Maya frowned at the burger placed in front of her and chewed her lip, as though considering something.

"This isn't what I ordered," she said. "I wanted Chicken salad supreme."

Phoenix looked at her plate. "What did you get?"

"Chicken supreme with salad."

There was a pause as Phoenix thought over what had just been said as Maya smiled and, with a shrug, started eating.

"So what's the difference?" Phoenix asked. "They have the same stuff, right?"

Maya put down her burger and lifted an index finger.

"Well, technically they do," she spoke with a tone one might take when informing a curious child of a new subject, "but they're different in essence."

"In essence." Phoenix repeated, flatly.

"In essence." Maya nodded and smiled, satisfied with her explanation.

Phoenix, however, was not. "How are they different 'In essence'?"

"It's likeā€¦" Maya's brow furrowed as she thought. "It's like rubbing you face with your hands, and rubbing you hands with your face, you know?"

"I really don't"

Maya sighed as she put her hands to her face and started to move them. "See, now I'm rubbing my face with my hands," she stopped moving her hands and started moving her head, "but now I'm rubbing my hands with my face!"

Maybe he had been around her for too long, but Phoenix thought he actually understood what she was saying. "So you're saying that though it achieves the same result, the way you go about it is different."

Maya clapped her hands excitedly. "Yes! It's different in essence!"

Phoenix nodded in understanding. It made sense. As much sense as Maya could make, anyway. He turned back to his own burger, only to find it gone. He looked at Maya, who was eating a burger that was neither a chicken supreme with salad nor a chicken salad supreme.

"You stole my burger!"

Maya shook her head and spoke with a mouthful of half chewed food. "Nope, I took it while you were distracted."

"How is that different?"

Maya put the burger down and wiped her hands on a napkin. "Well, technically they're the same, but they're different in essence."

Phoenix gave up with a sigh and moodily slurped on his drink. He wasn't so hungry, anyway, and maybe it would keep her from asking for more.

Well, he could hope, couldn't he?