him either.

"Vell?" Viktor demanded. He stalked forward and seized Harry by the upper arms. Forcing the smaller boy to look at him fully. "Who do you vant?"


It came out as a near silent whisper. If Viktor hadn't been listening as desperately as his was, he'd have missed it. He still wasn't sure it hadn't been imagined.


"You!" Harry repeated louder, forcefully wrenching himself out of Viktor's hold and backing up a few steps. Viktor was too stunned to do anything but let him. "I want you. And I know I shouldn't but I can't help it. I'm sorry."

The sight of tears welling in the green eyes finally brought Viktor out of his shock. The next thing Harry knew he was being kissed within an inch of his life. With more passion and desperation than any kiss they'd shared previously. Their clothes were practically ripped off as each boy tried to devour the other.

Harry sighed in bliss as he rested his head against Viktor's chest. Despite the fact his spine felt like Hagrid had stepped on it, he'd never felt better. A weight had been lifted off his chest, one he hadn't even known was there.

He didn't know how Viktor felt but he'd made his own feelings clear and that was enough. If Viktor didn't feel the same then it would suck but he'd get over it. Eventually.

"Go vith me."

The soft whisper jolted Harry out of his thoughts. He tilted his head to look up at the older boy who was staring back intently.

"What did you say?" Harry asked hesitantly, praying he'd heard right.

"Go vith me, Harrison."

"I'd love to."

Viktor ignored the way his heart clenched at the sight of Harry's blinding smile. It was one thing to admit he felt something, he didn't think he was quite ready to give that something a name yet.


Harry bit his lip to hold in his grin as Hermione dragged him into Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. She'd been staring at him shrewdly since they'd met up in the common room that morning, she could tell something was different she just didn't know what. Lessons had just finished for the day and it was bugging the Hell out of her.

"Have you figured it out yet?" He asked teasingly, his wide smile breaking forth as he conjured two overstuffed armchairs and dropped boneless into one of them. He was in too good a mood to try and keep his face blank. He wasn't deliberately keeping anything from her but she'd already been in bed when he'd returned the night before so he hadn't been able to share his excitement with her.

"So you admit something has changed?"

"I never denied it."

"But you won't tell me what it is?"

"I will if you want me too, Mione." Harry told her with a shrug of his shoulders. "But do you really want me to?"

"No." She admitted grudgingly and with a glare. "You know I don't want you to."

Harry nodded. He knew exactly why. She wasn't a Ravenclaw for nothing, she thrived on working things out for herself. However normally she had Harry to bounce theories back and forth with, they had similar levels of intelligence and very different points of view. It quite often made for some very lively debates.

"I'm actually surprised you haven't figured it out. It should be fairly obvious to you."

Hermione frowned and settled into her own chair. Harry had worded that deliberately. 'It should be fairly obvious to you'. So that meant it had to do with something only she knew about. But the only secret her and Harry were keeping at the moment was his relationship with Viktor…

"Harry," She asked gently, not wanting to upset him if she was wrong. Harry's growing feelings for the Quidditch star had been obvious to her but Viktor wasn't the type for commitment. Not that she knew him, she only had the tabloids and Harry's word to go on and neither were very reliable. Harry was still rather oblivious when it came to how people felt about him. Damn Dursleys. "Have you and Viktor…"

The question died in her throat as she saw pure joy light up her best friend's eyes. She had to bit her lip to keep from squealing in excitement. She was so happy for him.

"I want details, Mr Diggory. Full disclosure."

"There's not really much to say." Harry told her with a shrug. "I was on my way to meet him when Draco Malfoy of all people cornered me and asked me to the ball."

"Malfoy?" Hermione repeated with a frown. "I thought he'd go with someone he intended to court. Most of the heirs from the Ancient Houses are starting now."

"That's what he was trying to do."

Hermione's eyes went wide. "Draco Malfoy wants to court you?"

"Yep. Of course I said no."

"I doubt he took that well."

"He didn't take it at all. Just told me he wasn't giving up and kissed me."

"Good Lord, what did you do?"

"Pushed him off, he still wouldn't give up though." Harry told her with a roll of his eyes. Hermione snorted.

"You're going to have your work cut out for you with him." She told him though he probably already knew that. "As interesting as this is, it doesn't explain how you and Viktor went from bed-buddies to… Whatever you are now."

Harry snorted this time. "Mione, I know your sensibilities are a tad more delicate than mine but I thought we'd gotten you to the stage were you could at least say 'fuck'."

"Okay, fuck buddies then."

"Good girl, see it wasn't hard."

"Harry, do shut up and get on with the story." Hermione said, impatiently.

"Viktor saw."

"Viktor saw what?"

"Malfoy's rather strange attempt at asking me out. Or was he technically proposing?"

