Relena smoothed the skirt of her skating costume with trembling fingers as she peeked out at the small audience in the stands of the skating rink. Her sky blue eyes immediately settled on the two still figures of her parents. She could tell they were scared for her, they both looked worried and concerned, but she was proud of the way they had accepted the fact of her skating. The night before, Heero had walked her home and they had revealed everything to her parents. At first, she had been afraid that they would refuse to let her skate again, and she had reached out blindly for Heero's hand and he had been there, squeezing her fingers gently in comfort. Her parents had noticed the gesture and exchanged looks, linking hands themselves. They had then announced that she could continue skating as long as she could demonstrate that she wouldn't hurt herself, basically that Heero wouldn't let anything happen to her. He had bowed to them, accepting the mission, and now they were at the rink, preparing to prove to everyone and themselves that they could do it.

Besides her parents, Duo, Hilde, and Quatre were in the stands, generally enjoying the suspense of waiting for them to appear. They were there solely for support and she smiled slightly at their loyalty.

Two strong arms suddenly wrapped around her waist and she leaned back into the support that she knew would be there. When had she come to depend on him so?

"Are you ready?"

It was the question she had expected from him.

She smiled. "Yes."

* * * *

The ice whirled by them and Relena found herself holding Heero's hand tightly. She was more than a little nervous. She knew that Heero believed in her, but she was beginning to wonder, did she believe in herself?

Heero did not even let her ponder it.

They moved in complicated patterns, drawing claps from their friends in the stands, the only sound beside the rasp of their blades against the ice. After a moment, Relena risked a glance at her parents and found them watching her, wide-eyed. What did they think? Did they approve?

She locked eyes with Heero and he nodded, their signal. And suddenly she was in the air, flying above the ice in the lift she had fallen from the previous day. Almost unconsciously, Relena looked around for Sylvia, and didn't find her. The rink was filled only with people she loved, and who loved her in return. The ice was hers. Hers and Heero's.

Smiling, they stayed in the lift a moment longer but Relena touched back down to earth, Heero spinning them to a stop in the middle of the ice. Their breath misted in the air slightly as they got their breath and raised their eyes to the stands.

For a moment, there was complete silence and then Mr. Darlian got to his feet and began to clap, prompting everyone to do the same, Duo letting out a couple of catcalls for good measure.

Relena laughed in glee and threw her arms around Heero's neck in happiness, molding into him as he whirled her around in a circle. She trusted him, completely, and with his help, she knew she could do anything. Anything.

Relena smiled as they twirled.

And the ice sang.


* * * *

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