A/N: This is my response to 3.17. I actually wasn't going to do one, just because I actually really liked the episode and I think a lot of people are bashing on Chuck and totally misunderstood his character and his reasoning for doing what he did, but anyways, if you want my opinion on the episode look at my profile or message me. Hahaha.

But I was just listening to my itunes and I heard "Can't Be Really Gone" by Tim Mcgraw and this just fit so I wrote it in like 5 minutes. So I'm sorry if it sucks. Enjoy!


Her clothes were still in the closet. All her designer dresses were still on their hangers waiting to skim over her perfect form. Her expensive high heels were sitting in a row, lined up perfectly for her to slip on as she hurried out to class. Her lacy La Perlas were sitting in their drawers, organized neatly according to color.

They were all still right there in his closet, proving to him that she had to come back; that she wasn't gone for good. She wouldn't leave all of her things there if she wasn't planning on returning.

Her school books were still resting on his dresser. The economics book was even open, with a pen placed between the pages marking the point where she paused in her reading. Her grades had always been one of her top priorities. She needed those books for her classes; she wouldn't leave them behind.

The latest issue of Vogue was still lying on his coffee table. It was her favorite magazine and she always read it through once before going back and folding down the pages with the pieces of clothing that interested her. There was not a single folded page in this issue, so he knew she obviously wasn't finished with it yet. If she was leaving, she would have taken it with her.

He knew he had messed up. He had used her and it was wrong, but she had to come back. He had seen the error of his ways, he realized his mistakes, and he didn't want to hurt her anymore. The thought of her crying, of all the tears she shed for him, shattered the already fragmented pieces of his heart.

But then he looked around his penthouse and he knew. He knew that even though he felt so alone right now, she wasn't really gone. She wouldn't leave him forever. He knew she would be back. So much of her still remained that it was impossible for her to be gone for good. How could she just walk away from all that she had left behind with him? How could she just walk away from all that they had built together? How could she just walk away from him?

She would be back, he was sure of it. He had to be, he had nothing else left to hold on to.