Ahaha~ | D R A B B L E

"Ahaha~" she laughed softly.

"Hae~" she gasped quietly.

Yuichi would always look at her in a funny manner, but she merely smiled. Every day, she sat with both him and Mai, and they all shared one happy meal with each other.

It was a pity, really. Her lesson had been learnt a long time ago. Her scar had healed over time, all because of one boy.

But then, she realized Mai's own feelings. And Mai was much more important to her than any boy. She didn't wish to lose any other friends.

Then she saw her and realized for the first time that she and Mai were not the only friends he had.

She was quite cute, with her red hair-band and winged back-pack. Yuichi was teasing her a lot more than he ever teased her or Mai.

With a gentle pitter-patter of her heart, she realized maybe her scar hadn't been healed after all.

As cheesy as it sounded, she thought bitterly, he had only acted as a band-aid for a while.

She did not cry, because Mai did not cry either. But she did notice something was wrong. Glancing over at her best friend, her face was just as still and plain and devoid of emotion as Mai's usually was.

"Sayuri..." she murmured.

She turned towards Mai. Wiping her eyes, she put on a brave smile. "Ahaha~!"

I don't hate Ayu, I really do adore the couple of Ayu and Yuichi. I already knew that I would love that couple at the beginning of the show. But then we met Mai and Sayuri, and Sayuri would've been my second choice for Yuichi. Gasp if you want, but I found Sayuri's back-story very touching and more emotionally-impacting than the rest. (but that's not to say the other's stories weren't touching - they were all tragic and tearful too) Of course, as she's a secondary character I can just dream.