Summary: Post Hogs. With a history of family feuds and social enmity, it's a wonder how Draco Malfoy became Ginny Weasley's boss and how they survived without killing one another.

Genre: Romance/ Humour


Working for the Dragon

Chapter 1. The Interview

Ginny's POV:

My heart clenched really tightly, interrupting my breathing process as I stood right outside the prestigious 'M. Empire'. I was a tad bit early, like maybe twenty minutes for my very first wizard interview ever. I was applying for the job of being the personal secretary to the richest, probably one of the most eligible bachelor in town. And I was shortlisted for the interview.

The best part was though that I had no damn clue about the entire company at all. No idea who owned it or what the 'M' in the 'M. Empire' stood for. Nope, not even the faintest clue at all and I was perfectly fine with it. I couldn't care less about this mysterious company. All I cared about was getting the job.

It was my latest dream, my fantasy to work here. The career, I had heard from reliable sources was for a lifetime unless sacked. It was reputed and the lowest salary there was not even low. The job too was basically equivalent to being an 'unspeakable' at the Ministry of Magic, United Kingdom. You just never knew what one did within the four walls. So much for not being well-informed huh?

I think I was well-educated probably even perfect for the job but my only shortcoming was that I was ordinary. Yes, me, Ginevra Mollyanne Weasley aka Ginny. The Ginevra just didn't go with the girl who was the epitome of simplicity with big dreams of being independent. That was Ginny. Yes, Ginny. I was on the road to independence after sick of being mollycuddled, fussed with or babied for years. Tired of being a damsel in distress in the eyes of The Boy Who Lived.

I was going to prove to everyone that Ginny Weasley was one tough cookie who could take care of herself. And that was basically what I had in mind. Yet, as I stood by the entrance today, I couldn't help but get a bad feeling about this whole thing. A bad yet tingly, pleasurable feeling in my tummy. And deep down I knew that I still had the chance to walk away, to run like a coward and go back to being The Girl with No Life.

I stared hard at the architecture of the building which by the way was really beautiful so much so, it felt as though thinking about the building crumbling into pieces would be considered a great black blasphemy. It reminded me of Gringotts, the world's only wizarding bank made out of white, sleek, Italian marble. There were intricate designs that were definitely pure-gold plated. And the height of the building probably touched the clouds or way beyond. Gorgeous. It was like a gateway to a corporate heaven. I was utterly mesmerized.

C'mon Gin, you're just a step away from getting all that you dreamed of and now you want to back out? Girl, you are nuts. While I stoodgaping at the tower and internally encouraging myself to enter, a witch clad in emerald robes waltzed pass me and disappeared into the entrance which by the way was totally bizarre. It was not your average floo powder chimney or telephone booth, revolving door or elevator. No. It was like an orb. Silvery grey with mist that was colorful under the light, swirling around. Like maybe a crystal ball.

Staring at my champagne-colored cotton robes which were sadly, lacy and itchy, I tentatively took a step into the orb thing. My eyes were shut as I braced myself for a fall or something. Clearly, I had not expected flat, solid ground but instead however expected myself to fall out from the sky or find myself in oblivion. However, it was nothing out of the ordinary; I was actually disappointed when I realized the normality of the entrance. Perfectly normal. My stomach was literally doing the disco in excitement as my eyes drank the view around me in awe.

"Wow". I could not help but gasp aloud in wonder and amazement. This place was …. unique, different, enthralling. All of course in a positive manner. Everyone present looked so…. Well, important and official. For the lack of a better word to describe, I could not help but think that my pompous prat of an elder brother, Percy's head would probably explode from the importance that was given to these people. And by the looks of it, they were scuttling around professionally like a true busy bee and doing their work diligently.

Everyone present was clad in emerald robes with silver designs outlining them definitely made out of the finest material available for clothing. It strongly reminded me of the devious, sly, cunning Slytherin back in the old days of magical education in Hogwarts. I sighed internally; I was always partial to the Slytherin colors because they did wonders to my skin. And back then, most of the really hot but bad guys were in that house.

