For the sake of speeding up time here, I'm jumping ahead of the week. This story isn't so much about team cases but more or less Tony/ Gibbs and their people. Sorry I've been focusing on a couple other stories in the world of CSI NY I'd love it, if you guys would check some of them out.

It'd been over two weeks since Gibbs not so directly admitted he enjoyed cuddling with Tony. Though the man did nothing short of deny it with every fibber of his being. Gibbs never said a thing he didn't mean and true to his statement, Tony's ass hadn't left his bed to sleep in another. It was only natural that DiNozzo moved in with the silver fox. They still hadn't really come out to the team though Gibbs suspected Ducky had them figured out since the week he got sick. Tony had to admit living with Gibbs was great. It offered him a sense of security and normalcy; he never felt that living on his own or his childhood. Tony even got to know Tobias a bit better. He would be exaggerating if he said he wasn't surprised when the gruff FBI agent hauled him into " Gibbs' conference Room" and told him very plainly. If he did anything that hurt Gibbs mentally or physically. The older man would not only castrate and hang his balls to the rearview mirror of his company Chrysler Aspen before killing him in his sleep and disposing of him so well not even Abby could find any physical evidence. Some how Tony believed it to be a very real possibility and considered Tobias may very well know a sect of cannibals living in Washington D.C under witness protection nobody knew about. Though he was touched his boss had such a good friend in Tobias despite the " I can't stand to see his face, he's a pain in the ass and I'm plotting his murder" side the two often portrayed for their respective departments and teams. His boss really was capable of an Oscar.

" DiNozzo" Gibbs barked at the agent currently living in his own dream world.

" On your six" Tony said jumping up ready to pull his gun from it's holster. Before sitting back down with a slight blush.

" Sorry boss, caught up in thought"

" Ya think? DiNozzo"

" Won't happen again boss"

" Of course it will, I'm going down to see Abs"

" Right"

With that Gibbs headed for the elevator and on to the lair of his favourite goth and her babies.

" Watcha Got Abs" Gibbs yelled over the obnoxious crap in which Abby called music before turning the volume off.

" Gibbs!"

" Whatcha got?"

" A little of this..a little of …..Bossman are you losing weight?"

" The evidence Abs" Gibbs said in exasperation though the goth had been right in her assessment. He had trimmed down a bit. Tony had all but stated that he needed to spend time with more then his boat, Fornell and Tony himself. Not even a few hours later Gibbs found himself packed into his challenger with his hockey gear in the back seat and a new pair of skates in his hands and directions to a rink. Turns out Tony called in a favour with Seeley.

In the mean time Tony excused himself from the company of both David and McGee before heading to the elevator himself. Safely between the second and third floor and he flipped the E-Switch and dialled Fornell.

" Fornelll "

" Fornell my very special FBI pain in the ass"

" DiNutso"

" Hey is that anyway to treat your best friends' boyfriend?"

" Have you heard what I call him?"

" Good Point"

" What do you want"

" Can't a guy just call to catch up?"

" Not with you, it's normally….because Gibbs won't watch the game with you"

" Ok…I Give I need your help"

" It's Gibbs"

" He alright?" the honest worry in Fornell's voice had the agent smiling.

" No he's fine, it's just I tracked down his old commanding officer and he's coming over for thanksgiving dinner with a plus one"

" surprise Gibbs?"

" Yeah"

" Alright I'm in, just to see his conniption face. What do you need?"

" Could you help me cook the night before and possibly put them up at your place for the night."

" Done, there is a woodworking convention just south of Quantico. I won tickets and it's going on that night"

" Woodworking tickets?"

" Shudup DiNozzo I entered it because of the main prize of a vacation instead I got these."

" The spare keys to the house, is in the shed. I'll take Gibbs duty give you time to smuggle your cargo"

" Thanks Tobias, Really I mean it"

" No probably now get your ass back to work"

" Click"

" Damn they spend to much time together.

Tony flipped the switch and rode down to Autopsy just to visit his favourite ME. As always the older man had time for tea and Tony had to admit the the raspberry blend was rather delicious. The two men discussed the world of rugby before the younger man headed back to his desk in the bullpen. Tony barely beat Gibbs back to his desk and began typing in random gibberish to appear as though he had been working. The lead agent briefed them on the current case and the fact it was close and shut before bidding his team a good night at 11:00 PM.

Tony was hardly through the front door before Gibbs was playfully licking his ear and then sniffing it earning a strange giggle moan hybrid from his senior field agent. What are you a puppy Jet.

The smack wasn't entirely unexpected.

" DiNozzo!…..well I do enjoy having my tummy rubbed"

" I got the memo the other night, when you were practically jelly by the end of the night."

" Come on honey buns it's time for bed" Gibbs said as he squeezed the other mans buns for emphasis.

" Alright babe"

The weather had been unseasonably cold for November infect their was 5 inch coating of snow outside. Each man grabbing their individual showers. Unless they planned on a make out session in the shower they did it separate. Gibbs enjoyed a scolding hot shower whilst tony preferred his lukewarm. Tony had taken his shower first and was now reclined in bed wearing a pair of blue plaid Pj pants and Gibbs USMC long sleeved t-shirt. It was two damn comfortable and Tony all but took it. The only time Gibbs would ever get it again was when it lost his scent and only be stolen back later. Tony could help the smile at his lover emerging from the bathroom.

" What so funny, Tony"

Gibbs was wearing traditional green long johns. The kind that resembled briefs that wanted to be pants and red marine corps t-shirt"

" You look like a christmas tree jet"

" A very warm and cuddly one" Tony said as his boss snuggled further into him. Jethro was very much like a giant kitten. He could find the warmest pockets of heat on your body and just stay there. Heavy eyed Tony finally fell asleep while Jet was only to content to watch the brunette sleep.

" Love you Tony" the ex-marine said before tilting back his head and kissing the man's jaw before he to fell asleep.