A rare gust of air blew as a man in a cloak trotted into town on a horse. Everyone stopped what they were doing when they saw the mysterious man, and instantly knew that he had seen many, many shootouts. He went to the bar, Afterlife, and walked in, ordering Serrice Ice Brandy.

"Now, do I know you?" A quarian lady asked.

"Ma'am, you prob'ly don't wanna know me." The Stranger said. The quarian lady shrugged.

"Just askin'." The lady said, walking out of Afterlife just as a dark-haired woman walked in.

"Hey Deputy." The bartender said.

"Jacob." The lady nodded. "Any idea where that-" The lady looked straight at the stranger. "So, you that stranger?"

"Suppose so." The Stranger said, draining his cup.

"We need your help. I'm Deputy Lawson." The lady said. "The Sheriff knows 'bout you. Heard good things."

"'Good' meanin'?"

"That you do the impossible, Shepard." Deputy Lawson said, and the bar was immediately silenced.

"Not so much of a stranger when you go tellin' everybody who I am." The Stranger- Shepard - said.

"Not so gentlemanly when you hide who you are. The Sheriff's been lookin' for you for quite a bit o' time." Deputy Lawson said.

"Maybe I didn't wanna be found." Shepard said.

"You saved Citadel, the most advanced city there is. Why would you go in hidin' 'cause that?" Deputy Lawson asked.

"That, Ms. Lawson, is personal. Why does the Sheriff want help from lil' ole me?" Shepard asked.

"You can ask him that when you-" Deputy Lawson was cut off by a scream.

"Put the booze on my tab!" Shepard shouted as he ran to where the scream came from.