Nobody Needs To Know

Summary: They've all got their own secrets, but they'll never admit to them. Ever. One chapter for each major character, revealing ten secrets they'll never say aloud. Some Shules content, but not totally focused on it. List format.

A/N: This is what I'd like to call 'biting the bullet'. This has been on my computer for so long, it's just ridiculous. And although I'm still not entirely satisfied with it, there are certain parts I really do love it is, for better or worse. The general idea for this fic is that everyone has their own secrets...but what are they?


1. Shawn doesn't need his father's approval – he just wants it really badly.

2. The best thing about being a psychic detective is that he gets to solve crimes without wearing a badge. He can make his dad proud and disappointed, all in one.

3. He is terrified that when Gus gets married, everything will change and he'll be all alone.

4. Shawn knows why he has a substantial fear of commitment, and it has nothing to do with restlessness and everything to do with his parents' divorce.

5. If anything ever happened to Gus, Shawn is at least ninety one percent sure that he'd seriously consider killing himself – even though the idea both terrifies and appalls him.

6. In a way, he's glad that Juliet keeps him at a distance. He is afraid of hurting her, even unintentionally.

7. His biggest fear is losing control of any given situation.

8. He has his perfect wedding planned out in his head (but he's a guy, and guys don't do that, so no one will ever know.)

9. He loves it when his father worries about him, because it's just a perfect reminder that his father really does care.

10. Despite mocking his father for it, Shawn must agree that taking bubble baths really is a pretty good way to relax.

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