Too bad the Sorting Hat found me more courageous and Gryffindor worthy than Slytherin. That's a lie, the actual truth was that it was basically half-way through towards throwing me to the hungry snakes when I had begged the hat to throw me into the lion's den, good old Gryffindor. Oh for the love of Merlin, my parents would disown me and dear Slytherins would not let me breathe in peace. Not that they actually did anyway.

Thankfully though, the hat really took choices into account and regretfully I never did contribute anything to the school and my House with the exception to the fact that I was reserved seeker/ star chaser since fourth year for the Gryffindor team and I scored tons of goals and kicked asses.

I was basically the girl who went around unnoticed by everyone, brothers included, unless if they felt the need to intrude in my personal LOVE life. Oh and hey, did I mention that I was manipulated by dear old Voldy to open the Chamber of Secrets? Yeah, nearly killed two of my sisters-in-law and tons of other people. Not too proud of that fact. Oh yeah and the girl who had an eternal crush on the Boy Who Lived who was now practically her god brother? And maybe the girl who caused the Sorting Hat to malfunction by screaming "Slyth-Gryffindor!" Thankfully though, it seemed as though no one noticed then over the deafening applause from the Gryffindor table. Now all of this was about to disappear and I was nervous?

Damn you, Ginevra Mollyanne Weasley. You are a shame to both Slytherin and Gryffindor. I was scolding myself. Aaaaahh… I sighed, but the thought of having to wear emerald robes made my day. I mean, for six years, I was stuck with red and gold. Gold wasn't too bad. But red? Red hair? Red clothes? Total tomato right? If only I could get this job and then I'll be an independent career woman with sexy robes and maybe the handsome Seamus Finnigan might finally notice me whenever he comes over to the Burrow for Quidditch. My muggle friends were so right, education really did mess with your life. Great college days however… I remember the time when…

"Miss Ginevra Weasley?" a cold, unpleasant, nasally voice interrupted my happy thoughts. Hello! I was just starting to calm down here!

"Yes. I am Ginevra Weasley." I responded as cordially and confidently as I could remembering that confidence was key to attitude. I chanted that mantra several times in my head.

"You are a good ten minutes early for your interview." She sniffed, giving me a look that made it seem as though being early was a crime. What did you expect me to do, woman? Saunter in fashionably late like Pansy Parkinson? I'm no heiress here. I felt like smacking that fact right into her face as I followed her down the corridors. On my way there, I received many glares and snide comments from other girls who clearly, like me, were candidates short listed for the final interview. We finally stopped outside a door.

"This is your waiting room. You are to make yourself presentable…" She sneered at my robes which I had to admit were pretty shabby looking. Not like dear professor Lupin's I-have-no-job-shabby, but the I-haven't-been-worn-in-years shabby. And they were definitely out of style. Nearly forgot, dear Remus Lupin now had tons of galleons jingling in his pockets being legal advisor to the current Minister for Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt. This really cool dude from the Order of The Phoenix.

"WAIT. Till you hear your name being called." She turned around and stalked off. Well that is one unpleasant face that I'd probably have to see every morning if I did… *touches wood* get the job. The door slammed shut with a loud bang and even the little click sound of the door being locked could not get my attention as I viewed myself in the mirror. My robes were clearly designed for a sixteen year old. At twenty-two it was a little snug and made me look like a school girl. What was I thinking? I groaned to myself. I did not have six sisters-in-law for nothing. Especially Fleur since she was as big as a house right now with the whole pregnancy thing going on. I could have borrowed her robes since I borrowed her shoes which were at least two sizes bigger then my normal size.

Weasleys also had an insufferable pride to go along with the infamous Weasley temper. Or maybe, it was the 'Ginny' pride. We were definitely far from being poor now with all my brothers holding important positions in the wizarding world or at least having a really good business in another pair of brothers case. Bill was currently the CEO for Gringotts representing UK. The bank was now handled by ghosts instead of goblins since the sword incident during the war. Charlie was the director of the wizarding 'zoo' alongside one of my closest friends, Luna Lovegood. Believe it or not, Crumpled Horn Snorkacks actually existed. Percy was a diplomat representing the Ministry of Magic, UK for Foreign Affairs. Fred and George were still going strong with the whole Weasley Wizard Wheezes franchise. Ron and Harry were both in Quidditch teams, The Chudley Cannons, keeper and seeker respectively. And of course, Hermione was loyally by their side as their manager and the author of a few well-known books.

