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1: Love, Save the Empty by Erin McCarley

This feeling was odd for her. All of her life, she had felt like an empty shell of some sort. Doing what she was told, never refusing any sort of request. After awhile, it made her sick. She would feel tired all the time, and run down, like she'd collapse at any moment. So it was strange that, when she met the man, that odd, mad, orange haired hatter, she felt more alive than she had in years. Every time he'd look at her or speak, her heart would flutter and she'd feel less tired and more energetic. Indeed, that feeling was incredibly odd.

2: Pretty Wings by Maxwell

It was the hardest thing he ever had to do. As he watched her drink that Jabberwocky's blood, his heart sank. And when she turned to him and stared at him with those lovely, innocent wide eyes, he felt his knees go weak. Yes, he knew that if he tried hard enough that she would stay. He could see as much in her eyes that she wanted him to persuade her to stay. But she needed to live. She needed to sort a few things out on her own, and in order for her to do that, he would have to let her go.

3: Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny) by the Pussycat Dolls

A child of the 90's, it was only natural that Alice was destined to go to college. Her parents had worked and saved for her to do so. She wanted to travel and see the world, so a career in journalism seemed ideal to her. And thank goodness she stuck with it, for if she hadn't then she would have never meet Tarrant. He was about nine or ten years older than she was. But when they spotted each other in Journalism 101, Alice immediately knew that their lives would be entwined forever.

4: Breakeven by The Script

He knew that he shouldn't have yelled at her two years ago. Just as he knew that he shouldn't have lost his temper with her. But he couldn't help it. Sometimes, he just flew off the handle, and often just by the smallest of things. Tarrant regretted every minute of their last fight. For he had lost the one thing that he held dear to him. Alice. And seeing her with another man was just too much to bear.

5: Say by John Mayer

Don't go back Alice.

You can stay here with me and Chess and Mally.

This is were you truly belong.

They don't understand you like we do.

They don't care for you like we do.

They don't love you…

Like I do.

I love you, Alice.

So much.

Sighing, he leans in close to her and whispers, "Fairfarren Alice."

6: Colors of the Wind by Vanessa Williams

He knew that she didn't quite understand yet. And he couldn't blame her; he himself had been in her position when he was her age. The innocence of youth was a deceitful thing for it portrayed the world as being only black and white, right and wrong, with no colors or grey areas. However, this is not the case. And he's tried to explain it numerous times to her.

"I know. It's difficult to understand. You are still so young and free spirited and enthusiastic. I hope you never lose that about you, my darling Alice. But there's so much more to life than right and wrong. Life's a kaleidoscope of colors. It just takes you a while to see all of them."

Whether she understands or not, she'll come to see the kaleidoscope that is the world.

7: Higher by Creed

She loved him more than anyone else in the world. She loved everything about him, from his crazy electric orange hair to his Scottish accent, that latter of which still spooked her a bit. But his physical attributes weren't what she loved the most. No, what she loved the most was that he brought out the best in her. When she was with him, she left as if she could do anything. The way he would look at her, speak to her, love her… It made her feel like she was on Cloud 9, high above everyone else. And that was more than enough for her.

8: Alone in the Universe by Anthony Blair Hall and Kevin Chamberlin

Even though she had her mother and her sister, and a few friends - if one could call them that - Alice always felt alone. No one understood her, really understood her anyway. Not her 'friends', not her sister, and surely not her mother. It was incredibly lonely and depressing. It made her feel like an outcast, and she had little to no hope of ever gaining one true friend or a soul mate.

But when she saw him all of that changed. She felt a connection instantly and suddenly, she didn't feel so alone anymore. And she was reassured when the man - dressed in the usual work attire that Barnes & Nobles required - looked up and dropped the books he was supposed to stocking and rushed over to her. Giving her a great hug, he laughed his usual maniacal laugh that she'd heard numerous times in her dreams, and breathed into her ear.

"It's you!"

9: Mr. Brightside by The Killers

He was jealous beyond belief. Although he knew that he shouldn't be, after all Alice wasn't his girlfriend, he couldn't help himself. Tarrant knew he was in love with her the moment he saw her walk into Environmental Science 101 on the first day of college. They quickly struck up a friendship and soon became best friends.

