The muffled beep, repeated over and over on the edge of his consciousness, was just annoying enough that he swam fuzzily up out of sleep. He was wrapped in something warm and heavy. Other senses came to him now: the smell of disinfectant, the slightly nubby feel of a blanket, a rumbling, purring sound- the muffled sounds kind of giving him a sense of place. Sickbay.

Wait, purring?

Jim cracked open one eye, cautiously. Instead of the thermal blanket he expected, he found his First Officer spooned against him, legs tangled in his, arm wrapped firmly around Jim's stomach. Jim must have tensed or something, because the arm flexed, pulling him in tighter to Spock's comforting, heated body. The deep, repetitive purring sound was coming from Spock. Jim shivered a little as soft, dry lips nuzzled a little under his ear. Jim's heart jumped in his chest as he moved his head so that he could look at Spock. His Spock. His bondmate.

In sleep, Spock looked completely contented. His lashes were dark, spread out under his eyes. His hair was slightly mussed, giving him what was, for Spock, a tousled look.

Jim really couldn't be held accountable for the adjectives that sprang to mind, words like 'adorable' and 'cute'.

The doors to the small cubicle whooshed open with a slight displacement of air. Jim turned slightly so that he could see Bones as he strode in, blank expression on his face. Jim licked his dry lips and made a little kissy face. "Didja miss me, Bones?" Jim's whisper was soft, the barest hint of sound. His throat burned when he spoke.

Bones' placid expression cracked. "Miss you? Hell, this is your own personal wing of this place. The dust gets lonely if you don't come and disturb it every once in awhile." Bones' own response was soft out of necessity- not wanting to wake up the Vulcan currently wrapped around his patient. But his eyes, usually a warm good-humored hazel, held such a note of concern that Jim was immediately ashamed of himself for making light of the situation. The doors started to open again, but Bones turned and, blocking most of the view of the bed with his body, nodded his thanks to the nurse standing there and took the items from her hands.

He walked to the bed, and gave Jim the glass of water. The straw that was in the small glass made Jim smile. The antique bit of plastic was bright red and bent into all sorts of weird shapes, so that when he sipped he was able to watch the liquid travel around and around, up and down in spirals and curls until it hit his mouth. Jim had been so delighted when he saw it the first time that he had hardly responded to Bones's dry remark that it had been a present for his daughter, Joanna. It only came out on occasions where Jim had been particularly hurt. The water was quite cold, and was heaven on his agonized throat.

"Idiot." Bones smiled a little, watching as Jim drank, but the smile didn't reach his eyes.

Jim's head flopped back on the bed, the effort of moving to drink having completely exhausted him.

"Okay so … hit me with it." Jim spoke softly, not wanting to disturb Spock.

Bones' arms crossed across his broad chest.


"I'm not even going to ask what the fuck possessed you to go into that situation. I'm sure your explanations will be fascinating. Spock will really like to hear that by the way. I'm sure he won't be disappointed in you at all. Medically? It's a damn miracle, Jim. Most of your organs had shut down. If that crazy bint hadn't taken that shit like a shot then you would have been dead." Even spoken in a furious hiss, Bones' words caused Jim to wince.

The purring stopped.

"With her swallowing it, it worked like a filter. She had to secrete it through her body, and that slowed down the infection just enough that I could work on you. But your body was too hurt, Jim. Too far gone. Right in fucking front of me, the disease was killing you too fast for me to do anything." Bones' voice finally cracked, and he spun around, face working furiously, shoulders tense.

"Then… how?"

"Our bond was open. I was able to guide you into a Vulcan healing trance." Spock's voice was low, the feel of his breath as he spoke hot on Jim's neck. The hand on Jim's stomach started moving slightly, stroking very slowly up his stomach and back down to the waistband of the sleep trousers he had been dressed in. Spock's hand was so hot. Jim swallowed hard as he realized he could feel what Spock was feeling, the tingling sensitivity of having Jim's cooler flesh against his hands causing Jim's own hands to ache.

