Working for the Dragon

Chapter 29. Better You than Draco

As terribly clichéd as this sounded, Audrina cackled manically as I greeted her. I should have been afraid considering the fact that she had the power to finish me within seconds. Strangely enough though, I was a touch amused. I suppose that was my body's own way of dealing with screwed up situations – I blame the Chamber incident for this dysfunctional behaviour.

"You little bitch…." She laughed as though I had just told her a joke –"I finally got you where I want you."

"You know Audrina, if I didn't know any better, I'd think that you have a crush on me." I replied dryly.

That snarky retort seemed to fuel her desire to hurt me further. She jabbed her wand hurtfully in my ribs.

"How will dear Draco react when he finds out that his precious princess is in our captivity?" She said nastily as I winced from the pressure on my ribs.

"Captivity –"I retorted, gritting my teeth trying to be brave. –"That's a pretty big word, isn't it? Do you know how to spell it?"

"Shut up, you…" She began while I seized the opportunity.

"Expelliarmus!" I yelled as I leaped to my feet, pointing my wand at her. I caught her wand on one hand.

"It's a pity that this was short-lived, don't you think? Now I'll see your sorry ass in Azkaban-" I smirked triumphantly.

"Petri-"Before I could begin to perform the Full Body Binding curse, I was attacked from the back. A sharp pain exploded through my head as I felt myself get hit hard. My senses were awry and I began to fade out, my triumph having been short-lived.

"H-haven't you guys…." My vision blurred and my speech slurred. –"Hearddd of ….front." I voiced out my final thoughts before completely blacking out.


My head hurt; a lot – just about say ten times worse than a hangover. Did I maybe drink too much last night? I wondered as I felt the constant throbbing and rising nausea. I received my answer though as images of the attack outside the corridor flashed in my head.

I groaned as I opened my eyes, groggily to a rather dim and damp surrounding. Holy Merlin! Were we underground? This place oddly reminded me of the Chamber of Secrets, it even smelled like it.

Needless to say, my heart rate accelerated at the thought. I may have been abducted by Dumb and Dumber but those two were vicious. I couldn't even scream. One look at the place was enough to inform anyone that even if I did, no one would hear me for miles.

"Aww… Draco's princess is awake." Audrina said sounding falsely sweet. I wriggled, itching to slap her and found out then that both my hands and legs were tied together tightly with ropes. I could feel the discomfort in my circulation.

I glared at her fiercely. This wasn't over – just wait till I get out of here. She'll have a firsthand experience of my infamous Bat Bogey Hex.

She slapped me sharply –"Don't make me gauge your eyeballs out." She warned even though it was obvious that she was warming up to that idea.

My cheeks were stinging terribly; a mark was definitely going to be there. I literally felt her long fingernails claw me. Of course, that one slap didn't stop me from throwing her another hateful glare. That resulted in me earning another tight slap on the other cheek. I felt blood trickle from the scratch she had made. My eyes stung from the pain and tears threatened to fall. I wouldn't give in, I gritted my teeth.

She raised her hand to slap me another time but was stopped.

"Audie, Audie… You're not supposed to lay a hand on her." I turned in the direction of the source only to see Goyle entering. He threw me an oily smirk as his eyes raked up and down my body.

My outfit was slightly askew thanks to the little fight with Audrina earlier. She obviously hated me enough to leave my modesty exposed. The first two buttons from my blouse had fallen and my pencil skirt was torn at the sides. In that moment, I felt extremely vulnerable and fearful as the power of the devilish duo set in.

Goyle could have his way with me and from the looks of it, he seemed quite interested. And Audrina, I was absolutely sure that if she could shove her wand in my kidney, she wouldn't hesitate. Not to mention the Unforgivables.

"But… But... She was being mean to me, Greggy." Audrina said to her boyfriend, pretending to sniffle.

Hello! I'm the victim here! Not that I was dying for Goyle's undivided attention but look at the irony of the situation.

"Well, I will just have to teach her little lesson, won't I?" He smirked at me, his eyes descending to my particularly exposed chest area. I was… thankfully not very blessed in that aspect but I had enough to gain unwanted attention at times. Like now, for instance.

I gulped mentally. I had never felt so powerless yet at the same time I was glad that it was me here instead of my boyfriend. These thoughts ran through my head as I eyed Goyle and Audrina. How he got her to leave the room was beyond me. Suddenly it sank in that it was just the two of us in the room.

"How well can you handle pain, Princess?" Goyle asked me pleasantly as he walked closer as if asking me about the weather.

Better you than Draco,

Better you than Draco,

Better you than Draco,

Better you than Draco,

My mind chanted that in reassurance to me.

"Just about as well as you can handle the OWLs." I shot back. If I was going to go down, I'll go but not without throwing a few verbal punches – since I was pretty much bounded and all.

"Feisty aren't we?" He smirked, appraising me further. –"Does it come with the hair?"