"Same thing to him." Hermione shrugged, most purebloods didn't really have a dating period. "So lemme guess, Viktor saw Malfoy's inept flirting and flew into a jealous rage?"

"Well, there was no flying but the jealous rage bit's right. Slamming doors and shouting. Followed by quite frankly glorious sex. Though I was rather confused at the time."


"I honestly didn't realise he felt anything for me, you know what I'm like. It just didn't occur to me he might be jealous."

"Oh, Harry." Hermione moaned, with sad eyes. Harry held up a hand to stop her from continuing.

"Spare me, Mione. I know how much the Dursley's fucked me up."

"You are not fucked up, Harrison Diggory!" Hermione raged, eyes blazing. "Never let me hear you say that again. It's those bastards that are fucked up! To treat a child like that is wrong on every level."

"I know." Harry said with a sigh. "But the damage is done. I spent every day until I met the Diggorys, being told I was worthless. I know now that's not true but it's still not second nature to think people might care about me."

"What do you think Viktor will say when he finds out about the Dursleys?" Hermione asked, curious.

"I dunno." Harry said with a frown. "While I realise he has feelings for me, I don't know how deep they run and it was a long time ago. What's worrying me is how Cedric's gonna react when he finds out I'm going to the ball with someone not just older than me but older than him."

"He actually asked you to the ball?" Harry nodded. "Well, that implies things are at least somewhat serious or he wouldn't want the public knowing. The press are gonna have a field day with this."

Harry moaned out and dropped his face into his hands. "We'll either be glorified or vilified."

"You better send a warning letter to that Press Rep of yours, and maybe one to your Auntie Rita. A pre-emptive strike would be better than damage control."

Harry shook his head. "I'll warn them but I don't want there to be any sort of pre-emptive strike. I signed an exclusive contract with The Daily Prophet and more specifically Auntie Rita. Anything a different paper writes has to be stated as speculation unless they have proof. Auntie Rita can write an article to come out on Boxing Day but I want no one to have any idea something might be going on between me and Viktor until the ball itself. I can't risk Cedric finding out."

"Harry, might it not be better to warn Cedric too? Let him cool off before he actually has to see you together?"

"Mione, Cedric won't take this well regardless of how he finds out. For the first time since I was adopted, I'm not spending Christmas with my parents. I wanna at least spend it with my brother and there's no guarantee he'd be over it by then. At least this way we get most of Christmas day together and the ball will be too busy for him to make a scene. He'll have you there dancing with him, helping him cool off and reminding him that the age gap between you two is not much better than me and Viktor."

Hermione bit her lip, still looking worried. "Do you think I have enough sway over Cedric for him to listen to me in this?"

"Mione my dearest, if you could see how he looks at you when he thinks no one is watching, you wouldn't ask that question."

Harry laughed in delight as Hermione turned a glowing cherry red.


Harry bit his lip, he could see the other champions and their dates waiting outside the Great Hall, though they couldn't see him where he was hiding behind a suit of armour at the top of the staircase.

Hermione and Fleur looked stunning in their elegant dresses, they could pass for Royalty. So could Cedric and Roger actually. Though they didn't hold a candle to Viktor, Harry realised as he watched the Durmstrang Champion enter the Entrance Hall.

"Mr Krum, there you are." McGonagall fussed, hurrying over to the eighteen year old. "But where is your date? And in Merlin's name, where is Mr Diggory?"

"Harry will be here any minute, Professor." Hermione said before the woman could harass Viktor further, the stress of the tournament having obviously ruffled the usually composed woman. "He's just taking a few moments to gather his courage."

Harry sighed. That was his cue. He couldn't put it off any longer. With a deep breath, Harry straightened up and stepped out from his hiding place. The eyes of those in the Entrance Hall immediately snapped to him, though hopefully they'd think he just come from around the corner, not from behind a suit of armour.

His hands were shaking as he carefully descended the main staircase. No one was saying a word and Harry couldn't bring himself to look at any of them. He knew how different he looked. While he'd always worn nice clothes, he'd never had anything this fancy or elegant before. His dress robes were a birthday present from Sirius, apparently if he had to wear dress robes then he had to wear dress robes befitting the Potter-Black Heir.

"Mr Diggory." Professor McGonagall breathed. "Thank Merlin. I hope your date will be here soon."

Harry gulped and forced himself to meet the eyes of the transfiguration teacher. "My date is already here."

Before anyone had a chance to say anything else, Harry reached out and grasped the hand Viktor had extended.

"Nervous?" The Bulgarian grunted, trying to ignore the gobsmacked face of the others, bar Hermione who had known all along.

"Very." Harry whimpered. He was not looking forward to how the rest of the school reacted. With the exception of his death defying stunts at the end of every year, Harry had almost gone out of his way not to draw attention to himself but there was no avoiding it tonight. He was finally being forced into the spotlight.