"That's… convenient." He spoke a little breathlessly.

Bones turned around, furious. "Don't you dare lie there and try to be funny. Your brain was weakened from your damnfool move of trying to shield against your bondmate." Jim could see Bones's smirk at telling him his brain was weak. The insult had the feeling of several years of anticipation behind it; clearly Bones had been sitting on that little gem for awhile, just waiting for his chance to use it. "Figures all this Vulcan mumbo jumbo would come and bite me in the ass eventually. It was pretty easy to see why you were having such headaches and nausea. Spock said that you'd done a pretty decent job for an amateur, but if you hadn't dropped your shields when you… did…" Bones trailed off blinking suspiciously hard. "You have no idea what he did for you. He went so deep into his little voodoo thing that I almost couldn't get him out of it. He's been curled around you for two days. Two days, Jim. When I tried to remove you, you… he… well. Let's just say you've been sharing a bed for quite awhile. In Vulcan culture, you'd practically be married now."

Jim was distracted by Spock's hand as it trailed over his hip and back up over his stomach, but not distracted enough to ignore the way Spock's cheekbones were stained a faint green.

"The doctor speaks in error. There are several ceremonies that take place before a bonded coup-mmmph!"

Jim only had to turn his head just slightly to meet Spock's lips with his. He felt their connection give a particularly satisfied twang, as though a harp string had been plucked and soothed back into normalcy. The little gasping sound Spock made went straight to Jim's head, and he leaned into the kiss, licking at Spock's mouth. Faintly he heard what sounded like a disgusted chuff of sound from McCoy's direction, and Jim smiled a little into the kiss at how quickly the doors whooshed open and shut, signifying his friend's hasty exit.

Spock's hand clenched once on Jim's hip and he winced a little bit, the memory of Kodos strong for one brief minute in his mind's eye. Spock made another sound, much different from the first and leaned over Jim, pushing him onto the mattress, taking over the kiss. Jim's head swam with sensation, but the feeling of Spock's hand on his hip, his legs tangled in his, holding him to the bed was all at once too much for his exhausted body and mind, and he broke away.

Spock made a confused sound as he felt Jim's sudden flutter of panic through the bond. He shifted slightly so that his body wasn't holding Jim's down. Jim had shut his eyes, shame and self-disgust warring for dominance in his mind. Spock's hand came up to cup his face, gently.

"You are my bondmate, Jim as I am yours. There is no time limit on our interaction. While I confess that I find both your mind and body quite distracting, I will endeavor to not… rush things. I forgot for a moment that you are still healing."

If he could have, Jim would have laughed at the sheepish expression on Spock's face. As it was, his throat closed up over the sudden lump of emotion that blocked it. He blinked hard, smiling slightly at Spock, who settled onto his back, pulling Jim so that he was draped over his body, instead of being trapped underneath. Jim felt like there were things he should probably say, or explain, but he fell asleep before he could figure out where to start.


It took several days before Bones would release him for duty. Even then Jim had to endure him jumping out of random places with a tricorder, taking readings at the most inopportune times. Jim would deny to his dying day that he had shrieked like a girl when Bones came out of freaking nowhere in the dining room, appearing from behind him as nonchalantly as one could imagine. Uhura and Spock, who he had been dining with at the time, were quite happy to point out his error. Frequently.

He had spent a lot of time with Bones while Spock was on-duty. Bones had been like a terrier, poking and prodding at his mind until completely satisfied that there was nothing in his and Spock's bond that would hurt Jim's wholly human brain. Bones was ceaseless in his questions about how the connection worked. Could they hear each other's thoughts? Could they read each other's minds? If one of them were hurt, what would happen to the other? Spock had finally been pulled down into their conferences and while he seemed initially more hostile towards Bones than Jim had ever seen, he did answer all of the doctor's questions. Bones had seemed quite apologetic when he spoke to Spock, but looked extremely nervous when Jim tried to pin him down, asking for an explanation. Spock had also refused to discuss the subject. Jim was pleased that his two best friends (because whatever else Spock was to him- he was definitely his friend) seemed to have reached a compromise of sorts… but he still wanted to know what had happened between the two.

