Authors Note: This chapter is a little heavy. And by heavy I mean graphic and deals with the slightly uncomfortable topic of rape. Fair warning.

Kagome tripped and fell face first into a pile of leaves and dirt. Gurgling came from the pile as she choked and cried. Rolling over she stared at the sky through the tangled branches of the trees. "Why me?"

Closing her eyes, streams of tears left clean stripes on her face as the tears made their way through the dirt on her face.


Kagome jolted straight up and stared ahead. "He's coming.." she whispered. Getting to her feet slowly she had to get away. She was not ready to confront him yet. Not like this.

She quickly took off, deeper into the forest , the further she went in, the darker it got. Her eyes widened, as she tried to get a better grasp of where she could be. "Kagome.."

She spun around, practically blind. "Who is that?! What do you want?!" Her voice was shaky as more tears filled her eyes and stained her face.

There was silence, but she could feel someone's breath on her neck. She turned around and reached out, her hand filled with hair. Instinct kicked in and she tucked at the hair, this was followed by a grunt.

"Stop it." The voice was clearly upset.

"Sesshomaru?!" She quickly let go and placed her hands by her sides. "Wh..what do you want?"

"Why are you running from Inuyasha?"

"I don't have to answer that.." She said, her eyes lowering.

"Do you not care for him?"

"I do not have to answer that.."

"Then go home, Kagome.."

Her eyes widened and she looked up, in the direction Sesshomaru was in. "What..?"

"All you have done is caused turmoil in this world. Return to yours."

"How do you expect me to get there? I don't even know where I am right now.." She started to whimper.

"Silence!" Sesshomaru yelled.

Kagome flinched and bit her lower lip to shut herself up.

"You will find your way back there, and if you haven't come up with a decision by then, I suggest you stay in your world and leave this one be.."

Kagome stared at him and glared. "You…" She clinched her fists, she knew he was right. She didn't belong here, and to hear it from someone she knew hurt more than hearing it from a crazed demon.

She then turned and ran away from who she thought was Sesshomaru.

As she ran further and further away she could hear someone laughing. The laughter made her blood freeze and her heart practically leap from her chest. If only she could see, if only she could see where she was going. If only she could make up her mind.

Suddenly a small light appeared in the darkness of the forest. She quickly made her towards the light, panting heavily so close towards her goal. She came to a stop as the warm daylight ran across her pale skin. A smile spread on her face as lifted her hand up to her forehead shielding her eyes from the sun. "Finally.." Her eyes then lowered towards the ground. There were rice fields as far as the eye could see and a village close by. "Maybe they can tell me where Kaede's village…"

As she started to make her way towards the village something grabbed her leg. "Huh?!" She screamed as she was pulled into the air. She looked around trying to figure out what had grabbed her. Lifting herself up she tried to pry her leg out of the grip of a large tentacle. "What the hell is this?!" She screamed again as another slipped around her mouth, it was slimy and smelt of blood.

Her screams were muffed as the man behind these tentacles appeared. His hair was jet black and his red eyes glowed. She looked up and stared at the sky as the clouds turned dark. She could hear thunder rolling in the distance and saw lightening strikes over the rice fields.

"Well..what do we have here.."

She watched in fear as the man slowly lifted off of the ground and stared at Kagome, who was currently upside down. She could feel the blood rushing to her head; her legs would become numb soon.

"Strange..strange girl.." She saw his eyes venture towards her panties. She quickly threw up her arms and tugged her skirt up.

She heard him chuckle and smirk. "Now, now.." He slowly lifted his human arm and grabbed her hand, a tentacle grabbed the other. She felt so disgusted, his eyes had such mischief and perverted tendencies behind them. Her eyes then closed and she bit hard on the tentacle in front of her mouth. The man yelled and dropped her.

Falling several stories onto a hard ground, she gasped in pain. She felt blood fill in her throat and fly out of her mouth onto her white shirt. "aaah.." She could feel tears welling up in her eyes. "" She rolled over and tried to crawl but her legs were numb from being upside down for so long and she was sure one had to be broken. She could feel pressure being released from her head, it was surely bleeding. She coughed again and blood shot out from her mouth. She heard the man make his way to her side.

"Now see what you have gone and done to yourself..This won't be as fun, Kagome.."

Her eyes widened as she looked at him. "How do you know my name?" She grit her teeth as pain surged through her body. "Please..don't.."

"Kill you?" She heard that crude laughter. "No..I'm not going to kill you…not yet at least.." the smirk he gave was so heartwrenching that she couldn't help but cry.

Her eyes met his as he lowered himself to her level. His cold hand touched the side of her face. "Still so warm.." He placed his hand on her neck and lifted her from the ground.

Now gasping for air, she could feel herself slipping from humanity.

"Can't have you unconscious.." He then let her go and tossed her on her back.

