Chapter 1: Family Moments

"Oh no you don't Alex." Justin said running for the big glowing orb in the center of field.

Alex saw this wasn't going to go her way this time and used a spell causing the earth below Justin to collapse. Justin fell through but managed to grab onto the ledge. Alex ran for the orb and then started becoming incased in ice. Alex stretched her hand as far as she could trying to reach the orb trying to get to it before Justin can get out of the hole or before she is completely incased, whichever comes first. Alex is less then six inches away from the orb and Justin is finally out of the hole and closing in on the orb. Justin was just two feet away from the orb when Alex managed to grab onto it and absorbed it right before she became completely incased. The ice around Alex melted and the vines that Max decided to relax on while wrapped in them disappeared dropping him to the ground.

"I guess I was wrong Alex, you won again." Justin said bitterly and then walked off.

"Justin." Alex sighed and then her parents came over and hugged her tightly.

"Great Job Alex, I am impressed." Jerry said with his hand on her shoulder. "What do you say we all go out to dinner tonight?" Both Alex and Theresa sighed. "No not at the substation, somewhere Alex wants to go."

Alex looked at Justin's retreating body and then sighed. "You know what, this means more to Justin then it does to me, I'll give the power to him." Alex continued to look at Justin retreat angrily.

"I'm proud of you Alex, giving up your power for your brother. You've really grown up Alex." Theresa said with a happy smile on her face.

"Ha-ha, not really, I just think Justin deserves it more then I do. Sure it would be nice to be the family Wizard but, this is one way that I can be less like Aunt Megan. This is something that she would probably never do. I just don't want to be separated from my brothers like Megan is from you. I want my brothers to tell their kids about me and not be ashamed of it. If it means giving up my powers so that I don't end up alone, then that's what I'll do." Alex gave both her parents a small kiss on the cheek and then ran to catch up with Justin.

Megan had been invited to watch the competition but didn't really want to go but then for whatever reason decided to as long as her brothers didn't see her. Megan had watched from a distance and hid in the shadows and when it ended, she kept behind the family unnoticed by everyone and listened to what they were saying. Then she heard what Alex had said and it hurt her. She never really thought that her brothers had really hated her that much. Sure they never talked but Jerry had never mentioned her to her niece and nephews. Megan then walked over and put a hand on Jerry's shoulder. "Hi Jerry."

"Megan, what are you doing here?" Jerry asked and then brought up a certain topic. "Finally come to apologize to us?" Jerry asked

"Not originally, in fact I don't know why I came here but I heard what Alex had said. Do you really hate me so much that you never told them about me?" Megan asked.

"Megan, I didn't tell them because you didn't want anything to do with us, so why should you want anything to do with my children?" Jerry said seeing Theresa back away.

"Alex is right, in fact, she is even more mature then we are; me anyway. I'm sorry Jerry but I thought that you thought of Kelbo as more deserving then me. He messed up so much and it hurt." Megan looked Jerry straight in the eyes.

"We said that Megan, you were obviously the better wizard of you two but Kelbo needed them much more. You were just far too angry to get over yourself." Jerry folded his arms but stared at Megan gently.

"I know, I know; I just thought that it was an excuse so that you wouldn't have to tell me that you hated me." Megan had folded her arms as well.

"Megan I never hated you until you went all berserk on us. You know, the sadist thing about this whole thing is that it took Alex to show you how silly you were being. Believe me, if Kelbo could live without magic, I would have given them to you. You're a disaster but Kelbo's a natural disaster waiting to happen." Jerry said and then Kelbo walked over to them.

"He's right Megan, so who's hungry." Kelbo said something and then a giant pizza fell on top of them.

"Kelbo!" Jerry and Megan yelled as they slowly pushed the pizza off of them.

Alex had run for a while and then finally caught up to Justin. "Justin, hold up." Justin stopped and then turned around. "Hey, we're going out to eat tonight and no it's not the substation. What do you say you join us?"

"No thanks, I'm in no mood to be around you and magic." Justin said as he started to walk away again.

"About that, I want to give my powers to you. I figure they mean more to you then they do to me." Alex said and then Justin turned around angrily.

"I don't want you to give them to me Alex; I want to win them from you. Second of all, you don't even deserve to have them Alex. I should have let Crumbs take them from you when I had the chance. I can't believe I ever stuck up for you, someone with no regard for what you do with it. You're just like Megan Alex." Justin said angrily.

Justin had pushed it too far now. "I giving you my powers Justin, you don't need to prove anything and I'm trying to not be like Megan by doing the right thing!" Alex screamed.

"Well you suck at it Alex, you always have and you always will." Justin then turned and walked away.

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