The night before he was released to go back to duty, Jim had called a very informal meeting in his quarters, inviting Uhura, Scotty, Bones, Sulu, Chekov and of course Spock so that he could catch them up on everything that happened. These people had become his family, and he owed them the unvarnished truth at the very least.

Scotty had brought alcohol. It reminded Jim very much of the late-night study sessions he and Bones had had while at the academy, only with more people involved. Bones and Uhura had perched on the bed, keeping a very careful amount of space between them. Sulu and Chekov were sprawled on the floor. Spock and Jim sat at their customary spots where they had played chess, and Scotty took Jim's desk chair, doling out the alcohol with a very serious face.

Jim was drinking coffee, in deference to Spock. Spock too, had declined any alcohol, instead choosing to drink something in a tall, opaque glass. Jim did not want to drink anyway. He wasn't very comfortable yet with the idea of his control being taken from him. He'd already cleared it so that the rest of them could come onto their shifts a little later than normal, not that he expected them to be that irresponsible. It was just one small way that he could thank them for everything they had accomplished together.

"Well. I guess you guys have a lot of questions."

There was a snort from beside him, and a few hastily hidden smiles around the room. Oh they loved the way Spock was acting around him. Spock never did anything inappropriate while on the bridge of course, and in public where other crew members could see or comment, he was his normal, implacable self. Well, possibly one that stood a little closer to Jim, or brushed against him a tad more frequently, but nothing untoward, holding to his rigid Vulcan principals of propriety. Here in Jim's quarters, however, he must have felt much more comfortable, judging by the slow stroke of two of his fingers against the back of Jim's hand, down to his fingers hidden under the table. Jim knew what that meant now.

Jim shivered, and cleared his throat. "Ah. Yeah well, okay. Well, go ahead." He made a gesture meant to convey that they should ask questions, but did so with his left hand as his right was currently involved in a quite heavy Vulcan make-out session. Jim met Uhura's amused gaze briefly, and felt a blush flood his cheeks. He looked away, staring instead at a spot on the table. Great table. Solid. Very… tabley.

"Keptin, if I may, I would like to know how on earth that wicious madman got onboard the Enterprise?"

Jim bit his lip at the shivery feeling he was currently experiencing through the bond. His own hands weren't nearly as sensitive, but he could feel an echo of the electrifying tingle Spock experienced each time their fingers stroked together. "Well, we were able to trace his pattern to his daughter's room. Spock didn't set the ship's shields until he was back on the ship. While we were on the planet, the shields were down. We believe that K-kodos," his voice stuttered on the name, "was able to beam directly from the planet onto the ship. It was just a matter of hiding until he found the right time to ambush us."

"Kevin told us how he grabbed you guys at the table." Sulu and Kevin Riley had apparently bonded over an extremely off-key rendition of 'I'll take you home again, Kathleen' during a karaoke competition. Sulu had refused to recreate the experience for Jim's amusement while he was stuck in sickbay. Little did he know that Spock had found the security video of the experience and had sent it to Jim. The visual of Kevin and Sulu looking deep into one another's eyes, singing "Oh! I will take you back, Kathleen/To where your heart will feel no pain/ had given Jim a case of really unrefined giggles. His heart rate had skyrocketed enough that it had sent two nurses scurrying into his private little cubicle. He had high plans for that video come Christmas time.

Spock's mild comment caused Jim to blink. "I confess that I find myself quite interested in this part of the story as well." His hand stopped stroking Jim's, and held it, pressing down on Jim's thigh slightly, his long fingers just slightly brushing against Jim's cock, encased in the tight regulation trousers. Jim blinked, remembering somewhat belatedly that he was answering a question.

