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Fifteenth Chapter – Last Caress Part 4

Shannon rose up and found himself staring at Mike, who was looking at the tape. Sudden rage overtook Mike's eyes as he slammed the video down onto the floor and blinked repeatedly. Shannon moved over towards Mike on the edge of the bed they were in and Mike suddenly looked over at Shannon, with liquid eyes.

"What doesn't kill me will make me stronger. Scream at me." Shannon said, collapsing onto Mike's lap. He felt like a ton had been crushed onto his spine. Where had he been sleeping on? He wasn't sleeping on this bed before. Probably a solid floor and Mike wasn't out for a long as he was so he didn't seem like he was in much pain. Shannon was tearing into the pain. He just wanted it to go away as he trembled. Shannon felt Mike's hand grip tightly onto Shannon's shoulder before it went soft.

Mike was being…gentle?

"Mike…scream at me."


Shannon blinked. Another sort of test? Did Mike want to be sweet on him only to see if Shannon would turn sweet as well? It must be. It made more sense. Mike looked out into where they were. "The Impaled." Mike suddenly said, remembering the history. "Parents that overworked themselves. They built things, prisons, schools, galleries…everything but they never used them. It was almost a waste. Anyways…it's ruled by Abimelech Alice Anderson and Aaron Arch. In the Impaled's eyes…in royalty…the female was more superior and the heir's name was always Alice."

Mike softly chuckled. "See…the place is called Horrorland by the Impaled. They were one of the first residents here. A girl named Alice had led them all into building and they haven't stopped since. It's a kinda…spin off I think…Alice in Wonderland…Alice in Horrorland."

"Is that were Alice in Wonderland comes from? Do they eat cookies made of magic?"

Mike laughed. "Remember. This is Alice in Horrorland so if it's magical cookies, it's made to turn you into evil ducks that will once again rule the world."

…why was Mike so sweet? So…like himself?

Shannon just relished on it while it lasted. He giggled and pressed himself against Mike's chest, as Shannon felt Mike stroke his blonde hair but stop in a moment. His eyes made of grief for moments before Mike and Shannon's eyes locked. Mike didn't say anything for a while and Shannon was afraid to ask Mike about his sudden change of behavior.

"Now. In this world. You're supposed to get pregnant with a child and then neglect them. It's their tradition. They neglect their children to work. So I'm guessing we can finish our job…killing Adam and Randy."

"I thought it was killing Adam and Drew."

"I killed Drew that time but Adam was sneaky. That was supposed to be our first job but you weren't there so I did it on my own." That send a shiver down Shannon's spine to how Mike can talk about killing people as if he was asking Shannon if he wanted more tea. So calm…speaking of tea, Shannon was extremely hungry and thirsty. He needed food fast.

"I'm hungry." Shannon suddenly said.

Mike looked into his backpack, spilling some of his contents and giving Shannon a box of crackers but Shannon felt guilty for eating even a single one, knowing Mike's previous comments about him being a fatass. He nibbled onto a few and told Mike that he didn't need anymore and that they had limited food so they should keep it all safe just in case. Shannon was still unbelievably famished although.

"…how do I get pregnant?" Shannon suddenly asked. "I'm a boy."

Mike tapped his fingers against his lap and then they heard laughter as they looked towards the door. Shannon hid his face for a moment, trying to imagine him gone but that was impossible. Ian moved towards them with a mischievous smile on his face. "…you can stay here and wonder or I can fix him."

"For a price." Shannon suddenly finished bleakly.

"…no, your pain is price enough. Didn't that work?" Ian grabbed onto Shannon's wrist, and then tore a piece of flesh as if he was tearing paper, blood poured out and Shannon felt extremely dizzy as he fell backwards and fainted. "…ah. It works. Fun!"

Ian turned towards Mike. "It's sad to see when one of your own breaks down. You love him. You realized that when you opened your eyes and saw his amazing fantastical Barney the purple dinosaur life through those damned eyes of his. He's in your pain if you do realize. Those vampire eyes that don't see anything but darkness…" Ian shook his head as if he was disappointed in Mike.

"Now…help me tie your loved one up like a good vampire and I might give you a doggie treat as reward."


Shannon fluttered his eyes open. Only more darkness. The room was dimly lit and he was naked. He felt Ian's fingers tap against Shannon's thigh as Mike handed him a screwdriver and a wrench. "I'm not a car." Shannon snapped. "Get away from me."

Ian dropped the supplies. "I thought you wouldn't catch on," he snarled darkly. "Now, to the real deal. Close your eyes, darling. This won't be pretty."

Shannon looked down anyways at what Ian was doing to him.

