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Gibbs' Doesn't Do Sick

In all the years I, Anthony DiNozzo have been around. I've seen and done many strange things. I mean come on! It couldn't possibly get stranger then contracting a disease from the dark ages. However a sick Leroy Jethro Gibbs, now I really am going insane.

Alright clearly my eyes are playing tricks on me. Gibbs doesn't get sick, Gibbs said so himself and what Gibbs says is Law. He came in this morning and trudged to his desk. Just to sit down in a boneless heap. Nah that doesn't mean the man is sick probably got a massage the night before. Hmm maybe it was the pretty red head down at the parlor. Did I just go there? Maybe those head slaps have caused brain damage after all. Shouldn't a head slap be coming for even thinking that? Well it still doesn't mean Gibbs is sick just means he's waiting until my guard is down.

Well he is looking rather pale, in fact he's whiter then McGoogles. Gibbs just gave a sigh as Ducky called him to autopsy. Maybe I should ask him. "Ya Alright Boss?" "Fine DiNozzo". See he's fine; don't know why I was tripping on his pale complexion. I mean he spends all his spare time in a basement working on a boat. Not like he's soaking up any rays that way.

What's Fornell doing here? Huh he's talking to Gibbs, looks like some more inter-agency play time. I hope they play nice this time. "I don't want any damn coffee Tobias!" See he's fine he doesn't want any coffee……..WHAT. I look around to see Tim and Ziva frozen in place. I think the whole Navy Yard has ground to a complete halt.

"Crap, Gibbs is SICK"