"Ah!!" She yelled in pain as she collided with the ground. Her eyes started to fill with tears.

She felt the man's hands slide up her legs, and venture toward his thighs. She wished she could move them but she couldn't even feel them.

Her eyes looked up at the man who was advancing on her, without her permission. She didn't even know this man's name.

She swung one hand at his face and almost made contact but his hand flew up and grabbed hers.

"Stop making this more difficult for yourself.." He was now starting to become a bit more frustrated.

She could feel something running along the inside of her thigh. With her other arm she tried to pull herself away from him. He then pulled down her other arm. Now she was stuck and tears were streaming from her face. She could hear him moaning softly as he ran his shaft against her entrance. "Uuh.." she groaned in pain.

"Stop! Stop!" she yelled and started to squirm, but it didn't do much as he forced his way in. She threw back her head and cried out in pain. It felt as if she had been split in half with a hot knife. "Noo! Someone! HELP! PLEASE!"

She felt him go in and out of her and she had never felt so disgusted in her life. She continued to squirm but so much blood was now leaving her, she was now fading in and out of this event.

His moaning became distant, until she no longer felt him inside of her. Her eyes shot open as she felt a gust of wind fly past her face. Clinking of swords made her head almost split open. Her head fell to the side as she watched a man in white fight off the demon who had his way with her.

She watched as the man took off, soon the clouds parted and sun returned to the sky. As the man in white put his sword back in his sheath, his face was revealed.

"sess..homar..u.." her eyes slowly started to close.

He was silent, but quickly made his way by her side. Slipping his hands under her body, he lifted her from the ground.

Right now gravity was the enemy for Kagome. All the weight that was now put on her body made her whimper in pain. "You..wanted me to leave.." She muttered, halfway conscious.

"Hm?" Sesshomaru was now trekking down the hill heading towards the village.


He was silent. She turned her head to see where he was going. "They'" She couched hard and blood squirted from her mouth.

"I'm not heading there.."

Her eyes fell towards the ground as a dust cloud formed beneath his feet. They then lifted into the air and started to float over the village. She couldn't process anymore; with that stunt she was now unconscious.

She felt a warm liquid flow from her forehead into her head. Her eyes slowly opened as she stared up at Sesshomaru. Her eyes soon left him. "Why are you helping me?"

"Naraku, the man who attacked you, is a shape-shifter. The occurrence you believed we had earlier was not me, it was him."

"What..?" Her eyes became slightly wide. She felt the soft cloth touch her forehead again, Sesshomaru's distinct scent so close to her now. "But..why would he do that? I have done nothing to him.."

"You are the reincarnation of the priestess Kikyo, that is enough for him.." Sesshomaru then shifted from her side and started to fiddle with a few more tools.

"What did Kikyo do to him? Why do I have to pay for it..?" she tried to sit up but winced slightly and fell back down.

Sesshomaru's eyes darted back towards her. "Do not have several severe injuries.."

"Is stupidty one of them..?" Kagome's eyes were now glued to the ceiling. She rose her hand to her face and let out a slow deep breath. The tears were starting to come up, she had just been raped and it felt like no one was there for her.

But that intoxicating scent soon moved back toward her. "Kagome…I'm sorry this had to happen to you.."

She felt his hand lay on top of the hand that was on her face. She flipped her hand around and held onto his. "Sesshomaru.."

His other hand gently stroked the top of her head. "You're safe.."

A pain started to rise in her chest and it came out as cries of pain. "Sessomaru..thank you.." She said in between breathes.

She felt herself being lifted into his lap. Her arms flew around him and she cried into his white kimono.

After a few moments she composed herself and made her way back onto the grass. "Where is Jaken?"

As soon as those words left her lips Jaken came running from over the hill. "Master Sesshomaru..I've found the herbs you requested!"

Sesshomaru snatched the herbs from him. "Quiet down, Jaken."

"Yes, sir.."

Kagome tried to watch Sesshomaru but it failed terrible. His back was now towards her.

"Drink this.." He held a small saucer in front of her face.

The smell was horrid but she did as she was told. Swallowing the entire concoction, she felt the liquid run down her throat. It was utterly disgusting. "what was that?!" She grunted in pain.

"It will burn in a few seconds.." Sesshomaru spoke, his eyes locked on her.

"Wha.." She felt her stomach churn and flip. It felt like her blood was own fire and the acid in her stomach was boiling over. "Aah!" She yelled and cringed for what felt like hours but soon the pain subsided and she started to feel herself become better. She slowly sat up and looked down at her legs, the bruises started to disappear and she wiggled her toes. "I..can feel my legs.." She said, with a bright smile.

"We have to get going.." Sesshomaru said as he got up.

"But.." Kagome looked at him confused.

"Your legs are healed, now use them.."

Kagome grunted and made her way to her feet.