"Ahhh. Well. Um." He coughed. "We were sitting there, Erica, Kev and I just catching up. I mean, none of us really like to talk about our childhood. About what happened. But they couldn't wait to catch me up on their wedding plans. They wanted to ask me to marry them, in fact." Jim ducked his head, still pleased by the request. It would be his first wedding. It somehow seemed fitting, even more so now, that something so good could come out of the most gruesome things ever to have happen to a group of children. "Kodos just appeared out of nowhere. He must have been in the dining room for awhile, but I didn't notice. He just stepped up to us and threatened to kill Kevin right there if I didn't accompany him."

"I think you were wery brave." Chekov's voice held a note of hero-worship.

"I don't know about that. I was …" Jim trailed off, remembering the way at first he had wanted to run, denial that this was happening at the forefront of his thoughts. Then he got angry. This was his ship, damnit. Kevin was his to protect. He would not allow him to be hurt. "… well. Pretty surprised." He grinned wryly. "We made our way to the brig. Kodos was such an accomplished actor that no one seemed to notice. Kevin and Erica were holding hands in front of him, just behind me, and I wanted to turn my head to see…" Jim broke off.

"Well, you know the rest. Kodos killed the security guard and then had me undo the containment field. He distracted Erica by shooting Kev, and then stepped back into the cell. He locked us in by frying the board. Let me tell you, I was pretty damn shocked to realize that you could fire a phaser though the containment field."

'Not for bloody much longer," Scotty muttered darkly, throwing back a shot of the whiskey.

Spock's hidden hand was lightly stroking Jim's thigh now, rubbing in comforting little circles.

"So what happens, now Jim? With the 'fleet?" McCoy didn't sound drunk, but Jim noticed that he and Uhura were sitting slightly closer and much less stiffly on the bed. It was Jim's turn to shoot an amused glance at Uhura.

"Them? Oh business as usual. With Tommy's murder, his family refused to keep quiet—his wife in particular. Plus, with me officiating over Kevin and Erica's wedding- and Kodos and his daughter dead- well, they have a readymade, heartwarming story all ready to spin to the public. Pike wouldn't say so outright, but he thinks that the way they've spun it- as a feel-good end to a PR nightmare—is pretty damn low of them. But with us just passing the first year anniversary Nero's wrath, they need the good vibe." Jim shrugged. He could feel Spock's flinch of pain at the mention of Nero. It was Jim's turn to stroke Spock's hand comfortingly with his thumb. He felt the jolt through the bond and Spock stiffened slightly.

"Plus with the way you two have ambushed everyone with the cuteness- Tribbles everywhere are shaking in their little balls of furriness, having 'awww' envy." Bones, who had been looking at Uhura as she spoke, straightened his back at the mention of Tribbles.

"I do not believe the relationship between the Captain and me is a suitable topic for idle discussion." Spock's slightly miffed tone was completely spoiled by the bright-green tips of his ears. He took an extra-large sip of his drink and Jim almost fell off his chair when he could finally smell the rich, dark, chocolaty scent that wafted off the cup.

Spock is drinking… chocolate.

The rest of their guests seemed to take that as a cue to leave. Jim was looking at the table again, afraid that he would jump Spock in front of his subordinates if he so much as peeked up. They had not gone very far sexually since Jim had awoken in sickbay, Jim's fears keeping him fairly unresponsive. That was the other thing that had changed. Spock had been… well, flirty, in a careful sort of way. Jim knew that Spock would have cut off his own hand rather than scare him again. Jim was learning to trust himself again, and not just react to his frightening experiences. He knew how intelligent and focused Spock was. Having all of that focus and intelligence channeled into relaxing his skittish bondmate was… well. Pretty fucking awesome, actually. Spock had been unendingly patient. It was Jim who had grown frustrated with the way he would just shut down once Spock showed any tendency towards aggression. This sucked, because the idea that he could drive Spock to such a state was pretty much the hottest thing, ever. Only, once his brain figured out what was happening, Jim would freeze.