No reason at all to be poor. I had the money; I just wanted it to be my own. And they had all made it somewhere. Compared to them, my dreams were really small and unambitious. I wanted the work experience before I did anything further and this was like a golden opportunity singing out to me. What a better way to learn than to learn from the best, the King of Deals himself?

My terribly mussed up hair was finally toned down by a combing charm. That was probably the best I could do. Transfiguring my clothes to something of the latest fashion might end up disastrous because I had no idea what was in on the runways of the fashion capital. Might as well take a walk. I decided and walked towards the door thinking about exploring a bit of the entire empire. To my horror, the door opened to no avail, hell, even 'Alohomora' could not work.

I panicked. Don't tell me all the applicants out there ganged up against poor little Ginny Weasley because they used Leglimens to find out about her desperate need for escape. Even the muggle trick of using bobby pins could not work and I could not possible blow up the door could I? Normally, I wouldn't really care, exiting in style and everything but the door looked like it costed way more than Fleur's wardrobe and that was considerably saying a lot. I did the next best thing that I could only think of doing. Having practiced shouting matches with the ghoul in the attic for about two decades, I screamed like there was no tomorrow.

"Ginevra! Do not scream as though we have placed the Cruciatus Curse on you! You are here for a reason! Respect that." A sweet but firm voice ordered me to all but shut up. Great. So now I was going nuts as well. And I just had to say that aloud to myself.

"Great Gin. You're so obsessed with getting the job that now you've completely lost it. Should ask mum to reserve a room in St Mungo's for you. Mental, really." I shook my head to myself starting to feel a little freaked out. There was nothing but complete silence for what felt like a minute and then suddenly, I heard peals of musical laughter fill the air like tinkling bells.

"Ginny? May I call you Ginny? Relax, you're not mad. We're just a bunch of officials watching you. It's an observation test. Every applicant undergoes it without knowing. However, in your case, we had to let you know. "The voice sighed. Why the hell did everyone here make everything seem like it was my fault? That was really starting to get on my nerves. First that snooty brat, now this. How much more? And really, talk about weird tests. I bit back a witty retort choosing to take a deep breath and count to ten.

One…Two…Three…Ten. C'mon Gin, do it for yourself. I apologized shortly for overreacting when I found out the door was locked. I also explained that my imagination basically suffered from ADHD. I had jumped into the deepest conclusions without facing facts first. It was zeal and desire for the job that kept me behaving this way. The voice had just laughed my evident stupidity off and answered…

"Of course! Good to know that you are really into the job… And now that you know that you are being watched, you are going to be asked a couple of questions, like a short interview before we decide if you are suitable for the final interview, finally." I nodded my head, my mind still in deep thinking.

"Please note that we take this very seriously and we are going to give you the benefit of the doubt by not giving you Veritaserum. However, bear in mind that lying is an offence in this company and if caught, your chances of working, career, everything is doomed." The voice instructed gravely. Ask away, I have nothing to hide.

"What is your full name?" The voice fired at me right away. Duh! Big deal. And isn't that like supposed to be in my resume?But oh well, let me enlighten you, oh so dumb voice.

"Ginevra Mollyanne Weasley. Prefer Ginny though, Ginevra is too…posh" I had barely finished replying when I was hit again with another question.

"Marital status?"

'Single. Not at all ready to mingle." I replied, rolling my eyes to myself. Not at all interested in the opposite sex. Living with the opposite sex, seven brothers was enough to set my mind off against them. Though, the occasional fling would not hurt until I was successful and ready for an open relationship.

"What are your hobbies and interests?"

Now that was a question that really got me thinking. Afterall, it was not in my resume. "Err.. Well, I like to play Quidditch as a Chaser, basketball, reading, cooking, gardening… actually I think just about anything that keeps me occupied and entertained."

"Basketball? The muggle sport?" The voice sounded shocked, accusing even. My goodness, why the hell are people so prejudiced?

