One Knight in a cubicle of horrors

You always have to worry about fads, they are always the same things but they come and go anyway. Anything that involves the way some guys lived in a semi-organized society in Europe, a long time ago: should be given a closer look.

Occidant,the OC country, to a lot of people seems to be about making others eat their own feces. Since you assume that is what they did in the Middle Ages anyway...actually they were called Buggers and heretics and it wouldn't be that unusual for a cult to involve having its members eat bodily fluids .I mean Voodoo, the Catholic church and the look at their history and you could see very large parallels with this kind of idiomy.

Fads come and they go, it is always about people's involvement with something that can stick to a wall if thrown by a rather smart monkey. Now you assume that if someone wants to make you eat crap to control you, that person doesn't eat it or at least in small amounts.

Greed which is also a big part of Fads comes into play at that point, there is a "key" to getting over that ugly bump- that says you got "fooled" too. Occidant if written in a correct well structured sense. Instead of some voodo charade, seems to be about people no longer having such a disproportionate amount of poop in their body.

However it is not written Okey=doke either, it is not Greek and it didn't lead to the rise in coke. The dant at the end...well most men don't under=stand what that means anyway. Beyond the idea that it is a chick thing, Carol would actually disagree about that...plenty of chicks don't get it either.

The concept is easy,for whatever reason, you play with bodily fluids and the normal process is you start your own baby-making equipment up to make fluids and you eat them. Which by the way I have never used to make babies thankfully, unlike that attention...seeker down the hall.

Except now when you have people looking at you, you start thinking people look kinda queer. Which has always been how I felt about anyone and everyone anyway. Then you start your solid waste disposal equipment up and you decide to take swallow some of that waste byproduct...believe it or not most people eventually get to that point.

The problem is you sink deeper and deeper. Most women and pretty much all men would not go down that gravel road (Parrotbert would be a nice name), there is no Dant in their soul. Easiest way to walk out of dodge out of this cubicle made up of crap, is simply to feel a vibration from hopefully a woman's thighs across your butt. The secretions if taken like pills, the ones that come from your inner thighs not your genitalia, that come from "that" will eventually cause it to start "hailing". And you are essentially sctott's free.

You look at say Raymond though and he is always got this awfully strange look about him, as if there is really is something wrong with him. What people usually do when they realize or believe their alone wallowing with a packet of regurgitated waste that thankfully keeps them from fitting into this society of loonies...well Carol never did snort coke nor did her Boss. Who really wasn't quite that dumb to do that.

Smearing the fluids from your baby making equipment across your nose and then doing some form of osmotic inhalation. People don't get better much from doing that, they get a lot worse and a lot meaner. Basically society doesn't have a place for them...because they did what a whole lot of people did. Yet decided they didn't want to be anyone's fool, well over to them with my message... when that "coke" hit your nose you could have fooled anyone but yourself about getting any better.

I have never done it because one it sounds like something crackhead, salesmen and politicians and honestly... liars would do.

Don't do coke and don't do any stupid ideas and if your going to follow some kind of fad, don't get one that involves some "Gre-ek" searching for your soul.

In Provence , up where that Occidant idea came from. They always had a way to refer to poetry, or writing of such sort, it is like technical writtings like making a code- they called it the "Gay science". It never implied homosexuality just the kind of mindset you had to be in. Now thanks to computers, I too can write in the "Gay science".

To quote Nietszche:

"written for the most part in Sicily, are quite emphatically reminiscent of the Provençal concept of gaia scienza—that unity of singer, knight, and free spirit which distinguishes the wonderful early culture of the Provençals from all equivocal cultures. The very last poem above all, "To the Mistral", an exuberant dancing song in which, if I may say so, one dances right over morality, is a perfect Provençalism. "

Nothing about doing coke, nothing about eating one's crap.

Dedicated to Carol ...and the man who stole her heart and her lunch.