Chapter Three: Shouta

* * *

I shiver as I walk home from school. Snow is falling from the sky, and I wonder what Tokito is thinking at this moment. I wonder if he remembers what it is. Probably not, but I'm sure that Kubota-san will tell him what snow is. I'm glad that I don't have cram school today. After I finish my homework, I can go over to Tokito and Kubota-san's apartment and play video games with Tokito. I pass under the balcony outside of Kubota-san and Tokito's apartment, hearing a yell come from their balcony.


I burst out laughing, recognizing Tokito's voice. I guess he discovered the snow. I head up to my apartment, laughing as I remember Tokito's yell. I start on my homework, trying to get through it. There are some things I don't understand, so I mark them, sticking the books back in my bag. I'll ask Kubota-san my questions. He always helps me when I have questions. I finally finish my homework, then head over to Tokito and Kubota's apartment.

They are both in the kitchen when I come in, arguing over something. I laugh, waving to them, dropping my bag in the doorway, pulling my shoes off. Kubota-san waves back and Tokito salutes me with a knife before he seems to realize that he's holding it. He flushes red, putting the knife down as Kubota-san laughs at him. I smile, heading over to the TV, starting a game.

About twenty minutes into my game, Tokito comes over to join me, dropping down beside me. He picks up a controller, and I realize that he's not wearing his glove. His right hand is bare, the soft fur glistening slightly in the light. I notice that the fur covering is a light chocolate brown and I smile a bit, starting a new game.
We play while Kubota-san cooks the stew. The apartment is soon filled with the smell of the stew. Tokito and I are sitting side by side, playing our game. I look over at him, smiling to myself. He 's leaning forward, a look of concentration twisting his features. He pauses the game suddenly, turning around, looking back at Kubota-san. Something seems to pass between the two of them and he starts the game back up.

This is a good moment, something I'll keep forever. Maybe someday, I'll write about it. . . about the warmth against the cold outside, about stew, about a man with a monster hand who is the most gentle person I know. He's funny and laid back and caring. And about his friend, whose mysterious fa├žade hides a gentle, caring heart.
Maybe. . .

* * *

It's shorter than the other two, I know. . . I'm sorry.
I should have more chapters now that I have ideas!

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