"Yes. I LOVE the game." I said defensively. Nobody decides my hobbies for me. "I'll have you know that ever since that stupid megalomaniac, Voldy went all mouldy, muggle sports have been encouraged in the wizarding world. Basketball may not be so popular because it is similar to Quidditch and magical folks prefer the thrill ride of a broomstick to scoring on the ground but it's really fun. So there." I crossed my arms and scowled towards the ceiling. No one could pick on me. Not even some stupid inane voice. Ginny Weasley always stands up for what she believes in.

There was a momentary pause before the voice continued rather brusquely, "Alright, Miss Weasley, do you like social gatherings or attending important events? Or even fraternizing with famous people?"

"I only like going for Quidditch matches since I've got two brothers on the TEAM." I emphasized. "And the Quidditch World Cup, shopping with family and friends as well as hanging around and not at IMPORTANT gatherings. I know enough famous people to last me a lifetime." I sighed referring mostly to the revered Golden Trio, my brothers, Ron and Harry and my sister-in-law, Hermione. Not to mention other affluent members in my family. See, this is why its so difficult to be related to famous people, you can never do anything yourself.

And before the voice could ask me anything else, I shot back with my own question, basically exploding. Hey! This was frustrating okay? Aren't you supposed to be like asking me about the job? "What the hell is this man? Is this some kind of matrimonial service or something? If not just ask me questions about my bloody job." The infamous Weasley temper strikes again.

I was met with another moment's notice of complete silence, followed by a cough and finally composing itself, the voice chose to ask me another question. "Very well, Miss Weasley. We shall get to the point. How about you tell us why do you want this job since it is obvious you are over qualified for this position?"

Now that was a straightforward question. I had honestly assumed that the secret for wanting this job so badly would stick with me till I reached my grave. But, I had to be truthful so I answered after taking a deep breath to calm myself.

"I want so start out small and then end up big." I admitted, staring meekly at the floor.

"What do you mean by that?" The voice asked me, curiosity obvious in its sweet tonality.

"Err… It's kinda like going along slowly. Step by step to make my life filled with bliss. Afterall, 'slow and steady does win the race'" I pointed out. "I want to learn from the best and then unleash my potential on the unsuspecting world so what a better way to do that than to become the P.A of the 'Dragon'?" I mentioned the nickname that was given to the so called vicious and ruthless ruler of the 'M. Empire'

"How much do you know about this empire?"

"Not much." I answered truthfully as my cheeks burned with embarrassment. Hey! I was not the type to do my homework before checking out the place alright? Continuing, "I only know that it has existed for generations. Helped the wizard's economy like tons and has recently reached the greatest heights." And there was one point that I had absolutely forgotten to mention. The noble one. "Oh and it does tons of charity work." I added hastily.

" Haven't researched much have you, Miss Weasley?" The voice taunted me slyly. Oh well, do your worst.

"Well…" I shrugged nonchalantly. "I couldn't really be bothered. I mean, I only care about the job and not the social standards or anything else. " I felt the blush return as it only just occurred to me that I had just point blankly informed whoever that I could not care less about anything except for the reputation and money even though it was not in my intentions. Uh-oh kiss independence goodbye, Gin.

The voice laughed lightly, "Oh but, Miss Weasley, sometimes its good that you get your homework done. Otherwise you may not realize what you are getting into. It explains a lot I suppose. You're dismissed. Audrina will escort you to your final destination. Good luck. "

And the entire system just died on me like that. Hello? Who was going to answer my questions? I was lost deep in my thoughts when the door slammed open, making me jump. I turned around and saw the same girl from just now. YES, the one who had practically insulted my choice of clothing. I assumed that she was Audrina, sad, pretty name but with a terrible personality. The least you could do was not make me walk beside you silently feeling as though I was going to the gallows.

Darn this people. This place was bloody hell as quiet as a library. Or a museum where you felt terrible when a mere footstep echoed down the hallways. There were people shuffling about busily, minding their own business and not at all acknowledging one another. Something sank deeply in my, probably my heart, when I realized that I would die living with silence. What was worst was that, if that ever happened, nobody would probably ever take notice.

I could feel the blood draining from my face when I realized that we were finally at the top of the tower or building, whatever. And that meant entering the dragon's den. No.. No.. No.. I stopped midway and turned to Audrina.

