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CHAPTER 1 – There Is Another

Ever so quickly, and with the authoritative step with which he had been born, he walked down the long corridor that had been carved through the mountainside.

The torches that lined the walls of this ancient, magical place flickered and danced, causing odd shapes and shadows to follow him as he made his journey. Water from Emerald Lake trickled down the sides, often reflecting the flame, creating the illusion that diamonds were embedded in the old stone. This effect had given the mountain its name many moons ago.

Still the fae continued on.

He had no time to take in his surroundings. His mission was of the utmost importance and required his full attention.

How could she have defeated me? he wondered with an air of arrogance. After all, he was not only an immortal but the Goblin King. Although he should have been mentally preparing for his current task, his mind refused to let go of the reason he was forced to come here.

The amulet, his birthright, pressed against his black, silk shirt as a reminder with every stride he made toward his destination. Ever since her victory, it had beckoned him to return here, to the place where it had been forged – Fire Diamond Mountain, home of the Sisters, its creators.

The amulet needed to be recharged, as almost all of its magic had been drained during the showdown with her. Her refusal had nearly caused his demise.

His strides slowed slightly and he inhaled deeply. "Sarah," he murmured. "Look at what you've done."

All he had wanted was for her to bend her will to his. "Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave," he had said to her. It was his immortal promise to her, and she had rejected it by saying six simple words.

"You have no power over me."

Simple words – yes, but they had the power to nearly destroy the Underground.

He had wanted her to be his Queen. She had been chosen at a young age and given certain powers so that she could be trained to assist him in ruling the world she had now left behind in near shambles.

It is true that he had taunted her and teased her during her trial, but he needed to test her will to ensure it was strong enough to bear the heavy burden of being ruler. Deep down, though, he had loved her with every fiber of his being. But that didn't matter anymore.

The Goblin King shook his head quickly in an attempt to remove the thought. "Love," he chortled. The echoes bounced off the narrow corridor walls as if they were mocking him.

The Goblin King picked up his pace again. The faster he arrived and took care of his task, the faster he would be able to leave this place and return to his castle. The loud clicking of his heels against the ancient stone reverberated around him, encouraging him to move faster still.

The small tunnel narrowed further before opening up into a large, cavernous circle with no other entrance nor exit except the one he had come through. Ancient symbols were carved all around the room, including the ceiling. The same torches that lined the corridor were also in this large room, but there was one distinct difference. The flames on the tips of the torches in this magical place were blue instead of the natural red-orange.

An involuntary shudder overrode the Goblin King's posture as he slowly took in his surroundings. Although he was fae, and therefore, a magical being himself, he felt overwhelmed and slightly afraid of the power the Sisters possessed. Suddenly, he was unsure of whether he should have come.

Carefully, he took a step back.

"STOP," commanded three powerful voices as one.

The Sisters sat on oak, high back chairs that formed a triangle in the middle of the room. Vines had somehow managed to break through the reddish-brown rock of the mountain and ascend the wood, giving the chairs a very earthy appearance.

The Sisters ranged in age from what appeared to be a teenager, a woman and an old crone. All three had eyes the color of steel, and short, straight, brown hair, except for the crone. Her hair had become snow white. None of the Sisters made eye contact with the Goblin King, and this both irked him and frightened him. Instead of looking at him, the Sisters stared at the object that was in the center of their triangle - a large, black cauldron.

The cauldron produced the same eerie blue flame as the torches that lined the room, casting odd shadows around him and a blue tint that encased the room. A light, hazy mist rolled along the stone floor that caused him to chill.

The Goblin King hesitated in his retreat and gulped rather loudly. He wasn't used to taking orders.

The amulet around his neck began glowing an eerie color of blue that matched the flames in the cavern. This was where he was supposed to be, though he didn't have much choice in the matter. The amulet had led him here.

"You have failed, Goblin King," the three said in unison.

The fae inhaled deeply, fully expanding his lungs before slowly blowing the breath out. He had not been expecting a reprimand. "I -," he stammered before being cut off.

"The Underground has no Queen and you have no heir. Soon, this land as well as all its inhabitants will cease to exist."

The Goblin King knew what the Sisters said was true. Fables and prophecies had been written. Stories had been handed down from generation to generation. If the Goblin King was unable to secure a Queen, and have an heir before the Great War, then the Underground would come undone. There would be no magic great enough to rebuild it for it was built with dream magic – a very rare but powerful magic. Such magic can only be found Aboveground.

Humbly, the Goblin King approached the Sisters. With each step he took toward them, the amulet's color grew in intensity.

"But there is still hope," the youngest one said, her voice a mere whisper.

"How?" he questioned.

"There is another," the woman stated in a loud voice.


"It is not time yet," the crone replied softly, as if speaking was too much for her to bear.


"Soon, she will call for you," they said in unison. Together, their voices took on an identity of its own. It was strong and melodic but with a sense of authority. "Give us the amulet."

In all of his years, the Goblin King had never taken the amulet off from around his neck. Carefully, he lifted the leather thong from around his neck and over his head and stepped even closer to the Sisters. The youngest one held out her pale, cold hand to accept it from him.

Stepping back from the three, he watched as the youngest one brought the amulet over the cauldron. The other Sisters extended their arms toward the middle of the triangle and hovered their hands above the amulet. The blue flames licked and curled upward, caressing the metal as if it were a child while the Sisters chanted.

The Goblin King strained to hear what the Sisters were saying but heard nothing except deafening silence.

After an indeterminable amount of time, the youngest Sister held the amulet out toward him. His lithe fingers encircled the magical piece and lifted it from her cold hand before placing it back around his neck.

"Until she arrives, you must make the trek back here to recharge the amulet on the anniversary of your defeat," they said.

The word defeat stung him.

"As you command," he said softly.

The Goblin King took two steps back from them as the site before his eyes disintegrated, leaving him completely alone in the dark cavern. He turned on his heel sharply, causing his cape to billow out around him, and sprinted down the dimly lit corridor that had led him here.

Once he was outside the mountain, the Goblin King morphed into a barn owl and took flight up and above the forest and heading due west back toward his castle. Time was short and he needed to speak to the three subjects that had assisted Sarah and had caused this chain of events to happen.


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