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It was a regular day at the SGC. Daniel was translating some new artifact, Mitchell was sparing with Teal'c, Vala was watching, Sam was working on some new power converter and General Landry was on the phone with the President.

"Sam you want to have a girls night?" Vala asked as she walked into Sam's lab and sat on the empty chair in front of the desk Sam was working behind.

"Hmm. No sorry Vala I can't. I have plans already." Sam replied still working away.

"Oh. Do tell." Vala leaned forward and was leaning on the desk with her elbows holding her head up with her hands.

"I have a date" Sam said quickly

"With who?"

Sam was looking at Vala and saw the big grin on her face "Oh no I'm not telling you"

"Come on Samantha please" Vala begged

"Nope" Sam smiled a little

Vala opened her mouth to say something but decided not to and walked out of the lab.

Sam laughed and shook her head then out back to work.

"Daniel who's Sam going on a date with?" Vala asked as she jumped up and sat on the desk Daniel was working at.

"What? I don't know Vala its Sam's life. Now get off" Daniel replied as he pushed Vala off a book he needed.

"But you're her friend" Vala replied as she jumped off the desk.

"That doesn't mean she tells me everything. I'm a little busy Vala go bug Mitchell."

Vala sighed and walked away.

"Muscles who's Sam going on a date with?" Vala yelled after Teal'c as he walked down the hallway. She ran to catch up with him.

"I was unaware Colonel Carter was going out on a date. She is her own person and can do whatever she wants." Teal'c replied in his usual tone.

"Any guesses?" Vala questioned

"No." Teal'c turned a corner and almost lost Vala.

"Hey. Come on I'm bored, we haven't been off world in three days and I need something to keep me busy."

"Does knowing who Colonel Carter is dating help you become less bored?" Teal'c asked

"Well.. for the moment yes"

"Well I am unable to assist in that matter." Teal'c entered the Men's Room.

Vala Sighed and walked off to the cafe feeling more bored then she did only moments ago.

"Leaving for the day Sam?" Vala asked as she got on the elevator and saw Sam already in it.

"Yes I am going home." Sam replied

"I see. Have fun on your date."

"Thank you Vala I will." Sam called as Vala got off a few floor above the one she got on at.

"Good morning SG-1 please sit" General Landry greeted them and sat at the head of the briefing room table.

"Where's Colonel Carter?" The General Asked looking around the room.

"Sorry I'm late Sir" Sam said as she quickly took her seat.

Daniel who was sitting beside Sam leaned towards her and whispered "Are you feeling okay?"

"I'm Fine" Sam replied dryly and looked at the General in hopes Daniel would drop the subject.

"Okay now I know you are all wanting to get off world but the IOA has decided to do their interviews all this week and that means all gate activity will be put on hold" Raising his hand to stop the complaining from starting "I know it's not right but if we want to keep busy as usual when need to comply with the IOA for a few days then they will leave us alone." General Landry stood up and Carter and Mitchell began to stand up but the General waved them to stand down.

Sam quickly left the room hoping no would follow her. But Mitchell was right behind her.

"Sam wait up a second" Mitchell called after Sam. She sighed and stopped to wait for Mitchell to catch up with her.

"Cameron I'm a little rushed right now I need to get back to the lab, I need to finish a few tests"

"Sam what's going on? You have never been late for a meeting."

"Your joking right? Come on Cam I was a little late I've been working for the SGC for over tens years I think General Landry was fine with it. It was only two minutes anyway."

Mitchell started to chuckle "Sam what's with the temper? I wasn't meaning it to start a fight."

Sam forced a laugh "Sorry Cam, I'm just a little grumpy this morning. Meet you later for lunch?" Sam explained and asked as she walked away from Mitchell

"You bet" He yelled after her.


Teal'c was walking down the hall holding a few books when the woman's washroom door flung open nearly hitting him.

"Sorry Teal'c"

"No need to apologize Colonel Carter" Teal'c replied

Sam walked with Teal'c in silence until just outside Sam's lab when Teal'c broke the silence.

"Colonel Carter are you unwell?"

Sam stopped just before entering her lab. Before making eye contact with Teal'c she sighed "Teal'c I'm fine honest. Just a little stressed." She forced a smile and squeezed Teal'c on the shoulder. Teal'c inclined his head and watched Sam walk to her computer and start typing.


Walking into the commissary Teal'c sat down at the table with Mitchell and Daniel waiting a big helping on lunch was grabbed for him.

"Colonel Mitchell you are indeed correct Colonel Carter is not well."

"She looked pale this morning at the briefing. Maybe she just has the flu or something" Daniel explained

"Yeah maybe" Mitchell replied just as Sam joined the table tray in hand

"Nice of you to join us Sam"

"Yeah sorry guys got side tracked with this alien device. I believe it is a music box of some sort. There are some text needing to be translated if you could help Daniel" Sam was saying just before she bit into her sandwich. "Oh god that is gross." Sam bolted from the commissary nearly hitting Vala with the door.

"Wheres Sam rushing off to?" Vala asked as she sat in the seat Sam just left.


Mitchell was on his way to Sam's Lab to see if she was there but was stopped by General Landry

"Colonel Carter has gone home."

"Sir is she okay?"

"Sounds like the flu to me. I asked her to go to the infirmary but she said that she would be okay and asked to leave. Tomorrow she has the interview so it was a good idea she went home."

"Yes Sir" Mitchell replied as the General walked past him and around the corner.