"Err… listen, um, Audrina or whatever your name is… I don't want to go in there. Not right now anyway." I chided at myself internally. Brave Gryffindor crap, my ass, seriously.

I couldn't understand my own self sometimes. I mean, I've been dreaming about this for years and suddenly, I'm willing to give up just because my feet are glued to the ground and my heart is basically In my throat? Did I mention that my stomach feels as though someone threw Mt. Everest in there? C'mon Gin, even if it kills you, you've got to go in there. I forced myself but to no avail.

Audrina grinned at me evilly as she basically dragged me in front of this door with a mirror on it. Actually, it wasn't really a door; it was a mirror about the size of a door. I guess, that is what made me assume that it was a door.

"Now that you've gotten in so far, might as well continue to the end right? Good luck." And she pushed me forward into the mirror. I screamed as I expected shards of glass tearing my skin painfully. My hands, covering my face for protection could not prevent me from falling to the ground, so this time, I really fell down. Stupid bitch, Audrina. She could've told me that it was an entrance at least let me check my hair and everything for the final time. If I got the job, I'll push her down a flight of stairs, if I didn't I'll push her down this very building or tower, whatever.

Standing up in all my glory, I brushed my robes forgetting that I was a witch and knew cleaning spells. Keeping whatever dignity I had left intact, I held my head high as I limped towards my final destination. Did I mention that Audrina broke my heel? Worst part, they weren't even my shoes. They belonged to Fleur, were a designer original and freaking expensive.

Thank Merlin she was too heavily pregnant to be wearing heels at the moment. She might not notice, she had thousands of shoes afterall. I gulped, maybe I could put the blame on Hermione since they both shared the same shoe size and she wore heels too. I didn't, I preferred my beloved pumps or flip flops. I was way too clumsy for heels and was a menace when I wore them.

At least Merlin was on my side when I managed to maintain my straying self in them today. Heels always made an impression, according to Hermione. And who better to trust than the 'know-it-all' herself? But now, I was genuinely regretting my decision. I seemed to be regretting a lot today. Okay but it was some impression I would be making looking like a drunken hobo stumbling around, I thought sadly to myself.

Screw impression, positive Ginny told me. Just get out there and show the dude what you've got. He wouldn't be able to resist you. And get your mind out of the gutter; I wasn't planning on seducing the 'Dragon' anytime soon.

I reached another, well, normal looking entrance. It was a glass door but I couldn't be sure so I touched it to confirm. And then it transformed into a glaring white light just as someone from inside said coolly, "You may enter."

Feeling as though I had heard that voice somewhere, but I couldn't place where, I shook it off and entered ignoring the frenzy my emotions had gone into.

I guess you could say that I was in for a bit of a nasty surprise or shock when I recognized the boss of the established empire truly none other than the dragon himself. The most 'charming, devastatingly handsome, wickedly sexy, devilishly alluring' as quoted from Witch's Weekly was none other than…

"Malfoy?" I gasped in horror, my hand covering my mouth. "Is that you?"

Please let me be wrong. Please let me be wrong. But deep down inside, I knew that I stood no chance for my prayer as much as a snowball had a chance of lasting in the fiery pits of Hell.

He was apparently deep in concentration as he studied a document with what looked like a frown on his face. That was before I had probably interrupted his rapid thoughts. That was undoubtedly unforeseen, unpredictable. One thing though, it sure as hell did explain a lot about this place. Finally, his attention was focused entirely on me and that was probably a bad thing, I realized as I gulped internally. Uh-oh.

He scrutinized me from head to foot, deliberately increasing the pressure on my nerves. After all that, he raised an eyebrow, giving me his signature superior smirk that went back to the old days as he dismissed me in a strangely polite yet disinterested tone.

"Alright, sweetpea, now if your organization is done emphasizing on their poverty and how much they need the donations from the Malfoy Empire fund, I'll increase the donations by 5000 galleons. Just let me get a freaking personal assistant, it's been hard around here without one." His expression changed at the speed of light, it had softened for a moment there, I could swear and then it went to a tired sigh and back to all that air of ridiculous superiority. Wow, Malfoy had emotions? Ginny is being an insensitive prat!

