Did you know?

"OZ!Oz-manservant!" she corrected herself as she ran towards the blond contractor, color high in her cheeks. The three males looked up at her in clear confusion. "Ara Ara, what is it Alice-chan? Are the Baskervilles near?" Break asks, crimson eyes lit with mischief and sick masochistic intent at the prospect of another brawl. She shook her head vigorously in disagreement. "Then what are you prattling about you stupid rabbit?" the Nightray asks her, regarding her with narrowed eyes over a shined gun-the barrel loaded with bullets as he pondered just accidentally shooting the idiotic chain. Oz looked at her from over a volume of 'Holy Knight' yellowed with age, ruined from neglect of the ten years he had been away. "What is it Alice?" he asked with a smile, face illuminated from the glow of the fireplace. She flush with sudden chagrin, now very flustered with sharing the new knowledge she had recently acquired. She screwed her lavender eyes shut and bowed her head, blurting the vulgar fact.

"Did you know that in one of Sharon's novels they said that an hour of sex burns three-hundred-and-six calories?!" she said quickly,practically yelling her knowledge at the three awestruck males.

The strawberry lollipop in Break's mouth shattered and fell to the expensive carpet,Oz dropped his novel, and Gilbert dropped his revolver in shock. The three stared at the furiously blushing chain, having no idea what to say to the shocking knowledge-better yet, why would Sharon Reinsworth even own such a vulgar piece of literature?

For the first and probably last time, Xerxes Break was in shock and not bothering to hide it. He felt bile rise to his throat, coughing to cover uo his growing nausea. "I-is that so Alice-chan?" he asked, unable to regain his playful tone with the new found knowledge. All three of the Pandora agents eye's darted between each other, growing pain stakingly paranoid, wondering who the real predator in the house was.