Strapped tightly, Shannon didn't know what Ian was performing on him but it felt like his insides were being ripped out. "Did you notice that Shannon is wanted by every guy that looks at him…?" Ian smirked. "Adam, Darry…you…it's a part of the Ghost Child's specialties. They don't have powers but they have great happiness and when something's happy, it's beautiful. Adam wanted him because his fear was beauty. Even in fear, there is happiness. Darry wanted him because he loves. You want him…because…well, you don't. You're just falling into a trick."

Mike nodded his head. "I fucking know that." His voice was cold and bitter now.

Mike had feelings for him…?

"Now come on. Play with our little boy."

Blake was pulling a thread out and a needle and Shannon felt his heart accelerate…no…the last time he'd seen a thread, his entire world came crashing down. Shannon tried to struggle now, trying not to cry and whimper as he bit down his lips and then sighed in defeat. "Do it."

The next second Shannon opened his eyes, he was met with a green thread.

A thread of green…

Like Mike's eyes. Like Jeff's eyes.

And then after the thread, all he felt was a pain into his lower parts. He was being sewed like a jacket ruined. He opened him and done something to him…? He didn't know but all he felt was pain jolt up every inch of his body as he hyperventilated and Mike stood by him, with those green, cold eyes and Shannon slowly felt himself black out.

The next time Shannon had opened his eyes, he was being held by Mike, who was holding him as tightly as ever.

"I'm sorry." Mike whispered.

Mike jumped on top of him, causing Shannon to feel his entire body pain. It was like breaking a broken leg. It was like tearing a torn heart. It was horrid. It was pain on top of agony. He didn't need it…but when Mike's lips smashed against Shannon's, all that Shannon could taste was Mike's tears and sorrow.


"It's not your fault…" Shannon didn't know if he was dreaming or not. All Shannon could feel was Mike crying hardly, holding onto Shannon's body tightly. This wasn't the Mike that Shannon was used to but this one had feelings. Mike wiped them away like a disease and blinked, staring at him with bloodshot eyes.

"I'm an idiot."

Shannon didn't say anything else. It was all a test. It was all a test. Shannon felt Mike's hands cup Shannon's face and he kissed him in the softest, loveliest way ever. It made Shannon's heart flutter with joy. "Mike…"

"I'm sorry."

"What kind of test is this?"

Mike laughed, more tears spilling down his eyes. "What in fuck's name? A test? No. Just me realizing that being weak over love." Love. Shannon blinked.

"What happened, Mike…?"

Mike sniffled for a moment, stroking Shannon's cheek. "When I opened my eyes, in these eyes…it's just been getting better for me. I just saw every streak of beauty in this dungeon of darkness, and you…you were like this angel in white, just so beautiful, so…" he shook his head, "so deserving of people better than I but then I saw the way you looked at the world, bleak, hopeless, endless. I knew you saw it my way. And my heart was broken. I finally found that happiness that was there before Matt took it all away. The strength in being able to stay weak in front of those you love…

"Shannon, you changed me. You made me see something completely and utterly beautiful in a field of blood, darkness and horror. I don't know why but whenever I see you right now, my heart just jumps. I'm no longer a vampiric beast around you…I'm just human. You made me feel human." Mike softly kissed Shannon's forehead. "And it hurts to see what I've done to hurt you. It hurts me to see what I'm doing to hurt you now…"

Shannon was staring at the ceiling. "Mike…I think I'm hallucinating…"

"No, you aren't. I swear you aren't." Mike said, stroking Shannon's hair, as Shannon smiled weakly but not in realization, more of coping with this second fantasy he had in his head. Mike then heard the sound of footsteps as Jeff and a brown-eyed male snapped the door shut.

"Shanny!" Jeff exclaimed, running over to his pained looking friend.

"I'm sorry." Mike repeated, stroking Shannon's cheek. "I'm so damn sorry…"

"Get away from him!" Jeff angrily spat out. "Look at what you've done to him! He's bleeding!"

"…b-b-blood?" Shannon repeated suddenly turning to one side to violently vomit. Mike's arms were around Shannon's waist as he blinked repeatedly. His Shannon was in pure agony…

"Get outta this room, Michael! We don't need you!" Jeff snarled under his breath. "I don't care if I have to marry you or whatever. You're still an asshole that doesn't deserve to be around Shannon, hurting him like your personal toy!"

Mike's hands were around Shannon's.

"Love is fireproof."

Shannon smiled weakly. "…goodbye, Mike…"

And that was when Mike was being torn out of the room from Jeff. Mike's hopeful eyes staring at Shannon's eyes as the small smile of weakness turned into a wider one of hope and faith.


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