I honestly didn't remember much about him back in school except for being the Trio's arch-nemesis. For Hermione, probably in academics, Harry in Quidditch and Ron, well who could be a greater royal pain I suppose. I made it a point to stay clear out of his way except for the Flourish & Blotts incident where I stood up for Harry, my crush then. And his father cleverly tricking the gullible old me into doing the dirty work for the Heir of Slytherin. I still resented him, cocky, arrogant bastard. That was what the late Lucius Malfoy was.

He changed my entire life alright. In so many more way than one. In fact, I blamed him for feeling like a caged up owl in my own home. That was entirely wrong because home was supposed to be your sanctuary not prison. Oh yeah, not to mention my gracious Bat Bogey Hex memory when I had hexed him in order to escape from the Inquisitorial Squad. Now, that memory was sweet.

Wait a minute! 'Sweetpea?' Donations? Five thousand galleons? To hell with his humanity, he just insulted me. And I was feeling really indignant about it.

"I see a leopard can never change its spots." I remarked coldly, observing him. "And maybe you have forgotten me or just never knew I existed , I am Ginny. Ginny Weasley. You know, Ron's sister from Hogwarts?" I added helpfully. Screw Malfoy, I wanted this job and I knew that fate wasn't playing an easy game with me. Have it your way then.

Upon hearing that, he looked up, astonished. "Weaselette?"

Well, way to trigger his memory, Gin. I nodded stiffly, briefly acknowledging the nickname that he and this other hot Slytherin dude, his best friend; Blaise Zabini had created especially for me. Touching right? The root of our enmity? And then he looked down giving his work more importance. I was here for a interview, mister. Not to hula dance or something.

"Mal-ferret." I spat at him childishly reminding him of my very presence and then resuming to my demure composure. He narrowed his eyes at me.

"Look Weaselette…" He started, politely. Pigs may start flying already. "Let's get this straight. GET. OUT. OF. MY. CABIN." He ended it slowly putting strong emphasis on the last couple of words as though talking to someone who was mentally incompetent. Pigs can't fly and it'll probably stay that way or we'll all be missing out on delicious pork roast.

"I am here to apply to become your personal assistant, you…. Er, Mr Malfoy." I admitted grudgingly deciding that insulting words would not really help my position at the moment. 'Ginny' pride remember?

His jaw dropped open as he basically checked me out once again. I shifted uncomfortably under the gaze of his silver eyes. He then burst out laughing as though there was no tomorrow as I stared at him confusedly. WOW. Malfoy can laugh? EVIL laughter, Gin. Nothing else. Yeah… So true.

"What?" I demanded as he gave me one of his infamous smirks.

"Weaselette, as far as I know, your family is far from poor right now. And if you are applying as you claim…" He gestured. " Don't you know that my personal assistants are required to have assets that you…" He gave my body a once over for the third time and smirked, "CLEARLY, DO NOT HAVE."

"However,…" he continued, "If you are interested, we could work something out." He looked at me as he whispered seductively causing my breath to remain hitched in my throat. I knew that he was doing it on purpose to annoy me and get me all bothered and seriously, it was working.

"I am seriously applying for the job. Nothing else." I defended myself.

"Humor me." He replied. "Let's view your resume." He was probably going to mock at me and it would become worst after….

With a light flick of his wand a purple file that contained all my certificates and every other piece of educational evidence appeared out of the thin air. He flipped through my file, scanning all its contents with his intense eyes. I could practically tell what he was looking at having memorized the entire set up. Ah… there is my Hogwarts cert, my Honors cert and finally my certificate indicating my bachelor's degree in Business Law & Economic from….

"You went to Oxford? The muggle university? That too during the war?" He looked at me incredulously, confirming it. Explains the whole prejudiced thinking about everything muggle related.

I nodded my head silently, ashamed. It was a sensitive issue to me because it really deflated my balloon otherwise known as my self-esteem. I think we've established the importance of the 'Ginny' pride to me before. While my family, friends and so many people out there gallantly laid down their lives to protect the magical world, I was bloody hell hidden in the muggle world attending college.

"Is it because of the plan that involved…" He trailed off now seeming a bit well, course he had to feel that way, his own father had come up with that very master plan.

