Working for the Dragon

Chapter 27. The Game Plan

Geez, you'd think that after having your brother explode at you like a Howler, your family would be more sympathetic and stop the Cold War. Or if that was too much then maybe Dad could say something along the lines of "Ginny, Ronald was just being himself so please don't Avada him in his sleep-"and then continue ignoring me but alas, one can only dream.

They just retreated to ignoring me as they usually did! I have never been so tempted to move out as much as I am now. I'd rather an empty house than living with people who act like I don't exist. Honestly, I was better off when they were all in Bulgaria.

I suppose I am being overly dramatic, juvenile, and irrational - and one could say that it is my fault that they are treating me like a social pariah or something but if only they would sit down and listen! Or give Draco a chance! My taste isn't that bad, afterall, I nursed a crush on Harry for years!

They are reacting as though Draco and I have eloped and gotten married! Or Draco was actually a Death-Eater and not a double agent! Or we're engaged or I don't know…..On that note, it would be really amazing if he proposed but well, one can dream of it happening. I don't even know if he loves me yet.

Having a phobia of apparating is not ridiculous! Instead, they are ridiculous. In fact, they are the epitome of all things ridiculous.

I huffed to myself as I slammed the file that I had been trying to decipher shut. I would need a dictionary if I actually wanted to finish this by today. I could barely understand any of it. In all honesty, this was not in the job scope of a mere secretary but over the course of working with Draco, he had somehow discovered that I could and I got stuck since then. Not that I hated it, however it just was not on my list of favourite things to do at work.

"Problems, Weasley?" The sound of my boss's greeting had me startled.

"You think?" I muttered to myself without bothering to look up.

"What is forcing you to put those unused brain cells to use?" He quipped as he settled comfortably at the seat opposite my desk before picking up the file I had just chucked.

"Very funny, Draco-"I replied still not focusing my attention on him. I wasn't exactly at my happiest right now not to mention the pile of work resting before me.

"In any case, you can work on this later. Why don't you grab your cloak so that we can make a move?" He asked casually, still flipping through the file.

And with that sentence, he had gained my undivided attention. –"Where are WE going?" I asked cautiously, emphasizing on the 'We'.

I ran a mental scan through his schedule and drew a blank. Based on my knowledge, he didn't have any appointments. Maybe he decided to give some time to his social life, or his love life, Ginny.

I nodded my head mentally. It made sense.

"I have an appointment which I would like you to accompany me to." He explained vaguely.

As a secretary, I knew my job was to accompany my boss wherever however with Draco it was a different case altogether. I rarely accompanied him to meetings, conferences. He rarely required my presence at such places. It was rather odd but now I was accustomed to it.

It didn't seem to be a work-related appointment otherwise I would have been made well aware of it. I also knew about his current social appointments therefore I deemed that this had to be an impromptu social appointment in which my presence would obviously not be required much. In any case, I had a ton of work to finish and a file to translate.

"How about you carry on without me?" I suggested –"I have quite a bit of work left." While I would love a chance to spend time with my incredibly attractive boyfriend whom I was madly in love with, I had priorities. And this time around, my work was far more important.

"You're forgetting the fact that I am your boss, Weasley. And when I say that I want you to accompany me, I don't mean anything less." He said firmly.

I stared at him in surprise. This was the first time that he had spoken to me in such a brusque, abrupt manner. Before we were together, it was always sarcasm and witty remarks.

"Draco? Why are you being like this?" I asked solemnly.

"I never gave you a choice. Grab your cloak and let's leave-"He stood up and practically stalked out of my office. I did not even get a chance to speak a word.

I knew from his very Malfoy-esque exit that he wanted me to follow him at that very instant. To be honest, a part of me wanted to rebel, boyfriend or not boyfriend but the other part knew that it was a bad idea.

Submitting though unwillingly, I grabbed my purple cloak, satchel and followed him – I wasn't happy about this and I decided that I would convey my unhappiness verbally. He honestly couldn't have been more inconsiderate.

We walked along the corridors of Malfoy Empire. We were heading towards the Malfoy Empire Floogate. It was working? Gee, I had completely given up on the idea.

Stupid, inconsiderate, annoying prick with who I am madly in love with. He thinks the whole world is at his feet. We were or at least Draco was greeted by the various staff we passed as we walked by. I got dirty looks from some, mostly the female staff.

Yeah, take my job, sacrifice your social life and get an inconsiderate boss – I thought snarkily to myself.

Suddenly, it was as though I was hit by déjà vu. I used to walk along this very corridor cursing Draco when I had first started out. Life hadn't been easy then and it was definitely not all rainbows and sunshine now.

