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Skin & Bones
Rated: +18 – dark; themes; language
Summary: in an assassin's organization, when you're being partnered with someone, you're in it for life and the only to get out of this 'partnership' is if one of the partners die…then you have to die too. No way out. Mike and Shannon get partnered. How'd these wrestlers get into an assassin's organization anyways? Mizannon.
Genre: Crime/General


Chapter One: Fireproof Part One


Michael Mizanin's fingers played with the pencil in his hands.

He was currently sitting in class and it wasn't a high school or college…it was an 'assassin's school'…people did crazy shit these days but he needed to know a few simple skills before he did become one and now, this was his first class on his first day and he was sort of worried.

This morning, he had trouble picking out clothing.

What did assassins wear anyways?

He picked an all black outfit and he wasn't the only one who did this which made him have a sigh of relief and then…

"Oh, Mr. Moore."


Mike knew that name…

He snapped his head towards the doorway where Shannon Moore, in all his colorful fucking glory, was standing there, grinning like an idiot as Mike watched him walk in. His clothes made of black pants and a green hoodie, and he sat beside Mike. Mike looked at him in disgust before he looked down at his table.

Then the female teacher stood up and in her hand was a clipboard.

"Okay…today, we're gonna partner you up."

All looked tense as they let out short sharp breaths.

"As you know, these partners you're going to get, you cannot exchange them or ask for another. The ones you get are going to challenge you physically and emotionally, so they will not necessarily be ones you like…most likely, they'll turn out to be the opposite and the point of it is to see how much you can handle it. You cannot have any love affairs but the ones that are chosen for you…or no love at all. You cannot cheat on them if you decide to get together with them. I do not care if you do not like the person or the gender or anything…this is an assassin's school and if you have any doubts, you can get out of here right fucking now…"

She cleared her throat. "When you receive your partner, you will also receive a sheet, a sheet in different colors that give you off to different sectors and you will be forced to behave…if your partner dies in one of your missions, you will also be killed…as it is traditions. Any questions? Anyone willing to leave now?"

Nobody moved an inch except for Shannon, who was happily playing with his pencil, as if his life wasn't now in the hands of an asshole kind of woman…

For now, Mike watched those who were paired.

An anorexic women with an obese man.

A person who, from Mike's knowledge, had been dumped a lot with a heart breaker. Both being females.

Two homophobic males.

A scardy cat of a man with a brave woman.

A reckless female with a by-the-book-all-rules male…

Then she said his name. "Mike Mizanin will be paired with…"

Mike's heart was about to skip a beat as he stared at Shannon, who was the only one he knew in this room.

"Shannon Moore."

Mike was outraged.

He wasn't gay.

And of course, she liked the fucking faggot…that was why he wasn't paying attention, was he? She'd given both Mike and Shannon pink slips and Mike stared at his hellish classes. "You two may leave to your first class."

Shannon and Mike walked out and Mike stopped in the middle of the hall.

This was it.

He had to spend his entire life with Shannon fucking Moore. He didn't want to be with Shannon…and certainly not give up his entire sex life for it but he had to just pick this organization of all and then he stared up at Shannon's face as the enlightened male looked back at him.

"Hey, Mike!"

"It's Miz." Mike snapped at him quickly.

Shannon nodded his head at Mike as Mike grabbed onto his shoulders and pushed him towards him. "Okay, listen, faggot," Mike's voice was full of seriousness. "I don't want you to ruin this for me. Understand? I don't want you to ruin anything for me. It's bad enough I have to get paired with a short bitch like you…"

Shannon nodded his head and looked down.

"Come on. We'll be late for our next class."


It was minutes since after Mike had been paired with Shannon and already, he was missing his normal life. Banging into girls day in and day out, and trying to beat Matt with all his stories of what he'd done with a few girls behind the set. Matt was always beat but now…now, he'd never get to do that ever again.

Mike grabbed onto a pencil and jolted down the notes of different ways one can stalk their enemy while Shannon was just playing with his pencil and then started doodling on his notebook.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Mike whispered over to Shannon.


"You bitch…"

There was a bit of competition around this school and their sector, made of each pairing only, were the ones to debate which aspect of the organization they will be in and Mike didn't want to get a low part just because Shannon wouldn't pay attention in class and would fail it.

