Chapter 2

We've been tracking a clan of vampires recently, it's a large clan they outnumber us ten to one. One of the largest I have seen in a while, but in a clan this large I can't send Chase in to see what they're planning. They are definitely planning something, we've been following them for a few weeks now and they are gathering more vampires every day, they also seem to be heading to a large city, we're currently in Peru, I recon that they are on their way to the capital, Lima. This is one of the few countries that are mainly dominated by humans and we know that if the vampires take the capital the whole country will fall. Its are job to stop them before that happens, and I know we must do it soon if we're going to succeed before there number become to large. They seem too organised to be just vampires I am sure that a Rouge must be helping them, but as yet we have not got close enough to find out.

We are staying in an old abandoned church, unnoticed and undisturbed. It once would have been a beautiful church, with high columns and a grand alter. Many of the windows are smashed and dirty, although there is still the reminiscence of the mighty pictures and stories they told. I have never been one to believe in god. This world is to damned to have a god, even if there is one what good has he done. I look at my watch it's three in the afternoon, the rest of my coven still asleep, waiting for the night to draw in and the vampires to awaken. I get up from the floor, and move towards the grand wooden doors at the back of the church. I need to walk; I need to think of a plan. I also need to get some food for my coven. That's the hard part food, we have no money but I am pretty good at being a thief, which I'm not to sure I should be proud of. I walk through the doors, down the lane and onto the busy street. We're staying in a village about two hundred and fifty kilometres East of Lima in the mountains near the city of Huancayo. It's an old quiet village, quite traditional and there is a lot of market stalls, which makes it easier to steal food unnoticed. It doesn't take long for me to spot a market stall selling bread and fruit, being sold by an old woman. I wait until she is distracted and walk past with my speed and agility I jump behind the stall unseen and take a couple of loaves of bread and hide them in my rucksack, I turn and slowly return back to the church. While turning into the alley where the church is located I see someone out of the corner of my eye. Someone I recognise, as soon as I turn to look again she is gone. It must have just been the light or my tiredness, I was imagining her, she died two years ago, but it looked like my sister but that's impossible so I shake the image from my mind

I enter the church still slightly shaken from what I thought I saw. Chase was awake looking at the map on the floor.

"I was about to go out and look for you." he said without looking up

"I was getting food" I explained

He looks up at me, and his eyes fill with concern.

"Are you alright?" He asks

I block my mind I'm getting good at doing that now, it means he can't read what I'm thinking, been practicing for the last year. I like keeping some things private.

"I'm fine." I say slightly harshly

"Your blocking things from me again aren't you. You're meant to trust me Raiyn." he always gets frustrated when he doesn't know everything, he's so used to knowing things; it must be strange I guess.

"I just thought I saw something, just sleep deprivation causing my mind to play tricks" I laugh "stops worrying." I go over and kiss him on the cheek. I know he's still worrying but it will stop him asking questions.

Five o'clock comes round, the sun will set in another hour, I walk of to the four bodies lying on the floor sleeping soundlessly, I look at Hawke, he always looks so peaceful when he sleeps, about the only time he looks peaceful, I know when I wake him and his eyes open all I'll see is pain. I hate to see the way this war has changed and tormented him, but war changes us all. I savour the moment and just stare at him for a few minutes. I come back to my senses and kneel down to wake him up, I shake his shoulder gently. He sits bolt up right and grabs my wrist with his left hand and holds a knife to my throat with his right hand.

"It's me Hawke, its Raiyn"

He stares widely at me for a few second then relaxes his left hand and gradually draws the knife away from my throat.

"Sorry" he mumbles

That was common behaviour when you woke him up, always on edge even when asleep. I go to wake the others up and then slice the bread for them to eat.

As usual Blaide complains, "Do you ever get us any meat or anything?"

He always complains, thinks he can do a better job than me, yet he never tried.

"If you don't like it don't eat it, it's not my problem. Or in future maybe you should get us some food, yeah?" I snap

He doesn't reply just scowls at me I can feel his anger burn through my body, that the problem of being an empathy and feeling peoples emotions. Chase laughs "I wouldn't say that to her face she might kill you."

I would ask what he thought but I know it will just cause another argument, and I'm not in the mood for that right now. We finish the rest of the meal, if you could call it that, in silence, and then pack up our stuff, we leave the village silently and head for the vampires camp. They are camping in a wood about a twenty minute walk from the village. Tonight we hope they will move away from any village and give us the opportunity attack them, without endangering humans.

Blaide picks up the sent of the vampires, we move closer to where they are sleeping, many of them are already awake but a few still lie motionless under blankets, we hang back, and start climbing the trees. It's the perfect place to wait for them to move with out being noticed.