kokaclan (dark forest)

Snakestar(SS): black tom yellow eyes.

Whiteclaw(WC): white tom hazel eyes.

Sharkpelt: blue gray tom black eyes.

Claypelt: cream color tom blue eyes.

Plantpelt: black and white tom.

Woodpelt: ginger tom brown paws.

Redstar: pale ginger tom brown paws green eyes.

Blackstar: black tom red eyes.

M: review flames are used to destroy Kokaclan.

SS:i shall rule Kamic-

M: flames of reviewers no jutsu.

SS: (Burns in flames)

WC: Snakes- Oh My GODDDDDDDDDDDD ( looks at M) i'll kill youuuuuuuuuuu.

M: flames of reviewers no jutsu.

WC: (burns in flames)

M: review and come to my side we have cookies(holds out cookies)

Hi: Sam were are my cookies.

M: ummmmmmmmm help

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