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"Has anyone noticed that General Landry is in a grumpy mood Today?" Daniel asked from behind his book.

"Daniel why is your office so... Clean?" