Working for the Dragon

Chapter 31. And That's a Wrap!


"Mum, I'm going to give Draco a tour of the house." I informed her while giving my boyfriend a pointed look.

His grey eyes lit in excitement and his expression rivalled that of a child going to the Quidditch World Cup for the first time. I tsked mentally as the love of my life stood up gallantly looking terribly out of place in the Burrow.

Everyone had noticed that of course and when I say everyone, I mean everyone. Mum, Dad, Bill, Fleur, Charlie, Mikayla, Percy, Penelope…. And the list goes on. It was Draco's first visit to the Burrow as my boyfriend and even though he had dressed down, in muggle clothing to be more specific. He looked remarkably out of place.

Even Lupin and Tonks were here today with little Teddy in tow. I had specifically requested that they come. Since they actually got along with Draco, it would work in his favour. Not to mention the fact that he would get some decent company.

Within the first hour that Draco had been here, he had managed to charm the women. Of course, they had initially been blown away by his devastating good looks not to mention the charm he added while making effort in getting to know them. They had positively swooned when they saw how good Draco was at keeping little Teddy entertained.

As for the men, Draco had managed a rather decent attempt at conversation with my dad about the Ministry – decent because we all know that he did not give two hoots about the Ministry of Magic. Followed by finances and a discussion of an upgrade to the wizarding zoo with Bill and Charlie. Percy was probably the only sibling of mine who had a personal motive while talking to Draco.

Fred and George had merely grunted and stayed in the room, their wives had told me that they had been threatened with bedroom activities or the lack of if they didn't behave themselves. As for the Golden Trio, they managed to stay in the room for a period of time, quite an achievement. Of course, Harry was rather peeved when he noticed the bond that his godson had with Draco.

It was about a month after the incident that nearly cost me my life. I had just been released from St Mungo's because I had willingly discovered that it takes quite a while to recover from the Cruciatus Curse, especially if it had been handed to you freely. I wish I could say that Draco had been the ever-devoted boyfriend and had not left my side at all but that was not the case.

Between my hospitalization, managing Malfoy Empire and the trial that was awaiting Goyle and Audrina, Draco practically had the weight of the world on his shoulders. Despite the fact that he was practically drowning with paperwork, he had executed everything perfectly.

My best friend, Channy had taken over as my temporary replacement till I was given as Muggles would say the 'green light' to come back to work. Narcissa had apparently decided that Draco needed a secretary more than she did.

He was absolutely perfect – no matter what he did. We both knew that he could not play the part of the ever-devoted boyfriend and neither did I want him to. I think we would end up killing each other if he did. However, in those times when he was absent, he always made sure that I was never short of company. He had me entertained for hours by many of my friends and family members. Even Blaise stopped by many a times.

Even in those quiet times, he never let me forget about him. He sent me little notes to say that he was thinking of me and occasionally bouquets because we both know that I was not very fond of flowers.

My family had come to accept him mostly because of the fact that he saved my life. What they didn't know was that he hadn't needed to if I had not chosen to meddle into his affairs but what they didn't know could not hurt them. Mum had said that once I was released from St Mungo's, she would cook him a good meal and they would have a brilliant get together.

Of course, her eyes flashed with warning when she said it, warning directed at my family members that everything should go perfectly and that Draco be treated with respect.

And so we were gathered here today with Draco in all his dressed down glory and me heading up to the attic to fulfil his fantasy. A long time ago when Draco had accompanied me home on one of those days where my family had been away at Bulgaria, he had discovered the Burrow's biggest secret, the fact that we housed a ghoul in the attic. He was more of a nuisance pet really, scaring me by banging on the pipes whenever the house got too quiet.

Draco had been in awe since then and since the invitation to my house as a dinner guest, he could not conceal his excitement at finally seeing the family's pet ghoul. Not to mention the fact that he always wondered how we lived. He could finally put his childhood away to rest today, I had joked with him.

We held hands and climbed up the staircase, slowly because of me. By the end of the first flight, I was out of breath and before I had the chance to catch it back, I was up in Draco's arms.

"Draco! Put me down!" I insisted as he carried me up the next flight with such ease.

"Nope, I have dreamt too much of this day to let it get ruined by your inability to walk up a flight of stairs. Besides, I've gotten quite used to carrying you around." He smirked at me making my insides melt into a pile of goo.

"Oh really!" I heard myself retort in reply. Don't let him get to you or at least don't let him know he got to you. –"When was the last time you carried me in your arms?"

His expression sobered immediately –"When I had to carry you out of that place." Very bad idea, Ginny. You know how upset Draco gets whenever he is reminded of the incident.

"Oh Draco…" I softened immediately, tightening my hold around his neck. I planted a light kiss on his cheek. –"What's done is done alright? They're awaiting trial in Azkaban now and it looks like they are going to be locked away for a long, long time. Maybe even kissed."

I wouldn't wish a Dementor's kiss on my worst enemy but Draco's expression made me wish for thousands to be inflicted on them. He blamed himself for whatever I had gone through. I had long given up telling him that it was not his fault.

It's kind of hard telling your boyfriend that you deliberately provoked your abductors into torturing you to the point of insanity so that the Ministry would be alerted. The first few times I tried explaining this to him had only resulted in arguments between us leaving me all red-eyed and snotty. I had learnt my lesson since then.

A lot of good had come out of this though. For instance, my family had come to accept that I was dating Draco Malfoy. Secondly, Draco and I had confessed our undying love for one another. I had time off from work – not that I liked the last bit. I hated getting news second-hand.

Now that Channy was Draco's secretary, she seemed to know of all the things that were going on in Audrina and Goyle's case. I was never given the play by play accounts of the charges upon them as well as the trial. I only knew that they were locked away in Azkaban and Draco was rid of all charges with regards to Gerald McDomer. Obviously, they had admitted.

The only thing that I had found out was the fact that McDomer had been a third partner in the fraud that Audrina and Goyle had been planning. His death had been convenient because at that period, he sought to be greedy. I didn't know how or why because both Draco and Channy refused to tell me. They were afraid that it would affect my mental health.

It's true though, since the Cruciatus, I had gotten a tad bit more emotional than before. I cried at the drop of a hat. The only person who was an absolute darling while handling my emotional instability was Draco. I suppose that garnered him respect in my family's eyes. Most of the time, they were bewildered and I occasionally caught a "Floo Draco."

"This is it?" Draco's voice had me snapping back into reality. He set me down as the both of us stood in front of the entrance to the attic. Everything from earlier had been forgotten as curiosity, awe and excitement filled his metallic eyes.

I nodded my head, let Draco have his fun. Perhaps being knocked by a pipe or two would teach him that having a ghoul was nothing more than a nuisance.

Cautiously, he opened the door peering inside.

"Lumos!" He lit his wand before shining it inside the dark, musty attic. I, in the meantime chose to stick behind him for self-preservations sake. Our ghoul was a bit of a bipolar creature and a dimwit.

True enough the ghoul had not taken his presence kindly and had tossed a loose pipe in Draco's direction. Thanks to his Quidditch reflexes, Draco had caught it before it could do any more damage. He had shot the ghoul such an icy glare that he had stopped his groans. That was my boyfriend.

"The message is clear. We are obviously not welcomed here. We will go now." He had said rather tersely.

Holding my hand, we descended down the stairs together slowly. I couldn't bite back a grin.

"Fantasy fulfilled, Mr Malfoy?" I teased as I nudged him.

He shook his head –"There is still the part where you are wearing nothing but rags and…." I covered his lips with my palm before it got too rated. We were under my parent's roof for goodness sake. Not to mention the fact that my brothers were the creators of the Extendable Ears.

"Shhhh…."I told him while pointing to a smiling picture of my parents. He had gotten the message of course.

"What? No snogging under this roof?" He asked.

I nodded my head, confirming it.

"Well….I'm abit of a rebel as you can see, I choose not to follow the rules." Before I could come up with a reply, he had captured my lips with his. Who could resist Draco Malfoy's kisses? They were like hot chocolate fudge brownies with cool vanilla ice cream, delicious.

I chose to melt into his arms as his lips begged for entrance. I was pinned against the wall now and I didn't mind. My hands were buried in his platinum locks and his were wrapped around my waist. That's probably because he knew I would melt into a pile of goo sooner or later.

His lips soon made their way to leaving a trail of butterfly kisses down my neck. I moaned in bliss choosing to forget the very reasons I had shied away from him earlier.

"Ginny!" My mum's voice sounded in the distance. –"Ginny! Dinner is served! Please bring Draco down, dear!" And with that, the two of us pulled away from each other looking like guilty teenagers who had been caught snogging each other senseless.

Catching each other's eye, the both of us laughed. I adjusted Draco's tousled mess as he caressed my cheek lovingly.

"I love you, Ginny Weasley." He said sincerely while adjusting a loose strand on my head.

"And I, you, Draco Malfoy." I stood on tip-toes, pecking him lightly on his lips.

Holding his hand, I led him down to where my family was awaiting the both of us.

My life while working for the Dragon had been far from perfect but that was the best thing about it.

I had initially sought independence, freedom, and respect but now I had a lot more. I had someone who loved me for me and that was all that mattered.

I love you, Draco. Forever and always.


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