Jim said his goodbyes, risking a look up towards his door, catching the looks everyone was giving each other. Even Chekov looked amused as hell, his blue eyes fairly dancing with mischief.

Finally they were alone.

Spock deliberately finished the rest of his drink, licking his lips. He raised an eyebrow at Jim, lips twisting just slightly in a small smirk.

"Um... what does chocolate do to you, exactly?" Jim said, darting his gaze back to the relative safety of the table.

"I feel quite relaxed." Spock stood up and stripped off his shirt.

The table wasn't that interesting. Jim watched him as he carefully separated and folded each shirt, bending perhaps a little more than necessary as he placed them on the nightstand near the bed. He sat, removing his boots and socks, placing each neatly near the foot of the bed.

Jim licked his own suddenly dry lips. His brain seemed to slowly shut down, completely overwhelmed by his usually reticent Vulcan stretching himself out on the center of Jim's bed, folding his arms over his stomach and cocking an expectant eyebrow at his bondmate.

Jim swallowed hard. He certainly wasn't feeling nervous now. The idea that Spock was willing to let him… that Spock trusted him…

Jim had smiled down at potential lovers hundreds of times in his life. This time was… more. Desperately important. He stood and walked the few steps over to the bed. He took a deep breath and knelt near Spock's knees. Spock reached up a hand and their palms met, sliding against each other softly, fingers immediately twining together. Jim's gaze darted between their clasped hands and Spock's face. His eyes were open, looking back at Jim. Jim moved his hand a little, so that their hands slid against each other again, and had the satisfaction of seeing Spock's eyes slide closed as though the sensations were too much to process.

Jim had a sudden clear memory of Spock's fingers in his mouth as he sucked on the long digits. Jim had brought his mouth to Spock's hand before he thought too hard about it. He started at the first finger, just a light kiss, pressing his closed mouth against the tip, before sucking the very tip into his mouth. He could feel Spock's muscles tense against his knees. He sucked Spock's finger lightly, stroking his tongue against the front, sweeping against it in widening strokes so that most of his first finger was completely wet. He sucked it into his mouth again, sliding his lips all the way down, moving back and forth. Jim became lost in the sensations, moving from finger to finger, moving over his palm and in the webbing between each digit, able to feel the echoes of what he was doing as though it was being done to his own hand. He heard a soft moan and opened passion-blind eyes to see Spock looking up at him, watching his movements with eyes blown black with pupil.

Jim moved down and met Spock's lips in a heated kiss, losing himself for a moment before pulling away and ridding himself of his shirt, sending it flying off somewhere in his room. He wanted to feel Spock's skin against his. He moved back to kiss Spock again, moving his bondmate's hand to Jim's own hip. Spock's fingered flexed reflexively before starting a slow, calming slide up the expanse of Jim's back as they kissed, tongues twirling together. Jim was dizzy from the lack of oxygen, but he didn't want to stop. He could feel the tension in Spock's body as he fought to keep still and had a brief moment of pure impishness, wanting to see how far he could push Spock before he moved. Which might not be completely fair, considering.

"I assure you... I do not mind."

Jim smiled. "That … mind reading …thing …is … really … handy." He said between kisses over Spock's neck and collar bone. Spock's body was so much hotter than his that Jim couldn't get enough of the sensation. He moved so that he was lying between Spock's legs, pressing his sternum against Spock's cock, still trapped in his trousers. He flicked his tongue out against the sight indentation of Spock's belly button, sucking on the small bump of skin. He moved slowly up his body, tracing the musculature of Spock's stomach with the very tip of his tongue, dropping small sucking kisses wherever he had the urge. He knew the friction of his chest sliding against Spock must have been driving him crazy. Hell, he could feel it through their bond, like a faint buzz of awareness. Jim had time to imagine how that hard length of heat would feel inside him, before he froze completely.