I opened my mouth to throw an insulting remark his way, but he spoke before I could get anything out.

-"I suppose I will have to find out myself..." He edged nearer to me, a gleeful look on his face.

I wriggled helplessly as I tried backing away from him. It was then that my resolve started to crumble.

-"W…what a..are you..?" I said shakily as I eyed him fearfully.

"Relax, love. I'm just trying to have some fun." He grabbed me roughly by my hair. I probably had a few bald patches here and there and a killer headache in the making.

"Get away from me you horrid son of a bitch." I shouted pushing away with my bounded wrists.

I cried out in pain as he literally pulled me up by my hair. I looked away from him the very second I had realised what his intentions were. He wanted to kiss me. And tried, he did but I put up a fight shrieking and struggling to get my face away from his disgusting one.

"Greg…What are you doing?" The both of us turned only to notice Audrina's smile fading as she stood at the entrance.

As if a reflex reaction, Goyle practically threw me on the ground like I was hot potato. I cried out as my funny bones were introduced to the ground. I turned amidst my tears of pain to see Goyle looking a tad bit guilty.

"This little bitch needs to be taught a lesson." He growled obviously in an effort to take her questioning eyes off him. He kicked me hard in the stomach.

"Aah…" Pain shot through my upper body as I moaned in agony. He knelt before me, slapping me hard on each cheek, laughing like the sick bastard that he was. The worst part was probably the fact that this seemed to be a mere warm up for both of them. I knew they were capable of worse especially when magic was involved.

"Nobody said we couldn't have fun with Draco's princess while waiting." He declared much to Audrina's happiness. He picked me up by my hair again before shoving me roughly to the wall. I couldn't shield myself and so my skull made contact with the cold concrete.

My head felt like someone had just tried to shake up my entire system. I was dizzy and I wanted vomit at the same time. My head throbbed as though it was no longer my head but my heartbeat instead.

Better you than Draco,

Better you than Draco,

Better you than Draco,

I muttered to myself or well, tried to. From the corner of my eye, I could see Audrina and Goyle watching me, amused at my position.

"You think we can increase ransom if we show Draco what we can do and have done to her?" Audrina wondered as she looked at me before pecking her boyfriend on his cheek.

"That's a brilliant idea, Audie." Goyle sneered while looking at me. –"Since we got nothing out of the murder and blackmailing, kidnap the golden goose and wait for our prize money."

-"You hear that, Princess? You are our golden goose now. Draco wouldn't want a scratch on his Princess. We're going to have Draco beg us not to hurt you."

As much as I was hurting all over, my mind was surprisingly comprehensive as I understood their plan. Initially they were blackmailing Draco over Gerald McDomer's death however, when nothing came out of it, they were going to use me as bait to lure Draco into giving them ransom money. One thing was confirmed for sure, they were the ones behind Gerald McDomer's death.

My heart ached when I thought of how my boyfriend felt, wherever he was. Draco, be safe, wherever you are.

They were going to hurt me more now. Maybe till my death. It was so ironic really. My family had worked so hard to keep me alive during the Great War to the point where they sent me away to a Muggle University. I had been so sheltered and so protected throughout my entire life, especially after the Chamber incident. It hurt to think about the grief that my family would go through.

Despite all the issues we had now, I knew they loved me and I, them. I loved them all. I loved Draco, Channy, Blaise, Luna, Neville, Colin and even my muggle friends from University who kept me sane then. I'm sorry, everyone. I love you all. I thought to myself as I finally started to really cry. I was never going to see them again but the cause was worth it.

Better you than Draco,

Better you than Draco,

Better – Oh bloody hell, Ginny. Are you really not going to try and save yourself? You're not going to die a martyr's death! You're going to be beaten to a pulp and raped. Or if you die being raped, you are going to be raped anyway because Goyle is one fucked up son of a bitch. YOU HAVE TO TRY! SCREAM! FIGHT BACK! THINK!

My conscience practically screamed at my battered spirit. I was having an internal battle of my own. The resolve that I had earlier had crumbled to dust once I realised the power that Goyle held over me. Audrina was another story but if I egged Goyle on….


And with that, I was immersed in my own thoughts tuning out my kidnappers as I tried to think of a method that would save my life.

I didn't know wandless magic.

I didn't know Leglimency or Occlumency.

I had no way of contacting Draco or Tonks or my family members for that matter.

I had…. Wait a minute! I did!

They say that under the influence of pain or alcohol, people become loopy. And so even though my plan sounded incredibly sado-masochistic as it started forming, it was the best that I had. It was getting harder to stay focused, conscious even. Darkness was beginning to surround me but I had to try. I had to, for my sake, for my family's sake and for Draco.

"Yyou tthhinnkk ttthat a few punches and kicks are going to hurt me? You are wrong…" I taunted weakly from where I laid. For the extra effect, I forced out a laugh, hiding a wince.