Almost against his will, Harry's eyes darted in the direction of his brother and best friend. Their expressions couldn't be more different, Hermione was beaming from ear to ear while Cedric's attractive face was marred by a heavy frown. Though he did look more worried than angry. At least at the moment. Harry didn't know how long that would last.

Eventually, McGonagall snapped out of shock and forced everyone into a line. Cedric and Hermione were at the front of the procession with Fleur and Roger in the middle. Harry and Viktor were bringing up the rear.

The doors of the Great Hall opened with a creaking that sounded like the most ominous thing in the world to Harry, he felt like he was being led to the gallows. He hated being stared at. Though at least he knew how to dance. The Diggorys may not have been a Noble and Ancient House but they were purebloods which meant balls and socialising, Harry had known how to dance since he was nine years old.

Harry was aware of himself moving into the Hall with Viktor at his side but he couldn't really feel his feet moving, he was too busy trying to keep his panic at bay. The gasps of the crowd as they saw who he was with really weren't helping but he was doing his best to ignore them.

He sighed with relief as he was finally able to take his seat at the champion's table, smiling at Viktor who held his chair out for him. He could still feel the stares of everyone in the Hall but they were easier to ignore now he had other things to focus on.

The plates in front of them were empty and there was no food on the table, curiously Harry picked up the menu and frowned as he watched Dumbledore order pork chops. It was a highly convenient way of selecting food for those eating, no leaning over each other to grab dishes, but it hardly seemed fair to the house-elves. Harry couldn't figure out how they were doing it, did they have a certain amount of each meal? But what if a lot of people wanted the same thing? Or were they cooking everything as it was ordered? They must be rushed off their feet.

Almost everyone at the table was choosing something extravagant. Harry shared a quick look with Hermione, fine food was nice and everything but they weren't Draco, they didn't want sautéed mushrooms and stuffed clams.

He put his menu down with a smirk, he knew exactly what he wanted. Harry leant slightly towards his plate and ordered his food in a clear voice he knew would carry across the table.

"Burger and chips."

He heard Hermione snort quietly next to him and almost laughed himself at the looks Karkaroff and some of the ministry officials were shooting him.

"Chicken and chips."

Harry turned to his friend just in time to see the food appear on Hermione's plate.

The meal itself passed quickly after that and conversation flowed smoothly, though Harry contemplated shoving his fork into the eye of the redhead that wouldn't shut up. He had thought he'd seen the last of this Weasley.

Harry had a smile on his face as Viktor lead him onto the dance floor. He was actually looking forward to this, he would have preferred it if there weren't so many people staring at him but that couldn't be helped and it didn't really matter as long as it was Viktor he was dancing with.

Viktor guided Harry's hands into position, as was customary, while they waited for the music to start. Minutes later they were flawlessly moving around the dance floor. Harry couldn't help but completely relax for the first time that day as kept his eyes trained on Viktor's.


"Harry," Hermione called, walking over to the table Harry and Viktor were taking a break at. "I'm sorry to do this to you but…"

"Cedric's patience finally snapped and he wants a word with me."

Hermione just nodded, she'd been telling Cedric to leave Harry alone for the past hour already, if she didn't let him talk to his little brother soon he was probably just gonna throw Harry over his shoulder and make a run for it.

"I'm sorry, Viktor." Harry said with a sheepish smile. "I shouldn't be long, do you mind?"

"It is vine." Viktor told him with an easy smile, giving him a quick kiss on the lips, ignoring the round of gasps from those watching. "Mikhail has been vanting my attention for some time. Come find me vhen you are done."

"Who's Mikhail?" Hermione asked as they made their way outside to were Cedric was waiting.

"His closest friend, they have known each other most of their lives." Harry answered with a smile. "Apparently he's quite anxious to meet me, he's the only other person that knew about us. How's Cedric taking it?"

"Well, I think for the most part, he's just worried. Expect a bit of shouting though."

Harry went silent as he thought about the best way to handle the situation. Cedric was overprotective, but most of the time he was reasonable as long as he wasn't scared.

"He's just down there, Harry." Hermione said, pointing to the end of the hedge row. "There's a bench just round the corner."

"Thanks, Mione." He gave her a quick hug and shooed her back inside. "If I'm not back in half an hour, send someone to look for my body."

Harry was just about to turn the corner when he felt someone grab him from behind. He spun round quickly only to be confronted with the glaring face of Draco Malfoy.

"What do you want, Draco?" Harry asked with a sigh. He was so not in the mood for this.

"Did you really think I would allow this? I told you, Harrison, that I intended for you to be mine, no pathetic little foreigner is going to change that."

Harry bristled at the slight on Viktor. "Who are you to tell me what to do? You're a child, Draco. Throwing a tantrum because you can't have your own way. Your opinion means absolutely nothing to me and you can forget whatever delusions you have of us having some sort of future together. That has never and will never be an option. Do you understand that?"