He wanted Spock. He wanted to feel him slide inside him, feel his body around him. Jim's eyes flew up to Spock's face. Spock's eyes were squeezed tightly shut, teeth caught on his lower lip as he tried not to respond too much, tried desperately not to scare his bondmate from his bed again.

Jim quickly moved up to kiss at Spock's mouth, trying to show him how much he wanted him with his lips and mind. Clumsy as his mental attempts might have been, Spock certainly seemed to get the point from the way his hands rubbed on Jim's back, pressing their bodies together. Jim wiggled so that he was straddling Spock lap, grinding against him, loving the way Spock's face flushed and his breathing stuttered.

Jim had the sudden realization that he could … touch. He was allowed. Encouraged, even. All that pale skin, tinged a pale green from the flush on Spock's body, seemed to go on forever. He stroked over Spock's shoulders, dragging his fingertips in the whorls of crisp chest hair. Jim moved his fingertips over to Spock's nipples, darting a glance up at him from under his lashes. Instead of touching the small buds, he lightly scratched his nails down his torso, then down further over Spock's stomach. He bent down and flicked his tongue over the indentation of Spock's navel (he wasn't sure if Spock would even have a belly button, but it was sensitive as hell by the way Spock's abs jerked with each teasing flick of Jim's tongue) and moved back up his chest, scraping his teeth here and there, then soothing the small indentations with his tongue. Jim looked up at Spock again before licking around the actual nipple with his tip of his tongue.

Spock's gasp was loud in the quiet room. Jim swallowed hard, feeling his own control waver.

When Jim slipped completely off of his body, off of the bed to stand just out of Spock's reach, it actually took Spock a moment to realize what had happened. Spock's brief look of alarm before he met Jim's gaze with his own caused Jim's own heart to flutter sadly. Spock was standing next to him before he could speak, hands gently stroking Jim's shoulders, as though trying to calm a skittish animal.

"I have… we do not need to…" Spock's voice was roughened, the concern in his gaze palpable.

Jim smiled at him, placing one hand on his shoulder for balance, taking off his boot with the other.

"You know, there's not really a graceful way to do this. It doesn't matter how much experience you have, once you stop to take off your clothes it just screams 'awkward'." He was babbling, confusing Spock even more. He tried to get his stupid mouth to communicate something much more important. "I don't want to stop, Spock. I want you."

The words hung in the room for a moment. Jim switched shoulders to remove his other boot. "I'm kind of slow sometimes. I can't think of any time that you have ever hurt me. Being afraid of one little thing- well it seems so stupid. I trust you, Spock. I meant what I said in that damn cell. I love you. I want this with you."

It was Jim's turn for his brain to stutter as Spock dropped to his knees in front of him, hot fingers undoing the button and zip of his trousers. His mouth was a whisper against Jim's stomach, marking the skin with a rough kiss, then soothing it with his tongue. "My desire to taste you has occupied my thoughts almost incessantly since you and I were last together on Wrigley."

Jim had to laugh, his heart rate speeding up. To hear Spock sounding so much like his First Officer was just funny. "What, no down-to-the-decimal- approximation?"


Jim couldn't look away as Spock lifted his cock out of his pants, pushing them down to his ankles. Jim nearly lost his balance when Spock fisted him almost absently, experimentally, licking his lips at the drop of white liquid that spilled down his hand. He bent, and all Jim could see was the graceful bend of his neck as his cock was engulfed in an indescribable wet heat.