"YES!" I answered him furiously. Of course, dear Draco freaking Malfoy would know right? I mean, it was after all an evil plot that was hatched between the darkest wizard of all time and his right hand man, Lucius. A devastating plot to rise in to power fully once again that involved me and my so called weak mind. Seriously, you would have thought that after the unsuccessful turn of events during the Chamber of Secrets incident, Voldy's hair or whatever left of him would have gone grey at the thought of using me, Ginny Weasley. It might as well be scientifically proven that nothing went right with me in it.

Suddenly, I was all but seeing red, "Its your bloody father's fault that so many people lost their lives. My life ended, one of my best friends died. (referring to Colin Creevey) He is the reason I am standing here today. YOUR EVIL FATHER!"

"Shut up Weasley! " He yelled abruptly making me jump, "You think he made YOUR life miserable. Just try living with sadistic bastard for seventeen fucking years of your life and then you'll see…" He stopped, realizing that he had probably just said too much.

"Just get out of here, Weasley" He glared at me menacingly.

Uh-oh, I thought as I shrank back in fear. The words, if looks could kill, flashed briefly in my mind. I had just gone against six years of education that was in bred in me during my Hogwarts period, "Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus." Translation : Never tickle a sleeping dragon. It really applied in his case. With that livid look on his face, I was half-afraid that he was going to pull a Voldy and avada me.

I was royally screwed. Goodbye dream job, money..etc. I have no idea how many times I bidded you farewell today but now I've really done it. My mind was facing a storm of emotions, I was angry at myself for speaking my mind or we could call it having big mouth tendencies. Fearful that Malfoy was going to avada me to wherever it is people went to after being avada-ed. And I actually wanted to push his buttons a little more. Talk about barking mad huh?

"Did I get the job?" I smiled brightly as though nothing had just happened and it was a beautiful day.

"Never in a million years, Weasely Jr." Draco sneered and stood up probably to kick me literally out of his cabin and the whole Malfoy Empire premises. A voice stopped Draco midway and he froze.

"DRACO! What is all the racket going on in here? A fish market honestly!" A woman I recognized as Narcissa Malfoy from the Quidditch World Cup back when I was just a thirteen year old weasel. Yep, I too couldn't believe that I had just called myself that. She was every bit as beautiful looking as ever.

Beautiful was wrong, despite her being old; she could make anyone's self-esteem drop the moment she stepped into the room. She was the female version of Malfoy, it wasn't so hard to determine while studying both their chiseled faces. They looked nearly identical except for the occasional feature from his father and strong hint of masculinity of Malfoy's part.

She wore plain but really elegant and chic silk robes that were rose pink in colour and it really complimented her seraphic features and platinum blonde tresses. Everything about her had the word exquisite printed all over it. The remaining Malfoy's were extremely attractive, I realized as feeling inferior. I decided that the marble tiles were more interesting and proceeded to examining each.

"What is this, my son?" She questioned him softly but sternly in a loving motherly tone. WOW. This woman had struck me as the type who didn't give a damn about a strand of hair from her son's head the last time we had met. Gosh Gin! I lectured myself internally. You really need to stop being so judgemental. I mean, seeing is always believing right? But they are Malfoy's! Cold-blooded Malfoys! See! They even look like they were made from stone! My mind protested and we continued this little debate longer until I wasn't paying the slightest hint of attention to the mother-son duo. That was at least until I heard my name.

"Giving Miss Weasley the job…" Narcissa Malfoy declared causing me to look directly at her in surprise.

"Huh?" I wanted to punch myself in the eye for being flabbergasted. There were such words as 'excuse me' and all that.

"You've got the job, Miss Weasley. Congratulations!" She smiled at me briefly, but a warm one in that before turning towards her son who protested while glaring daggers at me.

"But Mother… She…" He stopped halfway, obviously looking for an excuse to get me kicked out. "My secretaries need to have certain requirements that she obviously doesn't have. Like brains for instance."

"On the contrary, Draco dear, you seem to be blind. Miss Weasley here has got brains. I'm telling you. Unlike that previous secretary of yours…" She visibly shuddered.