Harry felt himself grabbed by the shoulders and forced up against the nearest hedge. He was expecting to be hit next or maybe even kissed again, he was honestly not expecting Draco to start chuckling.

"Is something funny?" Harry hissed, rather indignant that Draco was apparently finding this whole thing amusing.

"Just that you think you have a choice in the matter." He answered factually. "I'm a Malfoy. It's a well established fact that we always get what we want."

"Could you be any more arrogant?" Harry asked in disgust.

"I'm arrogant because I can be. There's no way the Minor House of Diggory could stand up to the Ancient and Noble House of Malfoy."

Without giving Harry the chance to say anything else, Draco forced his head up and sealed his lips over the ones before him. Harry had never been so frustrated at his lack of height than he was at that moment, not to mention his lack of physical strength. Quidditch training had helped him somewhat but he was still on the delicate side and Draco easily overpowered him. He didn't even seem to notice Harry's attempts at pushing him off.

Harry shuddered in repulsion as he felt a tongue trying to force its way into his mouth. He was half tempted to let it just so he could bite it.

He'd really been hoping that when Draco saw him with Viktor at the Ball that he'd have got the message and backed off however this just proved that Draco's ego was even larger than Harry had already thought it was.

Just as Harry was about to lift his knee and show Draco just how little he thought of him, the larger boy was pulled off him and thrown to the ground.

Harry gulped at the fury on his brother's face. The last time Cedric had looked like that was when he'd found out just how far the Dursley's abuse had gone. Cedric looked like he wanted nothing more than to kill that arrogant little shit there and than.

"The House of Malfoy might be stronger than the House of Diggory," Cedric spat, showing he had overheard at least the end of the conversation. "But Harry is still part of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter and we have alliance with the Blacks, not to mention Harry's status as the Boy-Who-Lived. So don't you dare think you can pressure him into a relationship. You'd be crushed if you tried to go head to head with us."

"Not to mention our connections with the House of Longbottom and the Minister of Magic." Harry couldn't resist adding with a smirk. While Lucius Malfoy could make things difficult for his family if the man gave in to Draco's whining, nothing he could do would stick. Between Uncle Sirius and Uncle Cornelius, they were pretty safe from the Malfoy influence.

Especially since Sirius could disown Narcissa if they went too far, and while this wouldn't have too much affect on their lives, it would be considered a scandal.

Draco picked himself up of the floor and straightened him robes with as much dignity as he could muster, which wasn't a lot at this point.

"You'll regret that, Diggory." Malfoy informed him with a sneer. "You'll spend the rest of your life working in the lowest levels of the ministry while your brother there will have my ring on his finger by the end of the year."

Both brothers knew it was purely posturing. Draco couldn't guarantee either of those things, it was wounded pride talking.

"Draco," Harry said with a sigh. "Go find someone else to bear the title of future-Malfoy, it won't be me. I'm taken."

The blonde just smirked at him and walked away with his usual swagger leaving the brothers in the now somewhat awkward silence.

"So you're 'taken'?" Cedric asked, there was something off about the casual way he said it but Harry couldn't put his finger on what it was. "That means this is serious. You're serious about him?"

"Yeah, I am." Harry muttered, too terrified to look his brother in the face.

"You love him?" The weirdness in Cedric's voice more obvious but Harry still didn't know what it was.

"I-" Harry didn't know how to answer that question, he'd never examined his feelings that deeply, he just knew he had them. "Almost." He said honestly with a small smile.

Cedric sighed and pulled his little brother into an almost bone crushing hug, trying to ignore the pang in his heart at the thought of his brother growing up. He could still remember the timid little six year old he'd seen whispering to snakes at the zoo. Was that really so long ago? Seven and a half years. It had gone by far too fast in Cedric's opinion.

"You will always be my baby brother." He whispered into the windswept mess his brother called hair. "Even when you're fifty, you will still be my baby brother." Cedric placed a quick kiss on the scared for head before stepping away.

"Thank you." Harry whispered back, his eyes suspiciously bright.

"But I really don't like the age gap." The older boy added with a frown, unwilling to let it go quite that easily.

"Age is just a number." Harry said with a roll of his eyes.

"And jail is just a room."


"Come on, lets head back in, it's freezing out here." Cedric gave a malicious grin, his eyes full of unholy glee. "Besides, I need to go find that boyfriend of yours and let him know exactly what will happen if he so much as makes you frown. I wonder if the Twins would want to help me."

"Ced-ric!" Harry couldn't help but whine as he hurried after his brother who was already running full tilt back towards that castle.

While he was relieved that Cedric had taken that better than expected, no doubt thanks to Malfoy showing just how much worse it could have been if Harry had gone with him, he couldn't help but pity Viktor, especially if the Twins agreed to lend a hand.