"Fuck, Spock!" Jim moaned, his head falling back, hands scrabbling against Spock's shoulders and head for purchase as his knees threatened to collapse. Spock moved on him quickly; as though he really had thought constantly about what Jim would taste like... feel like in his mouth. With this too, Jim could feel what Spock was feeling, his enjoyment and curiosity as he moved a certain way here, licked or nibbled a different way there. Sucking hard one minute, then gently the next until Jim was moaning non-stop, as quickly as he could draw breath, understanding that Spock loved each and every sound from his lover's mouth as it burst out of him.

Jim felt exactly the same way.

He almost felt embarrassed at how quickly he felt himself on the edge, balls tightening up so sharply that the sensation in itself sent goosebumps on his skin. He tried to warn Spock, but couldn't get his throat to work properly. Spock swallowed him down to the very base and Jim came hard, almost blacking out at the feeling of the head of his cock bumping against the back of Spock's throat. Spock looked up at him once, licking the come and saliva off his face with two sweeps of his tongue, catlike. He looked utterly debauched.

Spock moved in one seamless bit of controlled grace, striping off his own trousers and picking Jim up, hands gliding over the naked skin on the back of his thighs, over his ass, pulling their bodies close and crashing their mouths together, Jim's spent cock trapped between their stomachs. Dizzy, Jim quickly moved his legs so that they were wrapped around Spock's waist, causing the heat of Spock's cock to slide against his balls and the sensitive skin of his perineum.

Jim wasn't feeling anything even remotely close to nervous as Spock overwhelmed him with each stroke of his hands, each bruising kiss. He could taste himself in Spock's mouth, and licked at the flavor, causing Spock to make a truly fascinating sound in the back of his throat.

Jim pulled away to gasp in a breath, only to lose it again in a hiss when he felt one hand on each globe of his ass spreading, rubbing, fingers sliding against the heated skin between. "S-s-spock. Fuck me Spock please I need you inside, need to feel…" Desperate whispers near Spock's ear. Jim nipped at the very tip, stretching it just slightly then sucking on the small bit he'd captured.

He landed on his back on the bed on with a small gasp of surprise. Spock bent over to Jim's bedside drawer, searching until he found the small container of lube. He looked at Jim for a second, eyebrow raised, amusement clear on his face.

"Oh shut up." Jim groaned, reaching up to pull Spock back down to him for a kiss, legs falling apart. "I thought you'd like the idea of me touching myself after you kicked my ass in chess. I think I went through two bottles of the stuff."

Spock's eyes flared. "You were not wrong."

Jim choked on his smug smile as he felt Spock moving down the length of the bed. Spock's hands were on his thighs, spreading him almost obscenely wide. The first burning sliperyslick feel of Spock's tongue against him caused Jim to jackknife up in reaction before flopping back, bouncing a little on the mattress as he hit it again.

"Oh, fuck Wheredidyou… learn? Nuugh.!" Jim whimpered, shivering at the feel of Spock's tongue moving in small circles around the small pucker of skin. Each swipe of his tongue, each pant of his breath caused Jim's cock to twitch in reaction at the shivery sensations that seemed to spread out from where Spock lapped at him, playing with him.

Spock's tongue grew a little more aggressive, leaving wet stripes behind as he licked up and down, then all around again before penetrating just slightly. Jim arched on the bed, trying to press himself closer to Spock's searing tongue. His mouth was open as he panted, concentrating on each wet movement of Spock's mouth. That tongue slipped in further, widening the small, fluttering muscle; then Jim felt Spock's hands on his hips, tilting him slightly so that Spock had better access before plunging his tongue all the way in.

Jim knew he was babbling, not even sure that what he was saying was discernable, only aware that he was speaking by the way Spock enthusiastically fucked him with his mouth, over and over, changing the angle of his tongue so that Jim wasn't so tight around him. Jim curled his toes, tensing, unbelieving that he was about to come again, when Spock moved off of him abruptly, breathing sharply against Jim's thigh.