In the middle of my thinking, I hadn't realised that Goyle had exited the room once more. As I noticed now, my resolve started to put itself back together. If only I could get Audrina alone long enough, she was perfect.

True to my words, Audrina glared at me furiously. –"Shut up, you bitch."

"At … least I'm not spreading my legs for just anybody." I reminded her. –"You can't do anything to hurt me, Audrina." I spoke strongly this time as I noticed my words getting to her.

"You better shut up before I use an Unforgivable on you." She threatened looking at me murderously.

"You need that money too much to hurt me." I replied confidently. It was true though. They wouldn't kill me. Not yet at least.

-"And besides, you need to mean an Unforgivable before you say it. You can't do anything to me, Audrina. You useless slut – As if Draco would fall for someone like you. You classless whore, I may be poor but at least I have my morals. You'd spread your legs for a Knut." I spat disgustedly at her.

"Shut up!" She screamed at me, kicking me at my ribs.

"It's the truth!" I wheezed, gasping from the newest pain that I was currently experiencing. –"Are you going to torture me once you hear the truth? Oh please! You can't even cast a spell right!"

"Shut up or I'll crucio you." She threatened, slapping me again.

"You can't." I taunted.

"CRUCIO!" She screamed lividly as she pointed her wand at me.

Before I knew it, I screamed at the top of my lungs as I was engulfed in excruciating pain. I wanted it to stop, that's all I wanted. There was no part of my body that was void of pain. I wasn't going to survive this.

After what felt like eternity, Audrina stopped and even then, the effect of the curse was still in place. Darkness surrounded me welcoming me to its warm embrace. I had to stay strong even though I was suddenly unsure of myself and of my plan.

What on earth gave me the idea that I could survive this?

If Neville Longbottom's parents (who were trained Aurors) couldn't survive this, what made me thought I could?

And that mental war waged on.

"That was only the beginning. You know, I quite enjoy you suffering in pain, screaming. I think I'm going to do it again." She said.


And I screamed once again. Being a tad bit familiar with the pain did little to get rid of it. My senses were heightened as I was tortured once again. Tears flowed from my eyes, begging Audrina to stop hurting me. I was going to lose my mind.

Better you than Draco,

Better you than Draco,

A sane part of my mind chanted. As she stopped, I had known then that I had tried my best. And even though I had kept fighting the darkness from the very minute that my skull had collided with the concrete wall, I had to give in some time or another. I loved everyone and I loved Draco, but I was never going to be able to tell him that.

And with that last regretful thought, I embraced the darkness like an old friend.

"Milady." Draco grinned cheekily as he opened his arms in an inviting embrace.

"Why thank you, kind sir." I grinned back at him replying like a lady of elegance before settling comfortably into his arms. Both of us laughed knowing that I was not at all like that.

It was a beautiful spring day, so beautiful that one would be pinched with regret if he or she spent it indoors. The sun shone brightly in the clear, blue sky. The grass looked like a soft and lush green carpet while the spring flowers bloomed, its sweet scent filling the air thanks to the slight cool breeze.

I was out spending the day with Draco who had laughed when I had remarked that the sky reminded me of my laundry, fresh. He always thought that I had the quirkiest remarks in that head of mine.

It had been a pretty peaceful day thus far. Draco and I had spent most of it, on a picnic. We had fed each other strawberries before we cuddled in each other's arms while lying on the grass. Well, Draco lied on the grass partially because I had convinced him to. I lay in his warm, protective arms because he hadn't wanted to get my dress dirty.

Although you know, we were wizards and we could get our clothes cleaned with a mere zap and all that jazz. I wore an old vanilla white spaghetti, knee-length dress with a sweetheart neckline. My hair was let loose and all mussed up thanks to my boyfriend and the breeze. I had spent the last couple of minutes studying a dubious looking Cauldron Cake as Draco held me in his arms.

He had kissed me earlier lightly distracting me as I tried to read the ingredients and the expiry date off the packaging. I had giggled as some of his kisses were at sensitive parts of my neck.

"Draco!" I had protested as I struggled to get out of his strong grip. –"Let me read the ingredients!" I scolded him with a smile on my face.

He buried his head in my neck planting a kiss as he spoke –"I'll buy you Honeydukes if you let me have my dessert in peace."

I struggled out of his grasp, laughing as I did so but to no avail. His grip over me was strong, protective just like I always loved.

"Draco, let me go." I laughed as I pleaded with him.

"No can do, love." He replied as he turned us over so that I was beneath him. I arched my back in pleasure as he left burning trails of gentle, butterfly kisses down my neck.

"Draco…" I moaned as his lips touched a particularly sensitive spot. –"I love you, I love you so much."

Draco froze as if he had heard my confession.

"Well guess what, Ginny….." He pulled back smiling. –"I…"

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