The worst wasn't that they'd get expelled. The worst was that they were going to get killed because of it and then again, the kills were different degrees…there was serious torture and there was a painless death. And Mike didn't want to be tortured to death…not because of Shannon fucking Moore.

Mike wanted to tear off his hair right now, having him ruin his shot…

Then she asked a question. Mike didn't even hear it.

Shannon waved his arm around and then said, 'hey! I feel like a beer! Can I go?!"

The entire class burst out laughing while the male glared at Shannon who sank down towards his scene. "Out. Of. My. Class. BOTH OF YOU! And go into Room 240. NOW."


Mike and Shannon walked over to wherever the women had told them to go and in the middle of the hallway, when Mike was sure that nobody could see him, Mike pressed Shannon against the wall. "YOU. You were the reason that everything got fucked up! Like I told you—don't ruin things for me."

Shannon just stared at him as Mike walked off, not even caring about Shannon's feelings for the moment. His life was hanging by a thread and this wasn't the best way to kick start the day.

He walked inside the room and he realized that him and Shannon were the only ones there.

The female told them to close the door as she pulled the cigarette out of her mouth. "You know, a big reason to why they pair up people who don't like each other is 'cause now, we have an advantage…"

Mike blinked.

"Shannon, I want you to hug Mike."

Shannon shrugged and embraced Mike tightly.

"Mike…kiss him."

"W-WHAT?! Sorry, I'm not gonna be some sort of toy for you to play around with. I'm not like that!" Mike exclaimed but then the female looked at him dead straight before Mike grabbed onto Shannon's collar and pushed his face towards his own.

"You call that a kiss?" the female snapped.

Mike grabbed onto Shannon's collar again and then pressed his lips to his own once more. 'What in hell's name are you doing, Mike? You're not gay…' Mike forced his tongue inside of Shannon's and Shannon kissed back which made Mike want to throw up on the inside. 'Disgusting little thing…'

Mike pulled back and Shannon gasped for air.

"Who's gay here?"

Shannon looked down.

"That faggot." Mike spat out, pointing towards Shannon and then walked out of the room but Shannon grabbed onto Mike's arm.

"One more thing…" the female smirked. "You're going to soon learn that love is fireproof."

"Shut the fuck up. And come on, Shannon. Let's go to our next class." Mike pulled Shannon out of the room and walked back towards the class as fury bubbled in him.


"Shannon, for the last fucking time…I'm not gay so when I kiss you, I don't want your tongue anywhere near my mouth, understand me? Okay?"

Shannon nodded his head softly.

Mike slapped him hard, making Shannon touch the spot. "I don't like you and you better start learning your place, understand?"

Shannon nodded his head.



That night, Shannon slipped out of the bathroom, wearing a short black skirt and a beige halter top. Mike stared at him and then burst out laughing. Shannon looked down at the floor, burning with a hot pink blush. "I sorta…"

"Faggot." Mike snapped.

Shannon sat down on the bed beside Mike. "And if I feel you touching me…" Mike started.

"I won't." Shannon simply said.


That morning, Mike looked down at the position he was in…so twisted into Shannon, that they might as well have been a pretzel. Shannon's skirt flew up during his sleep, exposing black underwear and Mike looked away as he pushed Shannon off the bed. "Get off." Mike simply said as he awoke Shannon with a stat.

"What happened?"

"…I told you not to touch me."

"I'm sorry. I don't know what I'm doing when I sleep. Like a normal person." Shannon snapped, looking down at the floor.

"You're sleeping on the floor. Understand, bitch?"

Shannon nodded his head. "I'm going to meet up with Matt anyways." Shannon barked out.

"Fine. Meet up with the bastard and his bitch."

"Matt and Jeff are more than that to me."

Mike covered his head with the sheet. "Fine but be back before the class starts, m'kay?"

"We don't have classes today. It's a day off."


Shannon walked back into the room to take a shower and change and in the midst of it, he had accidentally poured out a batch of tequila down onto the floor, followed by him cursing as he leaned down towards it, and the candle on top of the sink to fall down, Shannon fell back. "MIKE!"

"…what is it, faggot?"

"…a-a-a…" Shannon stuttered as he tried to open the door. "A FIRE!"



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