"Please Spock, pleaseoh please please your cock… I…"

Spock was still breathing heavily, looking up the line of Jim's body. Jim heard the jar of the lube being unscrewed and felt the shockingly cold sensation of wetness against his hole, a stark contrast between his own heat and the heat from Spock's fingers. Two fingers slipped in easily, twisting just slightly, causing Jim to buck in place. He panted heavily, waiting for Spock to finish preparing him. The third finger didn't hurt exactly, just felt blindingly hot and full as the three digits twisted, stroking against his inner walls, hitting his prostate with the callused edge of one finger. Jim bit his lip as light exploded behind his eyes. His cock practically leaped, blood quickly filling it until it curved up, leaking against his stomach. Spock would not be rushed, moving his fingers firmly, stroking and twisting just slightly, stretching him open.

"Please, Spock fucking hell, just fuck… I won't fucking break!" he gasped, almost at the end of his endurance.

"Jim, you are one of the strongest men I know. Naturally you will not break. However, my research indicated that if you can still speak coherently then I must be doing this incorrectly."

Spock renewed his efforts, and Jim had one thought-- Research..? Ha! Bones- see he does have a sense of humor, before his eyes rolled back in his head. The fingers left him with a wet squilsh of sound and Jim felt Spock's other hand on his chin, tilting his head back to where Spock could stare at him.

"This is not an appropriate time to think of that man."

Jim writhed on the bed, spreading his legs even wider, tilting his hips. There was another wet sound, and the visual of Spock's hand flying over his own shaft as it gleamed with lube in the light was just about the sexiest thing ever. Jim would definitely be filing that one back for later use.

Spock moved, and the head of his cock bumped up against Jim's entrance. It was so hot that Jim cried out sharply. Spock slid in slowly, pressing past the tight ring of muscle, watching Jim's face carefully, hardly blinking. He settled in place, and Jim moved his legs, wrapping them around his waist again, moving his palms down slick, sweaty skin until they rested on top of Spock's ass. Spock's eyes fluttered shut, tilting his head down to rest against Jim's for the barest of moments.

Jim clenched around him experimentally, smirking a little when Spock's eyes flew open as he rocked back on his arms. Spock moved so that his cock started to slide out, then back in. Still moving slowly in the wet heat, once, then twice as though making room. Jim loved every deep breath that Spock took, feeling his breath mingle with his as he stretched his neck up for another kiss. Their tongues touched, and that seemed to break Spock's rigid control. Jim keened as Spock slid into him again, hard. He began to thrust, and Jim arched against him so that Spock hit that small bundle of nerves each time he pushed back inside. Jim couldn't speak, overwhelmed with sensation, his mouth scraping down the sweaty column of Spock's neck and latching onto his shoulder, nipping him lightly.

"Jim, my ashal-veh, my ashaya…"

The sound of Spock's control finally breaking was beautiful.

Jim's moved a hand to his own cock, beyond speaking when Spock's still-slippery fingers curled with his around him, stroking quickly in time to Spock's unsteady thrusts. Jim grabbed his other hand, pulling it to his face, trying to show Spock what he wanted. Spock moved then, flipping them so that Jim was sprawled on top of him, controlling their movements. Spock needed both hands to reach up, pressing his fingers to Jim's sweaty, desperate face.

Spock gasped the words Jim only remembered hearing once before, words that he knew would bring them together more closely than he ever imagined. They slid together, minds lost in one another as their bodies broke apart. 'Parted from me and never parted- Jim- No, never parted. Never. Mine. Jim could have no question of how much he was cherished, how much Spock needed him, just as Jim needed Spock to balance out his exuberance with control, Jim's illogic with Spock's logic, forever. Spock knew at once that Jim truly did need him, and trust him, and love him with everything that he was. There was no lie or deception between them, nothing that could go unconquered. 'Never and always touching and touched-' The words ringing in Jim's head with sincerity and absolute conviction that he would never be lonely, never want for companionship or love again…

…They were lost together, joined together as they were destined to be, across time and space itself.



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