But he wanted more. He wanted her to be his girlfriend. He wanted to hold her hand, and treat her like a princess, and hold her at night when it was time to retire. Although he was twenty-eight, he had never done it before; he was saving himself for that special someone. And Alice was his special someone. He just wished that she would break up with Stayne so that he could tell her.

Stupid Stayne with his stupid heart-shaped eye patch making him look like a totally awesome pirate. He wanted Stayne to jump off the plank.

10: Castle on a Cloud by Les Miserables

After he died, she became more of a recluse and less involved with her family and with the world outside of their home. Margaret took care of her daughter, noticing the path that her younger sister was headed down. God bless her though, for she tried to break Alice from her spell, though to no avail. So, she did want any caring sister would do: she called for help from the local hospital. They took her out of that house, Alice kicking and screaming and causing a ruckus all along the way. When she was taken to the hospital, she was in a catatonic condition.

But now, as Margaret visits her sister with her niece in tow, she can see that Alice is improving. Although she now talks to the air, often referring to it as Tarrant (God bless her late brother-in-law), she ahs indeed improved. So, Margaret refuses to shatter Alice's wild delusions. If they make her sister happier than she's been for over a year, then she's relieved.

11: Paparazzi by Lady Gaga

"I adore you" he whispers softly to her as he pulls her body closer to his own. The blankets wrapped around them kept them warm from the cold winter air, but he wanted her as close as possible.

She hums and nods vaguely in agreement as she snuggles closer to him. With her face buried in his neck, her soft breaths ghost over his pale flesh, causing him to shiver. His hands caress down her body, stroking love and affection into her, warming her up. This was pure bliss, Heaven on earth one could say. And it was all because of her, and how far he'd be willing to go to continue keeping her in his arms like this.

12: Snuggle Song by Schnuffel Bunny

She was nervous as hell. Nervous, frightened, anxious, excited, exhilarated, and happy all at once. It was her wedding day, she was supposed to feel all of that, right? As her bridesmaids walked gracefully toward the alter, she trailed behind them, her heart beating so hard and fast that she was sure it'd explode right out of her chest.

And then she saw him.

In a dark green tuxedo - because he absolutely hated black with a passion - he looked so happy. But she knew that deep down inside, he was just as nervous and frightened as she was. However, when he looked up and saw her, his eyes going wide as a smile graced his handsome face, all of her anxiety and fear melted away.

In a few short minutes, Tarrant would be hers just as she would be his. He was her forever love, and she'd be lost without him.

13: Kiss the Girl by Colbie Caillat

It was a lovely summer evening. All of the children were returning home with their parents from the park, so the only people out and about were lovers. A nice breeze drifted through, making him sigh at the cool relief he felt. Beside him was Alice, reading the poetry book he had gotten her for her birthday. Today was her eighteenth birthday, and that truly was a cause for celebration.

Being ten years older, Tarrant knew he'd have to be extremely cautious and careful with Alice. She knew this as well, and so they both agreed to keep their relationship a secret until this day. Placing her book down, she turned to him and smiled her beautiful smile, making his stomach knot and churn.

The time had finally come when they could share their first kiss.

14: Reflection by Lea Salonga

Every time she would look in the mirror and stare at herself, she would grimace. She was so ordinary. There was nothing special about her.

Unlike him, who was extraordinary and special and so talented that everyone that knew him spoke only the very best of him. So why? Why did he love her so much? She sure as hell couldn't see it.

15: Crash and Burn by Savage Garden

"I'm here for you. No matter what you chose or do, I'll always be here for you." He had repeated that phrase numerous times since he had met her. This beautiful blonde girl who was so addicted to heroin that it wasn't even funny. She had lied and schemed and deceived him on numerous occasions, but he still couldn't leave her. He loved her too much to do so.

He knew that she was in extreme emotional pain. Although she had told him bits and pieces about her life, he knew that she had left a lot more out, and that the pain from that was why she did the drugs. To escape, to find a sanctuary.

When she was high, she didn't care about him or about anyone or anything. But still he stayed. He stayed because he hoped that one day she would wake up and see that he was waiting patiently for her to come to her senses. It was a false dream; he knew that. However, he couldn't let her go. So he stayed. Ever since they met, he was always the one to catch her and be there for her when she was at her worst. And he planned to stick by her side until the end.

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