Continuing, "I know all the reasons why you've had many secretaries each one of them not lasting more than a month." She snapped at him before starting the waterworks. Wow. Talk about Malfoy drama. And he called my mother a drama-mama. "You're turning into a womanizer, Draco. Player, Casanova whatever your generation calls it these days. And it really disappoints me to see my only son…." She wiped her tears away dramatically. WOW.

"Oh alright, Mother. Would you please stop crying? Weasley, you're hired; now get the f-out of here! And come back at the crack of dawn. You need to be trained. Are you happy now, Mother?" Malfoy sighed as he looked resignedly towards his mother who was now sniffing in a very dignified manner. He was totally cursing the female species internally. All the same though, it was nice to know that Draco Malfoy could at least be nice to someone In his life, his mother.

"Really?" I glanced from Malfoy to his mother repeatedly, absolutely elated with joy at the news. Their differing nods confirmed it sending me to cloud nine. "Oh thank you, Mrs Malfoy!" I hugged her joyfully forgetting about every social barrier in this world. "I promise I'll be the best personal assistant that your son has ever had. " I said as I finally released her from my tight hug.

"Its alright Miss Weasley, I expect that from you. And please, call me Narcissa." She replied in a distinctively strangled ton looking ruffled. I was way too happy about getting a job to care. My dream job, finally!

"Likewise, call me Ginny or whatever suits your preference." I shrugged.

"Get going, Weasley." Malfoy practically barked at me. I didn't blame him for that outburst though. He finally interrupted my thoughts with a really nostalgic insult.

"And, for Merlin's sake Weaselette, do not dress like a pauper. You can't still be poor with all that power. Unless…." He stopped when he was given a warning glance by Narcissa. This building was so full of surprises, it was scary.

I felt as though I had entered a whole new dimension or something. And whether it was a good or a bad thing, I knew I was bound to find out sometime soon.

I made my way to the door trying to resist gloating in his face. But you know what they say, 'old habits die hard'. It was too good of an opportunity to miss.

"So much for a million light years, Malfoy. Time really does fly, doesn't it? See you tomorrow, Boss." I maintained a casual stance but my airy, triumphant voice gave it all away. I was a bad actress, couldn't act or tell a lie to save my life. Ignoring his death glare purposely, I literally danced my way out of his cabin. Thank Merlin Narcissa was there or he'd have really pulled a Voldy on me this time.

Immensely immersed in my relieved thoughts, I walked right into a relatively normal looking but classy wooden door. Ouch! I winced as my forehead greeted the hard wooden frame. Come to think of it, I never actually remembered a door being present down here. I then realized that it was probably the exit since I couldn't see the route that Audrina had used to bring me here with. Oh well, it should be normal. Hopefully, I was past the abnormal state here. No more shocks. I thought grimly to myself as I twisted the knob.

I was used to all the weird looking entrances; I'd definitely feel solid ground again. How wrong I was! I couldn't! And when I looked down….! I was falling from the tower!

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. This fall was literally never ending. As exhilarating as meeting Death was, I had better plans in mind for such an early stage in my life. Before I could think any further, I landed on a mountainous pile of really fluffy pillows which immediately exploded due to the pressure. Physics. It was a flurry of feathers as I sat pathetically while it looked as though Christmas had come early this year.

Malfoy. I uttered his name in disdain. Somehow I had a feeling that I was the only one who had graced this exit. Looking up at the tower, I made a rude and completely unladylike gesture with my middle finger, mouthing the words as well.

Grumbling and forgetting that I was a witch who could shield falls and cast cleaning spells I sauntered off the road towards Diagon Alley feeling like a celebration was needed. I was too happy to care. Screw Malfoy, I'll deal with him tomorrow.

"No more babysitting adorable brats! Cleaning, washing, scrubbing… No more! La! La! La! Ginny is now SUPER! SUPER!" I sang an aimlessly gay song that I had created in the moment of overwhelming euphoria while I skipped on the stony grounds.

I had gotten what I wanted. All that mattered now was surviving with the tedious job of being Draco Malfoy's secretary. He was definitely out to make my life miserable, that arrogant, obnoxious, snobbish, conceited, self-centered, pompous git.

The next thing that occurred to me was breaking the news to my family. How would I do that? Their baby girl was all grown up and she now had a job. Somehow, I wasn't really anticipating their reactions.

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