Working for the Dragon

Chapter 28. Caught in Your Own Game

The plan was simple – catch Audrina and Goyle at their own game. How? Where? When? I had no idea but my instincts told me that this idea would sail through like a breeze.

Draco had of course sat there in all his glory, glaring at me disapprovingly as I explained my idea. Tonks on the other hand had looked thoughtful. She honestly looked as though she had been considering it.

"Leave it to you to come up with a reckless idea." He snapped at me, immensely irritated by Tonk's analysis.

"Your current plan has brought you zero success. The criminals are still out there. The worst part is that they are right under your nose and you can't do a single thing about it and you are Draco bloody Malfoy! Do you actually want to talk about how terribly ridiculous my plan is?" I demanded while poking him on his chest.

My words then had caused him to stare at me wordlessly. I had huffed and looked away even though all I wanted to do then was throw a victorious punch in the air. Rendering the love of your life speechless was a rather pleasant feeling.

"Believe it or not, Draco, she actually has a point." Tonks had said much to Draco's dismay and my triumph.

-"I've thought up of the perfect way of improving it. It may sound reckless but everybody will be under scrutiny at all times, I assure you that." And she began explaining how this plan would rid us of the troublesome duo.

One of Draco's greatest weaknesses was that ever since the Great War, the remaining Malfoys were under media scrutiny. The media was dying to vomit an article on any Malfoy especially Draco with his good looks and penchant for dating heiresses and supermodels before I came into the picture.

With the McDomer scandal, Draco dwelled deeper in surveillance from the media. In fact, if Rita Skeeter had not already had her license revoked, she might just be hovering around him.

Draco's announcement at the Ball about him being off the market thanks to me had gotten him deeper. It was no secret that the Malfoys and the Weasleys had bad blood between one another. Despite the fact that the relationships between both families had been fairly civil, my relationship with Draco had aroused media curiosity.

While this was considered a weakness most of the time, Tonks had decided that she would make it our strength. In other words, she meant that she wanted to lure Audrina and Goyle using the media's influence.

And that was exactly what she had done. Ever since that day in Tonk's office, I had taken up to reading the Daily Prophet before heading to work each morning. Draco had been on the headlines for the last couple of days. The news mainly centred around the Malfoy Empire Scandal, lovingly dubbed by the journalist who was following up on the issue.

Thankfully the media had not approached me for a comment of sorts. If a simple headline caused this much of havoc outside the Malfoy Empire with herds of media officials wanting a mere comment, I shuddered to think what would happen if I wore a solitaire in Draco's name around my finger.

The case had taken a new lead it seems, the Aurors had found solid evidence of Draco's innocence. The articles were not at all subtle when they insinuated the findings of incriminating evidence against the actual culprit. They were not too far off from getting caught.

Today's article was roughly along the same lines as well.

Over the last couple of days, we carried about our own business as we usually did even though both our security had increased. I had a different Auror waiting to escort me to work each morning which meant no more flooing through the Leaky Cauldron or taking the short cut through Knockturn Alley.

I had of course deemed the Auror officials whom were handling Draco's case as paranoid. I didn't understand why my security was concerned. I had protested a couple of times but Draco refused to budge. Security was rather tight; I was allowed to go about my daily routines, nights out etc but I had to keep someone informed of my whereabouts.

Draco had initially wanted me to have an escort but I threw a fit. Imagine if Draco knew about my confrontation with Audrina a long time ago when I had caught her snooping around his office, it would mean the end of my social life till those two got caught. Ever since the newspaper articles had been published, things at home had started looking better. My family had attempted small talk with me; it was mostly spawned by curiosity I'm sure.

I didn't really entertain them mostly for the reason that I was not allowed to. I sort of enjoyed the attention though. Who wouldn't after being deprived for months? Even then though, my replies consisted mostly of hmms and slight nods.

Deeming it another 'ordinary' day at work, I hurried there as fast as I could. I had quite the pile to work on. Draco was rather busy too it seemed. Based on his schedule, he was pretty much out of the office for the entire day. Thankfully though my presence was not required – he did request though but that was mostly because he's my boyfriend and he's worried for my safety.

I got there safe and sound and my boyfriend was informed thanks to the security measures. Not everyone in Malfoy Empire was aware of the recent additions to the already tight security. Only those who had access to restricted authorised personnel only areas.

It was an awfully lonely morning at work even though I was busy – no rude boyfriend, no best friend, no best friend's boyfriend. It wasn't as though I had no friends outside this circle in the office – I did. However, when your boss was your boyfriend as well as the owner of the company that you worked for, your contact with the rest of the office was mostly cut off. I had acquaintances but I didn't fancy myself eating with them for lunch.

I decided to head over to the Leaky Cauldron for lunch when I had reached my target. By the time I was done, lunch hour was long gone and I was starving. I grabbed my satchel eager to get my hands on some grub and satisfy my grumbling stomach.

I made my way to the floogate which was thankfully not under maintenance. The corridors were quiet as most were at their respective cubicles – usually, very few people could be sighted walking along these corridors at this hour.

I quickened my pace towards the floogate because my imagination was simply adding to my hunger. All of a sudden, a darting figure caught my eye. I stopped dead in my tracks as I stared at the corridor wondering whether it had been my eye playing tricks on me.

My instincts told me otherwise as realisation set in – that was the route to the room with files. It could have been my eye playing tricks on me. I had a choice now, I could choose to carry on with lunch or I could go and see for myself.

If I went on with lunch, I wouldn't be able to swallow a bite because my mind would be on the room all thanks to the recent events. I could go and check now and carry on with lunch once I had my doubts cleared. I opted with Option B – lunch would have to wait.

Sighing, I took out my wand and made my way along the corridor. Mind you, I wasn't exactly subtle. My kitten heels clicked along the tiles as I walked over – I suppose it was my way of giving them a heads up. The corridor was empty as expected – ever since security was upped, very few people came here. I for one avoided this area entirely because I had a very demanding, overbearing boyfriend. Today was another story altogether.

I looked around for any signs of suspicious activity but I found none. It may have just been my imagination after all although I cannot imagine why I would think about this place. My stomach rumbled reminding me of my hunger. I chose to stick with my conclusion and moved to leave this place. I had barely moved an inch when something shiny caught my eye. It appeared to be a rock.

Upon further examination, I realised that it was a single, diamond encrusted ear stud. I knelt to pick it up. Bad decision – I was painfully jabbed in my ribs with what I assumed was a wand.

"I should have known only you would choose to sneak up behind my back, Audrina."

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