We had reached – I glared at the Floogate vehemently as though it was the cause of all of this.

"We need to talk-"I informed Draco firmly. He looked mildly surprised at my outburst.

"And what could possibly be more important than our appointment?" He arched a platinum blonde eyebrow.

"This. Us –"I looked at him, determined to get my point across. Boyfriend, boss – whatever, he had to realise that I had my priorities too.

He nodded his head slightly as though willing me to continue. I glanced around before swallowing hard. Thanks to the press, everyone knew that we were in a relationship despite being boss and secretary. And while they could be thinking that Draco and I were going at it like bunnies in his office for all I care but I didn't want the people around us to know that there was 'trouble in paradise'.

"Draco, you were terribly rude today. Do you know how much of work I have waiting for me on my desk? No! But you come in all your handsome glory stating that you have an appointment and you need me to accompany you and you won't take no for an answer! The worst part is, I didn't even know you had an appointment – I'm your secretary, I should be aware of such things. Not only that, after all this, you would still expect me to meet the dateline thus ensuring that I abandon the remnants of –"He covered my lips with his palm effectively cutting me off in the middle of my rant.

He had wrapped his free arm around my waist basically capturing me so that I could neither move nor scream. I wriggled as I threw him the hardest glare I could muster and he smirked as he took in my livid expression. Boyfriend or not, I was ready to murder him.

"Don't get your panties in a twist, love. Breathe." He advised me.

"Mmpf-"I struggled to get my words across.

"Breathe-"He repeated once again.

To humour him, I did as he said taking the deepest breath I could.

"That's my girl-"

Yeah, I'll show you your girl just let me get my wand.

Before I knew it, I was being navigated to the Floogate against my own will. The Floogate was big enough for two, apparently. My freedom of speech had been returned however if I opened my mouth now, I would end up choking to death from the soot. Clutching my hand tightly, Draco threw floo powder thus making the fire roar and turn into green flames.

He said something barely comprehensible against the roaring flames and before I knew it, we were stepping out hand in hand.

"Not my most preferred mode of transport but beggars can't be choosers." Draco muttered, obviously displeased by the fact that there was soot all over his forest green designer, velvet robes.

I was not much better off either, but I take soot over getting splinched any day. I looked up, curious as to where his so called appointment was at but he shielded my view by stepping in front of me.

Thanks to his wand, the both of us were now more presentable than before. I was still mad at him though, nothing had changed.

"I hate you. You're such an inconsiderate prick – you don't even let me…." I started once again. He stepped out of the way revealing a wooden shelf filled with the oddest, animate objects effectively succeeding in making me pause midway.

The room was a shade of cream, the curtains a cheery yellow and there was a white leather sofa with fluffy red pillows. It was a typical cabin that one would expect to see in an office but with a cheerier outlook. The desk was very much like mine – piled with paperwork. And there were a few photo frames that were not in my view. A wall had been converted into a giant collage filled with colourful and familiar looking kiddie drawings – some of which looked oddly familiar.

I stepped forward to take a closer look. "Merlin, this looks just like what Teddy …." And this time, I stopped myself from continuing. Why, we were in Tonk's office of course!

Everything had begun to make sense – the secrecy, Draco's insistence that I accompany him. Blood began to pool at my cheeks as I remembered how I had reacted. I cringed as I looked at anywhere but my boyfriend's face.

He was eyeing me in amusement now, I could tell. I continued to pretend that I found a piece of drawing very interesting as a strong pair of arms wrapped themselves around my waist.

"Don't hate me so much now, do you?" He teased lightly in my ear as he leaned down so that his head rested on my shoulder.

"Ugh…"I groaned-"You are incorrigible." I turned and buried my head in his chest still refusing to meet his eyes.

His head now rested on mine –"What can I say? I live to tease Ginny Weasley."

"I overreacted-"I admitted –"It was all frustration from-"

"Are you on your time of the month?" He quipped, I pulled back to glare at him.

"Okay, okay." He raised his arms in surrender –"I should know better, I would be dead if that were the case."

"Glad you know it." I said stiffly.

He tipped my chin and kissed my lips lightly –"Don't be mad okay? Your dateline is extended, I promise. Not unless you want to spend a night alone with me in the office."

"I value my sleep." I told him.

"Isn't my offer tempting you in the slightest?" He teased, his grey eyes twinkling like stars.

"Not one bit –" I insisted.

"Well…..what do you know – we might have to tweak that." And he captured my lips with his.

"If you lovebirds are done snogging in my office, I'd like to get this appointment over with." An amused voice had us both out of the little world that we had created in the last few moments.

