Hello, this is an idea I had for Ghost Rider and I thought I would post the first chapter and see what you thought, if I should continue. So…here it is.


Tonight is so dark. I mean really. I know I live basically in a country/forest sort of location and it doesn't have all of those big city lights but, does it really have to be this bad?

I'm motorcycling back from the publisher's office, something I almost never do. I usually drive, but my battery's being mean. I skidded to a stop in front of my home. I put the kickstand up and set my helmet on the back of my bike. I turned to walk up the sidewalk, but I saw a light on where the living room was.

I sighed.

Did I leave the light on again?

I walked up the sidewalk and unlocked the door. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the unnatural cold. I rubbed my hands together and went to go look at the A/C. Weird, it said 75 degrees. Must be broken, need to get it fixed. I turned toward the living room and stopped dead. There was someone sitting in my big, fluffy chair by the fireplace. He was looking into it, and I couldn't see his face from this angle.

"Hello Jane"

He knew my name?

"Nice night tonight isn't it?"

I stayed silent.

He turned towards me and I sucked in a sharp breath. He had graying hair, a few wrinkles, was wearing all black, and was holding a black cane with a silver skull on top. I would have thought that he was a regular middle aged man, but then I saw his eyes. He may have been smiling, but those dark eyes were just sending out waves of cruelty.

I straightened up, and, instead of looking at him in the eye, I looked at him straight at the bridge of his nose, and said,

"Might I ask who you are?"

He didn't change at all.

"You don't really need to know do you?"

"You broke into my house and are now talking to me. I think it would pretty nice to know"

"Well, you'll know sooner or later. Why is it so important to know it now, if you can still know it later?"

He had me there. I decided to go to my next question.

"Why are you here?"

He seemed to sit a little straighter.

"I have a favor to ask you"

"I don't even know you"

"Ah, but I know you"

I just stared at him.

"See, I have a son, and I have many things to do and I can't watch him. Although, the thing is, he's very unruly"

"Exactly how unruly?" I asked hesitantly

"Well, to put it plainly, he's hell" he said

I looked at him. He broke into my house and did all of this just to ask me to baby-sit his little kid? Wow, he must be desperate.


He smiled and pulled a scroll from behind his back. When he unrolled it, I saw that it was a contract. What. The. Hell?

"Now, if you could just sign right here, we'll be good"

I set my finger on the contract and cut it. When I took my hand back a drop of blood landed on the line that I was suppose to sign.

"Oh, that will do perfectly" he said, taking the contract back.

I looked at him. My head was buzzing and I felt out of it. I felt like I had just sold my soul to the devil.

"By the way, you'll need this" he said

He put his hand to the place where my head and body meet and then there was the burning, hot sensation- no, pain that was running through my body. I crumbled to the floor, gasping and before I blacked out, he stuck a card in my pocket and said

"You might want that"

And everything went blank.


I sat up and rubbed my aching head. I looked around my home and it was bitch black, the only light was coming from the windows. The next thing I noticed was the ice cold. I felt like death was breathing down my neck.

I stood up and suddenly, two freezing, strong arms came around me; one over my waist and the other over my mouth. Then there was a silky voice that whispered into my ear.

"So, you're the one that's suppose to be watching me?"