It was just another miserable Potions class, and no one was in a good mood. Even Hermione was touchy, and her potion turned out perfect, as always.

Harry stared miserably into his cauldron. They were supposed to be making love potions, and Snape was supposed to be testing them on students. For some reason, Dumbledore was okay with this form of teenage angst, so today Snape would pick one potion that didn't look too deadly and try it out.

Obviously, he picked Hermione's, as it was least likely to kill anyone.

"Now, class, everyone give me a piece of your hair."

"What?" exclaimed at least four students.

"Well, whoever drinks this needs to fall in love with someone, don't they?" sneered Snape. "Hair. Now."

The class shuffled up to the front of the room with a lock of their own hair in a little phial. Harry, Ron, and Hermione were the last ones up. Ron, as a joke, picked up Malfoy's phial and placed it on the "females" side of the desk.

"Now, who will drink the potion?" Snape said, oozing malice. "Potter. You go."

"Figures," muttered Harry as he stepped up to Hermione's cauldron. Snape proffered the rack of phials with female hair in them. Harry squeezed his eyes shut, picked a phial, and emptied it into the cauldron. He then picked up a ladle and took a sip.

It didn't taste too bad, actually. The potion itself had kind of a strawberry-kiwi flavor, with a strange fishy undertone… and then Harry blinked a few times.

The whole class suddenly looked ridiculously ugly. Hermione's huge bushy hair and Ron's enormous nose looked hideous. Snape looked uglier than usual. Except for…

Draco Malfoy.

Dear God in Heaven, Malfoy was an angel walking on earth! His beautiful, white-blonde locks flowed forth from his lovely head, in which his gorgeous eyes glinted in the dim dungeon light. How manly he was!

"Potter… what are you doing?" he said. Even his usual snarky tone was washed over by his deep, rugged voice. Harry batted his eyelashes. The class began to giggle; they were starting to understand what had happened.

"Oh, lord," Snape sighed.

"Draco, I love you!" Harry cried happily. "You are the only one for me, and if we can't be together, I will brew up a poison so strong that I will not live after it has graced my poor lips! Will you have me, my love?" Harry had thrown himself prostrate on the ground in front of Malfoy's feet. Malfoy couldn't tell whether to laugh or be completely and utterly disgusted.

"Malfoy… there's only one way to reverse this potion…" Snape said heavily.

"What? Tell me, now, this is way too bizarre, anything to make him stop-"

"You have to kiss him."

Up in the Great Hall, dishes rattled as Malfoy roared, "WHAT?"

"Class, avert your eyes, I don't want owls from your parents," Snape said. The class did as they were told. Malfoy scrunched up his face in disgust and looked into Harry's imploring green eyes. He placed a light kiss on Harry's cheek, and backed about three steps away, wiping his mouth.

Harry's face broke into a wide grin for a split second, then changed rapidly into a look of horror.

"Malfoy, you wanker, what was that for? Ugh!"

He obviously had no memory of anything that had happened while he was intoxicated by the love potion.

The rest of the class didn't have the heart to tell him.

A commission for my Drarry-fan friend, Andi.