1. It really did hurt when Shawn took his Uncle Jack to career day instead of his own father.

2. Henry always tells Shawn that he should grow up, but he thinks that if the kid ever really did, it would freak him out. Because then Shawn wouldn't be Shawn, and that's just a scary thought.

3. He knows that all parents worry about their kids, but he thinks that maybe he worries even more than everyone else, because it is such a constant feeling.

4. He knows he'll never love another woman the same way he loved Maddie...

5. Henry knows his shirts are ugly – he doesn't care.

6. He looks at his old photo albums at least once every couple of months (but if anyone calls him sentimental, he'll scowl and deny it.)

7. He has, on occasion, read Cosmo magazine.

8. Henry feels incredibly guilty for pushing Shawn so far that he felt desperate to escape his first home. That road trip was nothing more or less than running away from his own father...

9. Sometimes, he really did regret arresting Shawn.

10. He'll never admit it, but maybe being a psychic detective isn't such a bad job for his son.

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