We turned to Tonks sheepishly and she ushered us to our seats opposite hers.

"Come on now, lovebirds. We haven't got all day." She joked as the three of us finally settled.

A tray filled with tea and goodies had appeared before us. Tonks took charge pouring a cup for each as she spoke –"I see the girlfriend has finally gotten herself involved."

"Couldn't keep her away –" Draco shrugged good naturedly in defeat.

"Hey!" I protested –"You say that like it's a bad thing. I may just put an end to this case."

Tonks nodded seriously as though she was considering what I had just said –"You could be our lucky charm. Merlin knows we haven't had any luck in this case and I've been working on it since McDomer's death."

"How long would that be?" I asked curiously, I had read about it in the Daily Prophet of course but I couldn't place the date.

"Hmm… a couple of months before you joined the empire. Give or take – six?" Tonks said thoughtfully –"I've never been any good with dates."

-"Anyway, since Ginny is here, we should probably fill her in from the start." She continued brightly.

Draco nodded, gesturing for his cousin and the Auror in charge of this case to carry on.

"What do you know about Gerald McDomer, Ginny?" Tonks asked as she looked at me with an appraising eye.

"Not much –"I admitted – my attempt at playing detective had been foiled by my own boyfriend.

"We shall start from the beginning – Draco, why don't you start?" Tonks urged him.

I nodded my head in encouragement – he would tell it best.

"Gerald McDomer used to be…." He paused whether for dramatic effect or not, I couldn't tell –"My right-hand man."

"Like how Lucius Malfoy was for Voldemort?" I had a momentary indiscretion. Merlin, I wanted to bang my head on the wall after I said that.

"Well, if you put it that way…" He replied rather dryly might I add. Draco hated talking about his late father.

-"So anyway…" He continued –"He was one of the pillars of Malfoy Empire aside from Mother, Blaise and me. Malfoy Empire continued to grow and succeed in many ventures until one day…"

I sat listening intently. Gerald McDomer had been in charge of handling the Malfoy Empire accounts. On a fine day, he happened to be away on a business conference when an issue regarding the company accounts came up. Upon reviewing, Draco had found in fraudulent handling of the company funds. In a fit of anger, Draco had confronted McDomer and things had gotten right out of hand, to the point where the both wizards had almost resorted to using fists.

Draco had McDomer thrown out of the office with death threats if he were to be spotted anywhere near again. Did I mention that there was a huge spectacle? Almost everyone who worked for Draco then witnessed his rage? He had wanted to keep this within the four walls of the office and had even had his employees sign a privacy agreement.

While outside, a drunken and infuriated Mc Domer had spread words of malice around about Draco. The press was having a field day with all the corporate drama and things got a thousand times more scandalous when McDomer winded up dead in his apartment one night.

Foul play was suspected especially with the news then and of course, Draco ended up being the prime suspect. They had no incriminating evidence but with his past, Draco was the murderer in the eyes of the press, public and of course, my family.

As of now, the Auror department had caught wind of the fact that Goyle, Audrina and McDomer were partners in the whole 'Get Draco's money' scheme. They knew that Goyle and Audrina were the masterminds behind this and had plans to blackmail Draco. They assumed that Draco would give in because he didn't want Narcissa to die of a broken heart if he were to get incriminated. After all, Draco loved Narcissa more than anyone else in the world. She was the only parent he had left.

Little did they know that Draco was secretly working with Aurors so that they could get concrete evidence from the scheming duo. They had underestimated the duo of course – Audrina and Goyle had their tracks covered. Each time, Aurors came up with a false link.

I sat there working my brains around this as Draco and Tonks discussed their next action. It seemed to me that they had been treading carefully thus far – too carefully in fact. It was only natural to want to protect their ground before entering the enemy's lair. However, as my thoughts dwelled on this, I realised that the best way to attack your enemy was to know their weakness.

Audrina and Goyle may have been smart but they had their weakness, they were naturally loud-mouthed, boastful idiots.

I had overheard them many times. It's a pity this had not occurred to me then, we would have saved a lot of time and effort.

"We need to look before we leap, Draco…"I heard Tonks agreeing with Draco as I prolonged my mind-wrapping. I had an idea that I had to share and the best part was that I had a good feeling about this.

"Actually…."I began casually as the two of them turned their attention to me. –"The way I see it, you have been too cautious with this. You have to leap into this matter and beat Audrina and Goyle at their own game."

"What are you getting at, Ginny?" Draco eyed me suspiciously. That's probably because he knew that I was always filled with rash and risky ideas.

"I have a game plan." I said as grimly as I could. I wanted this matter to end and fast.

-"I propose a confrontation."

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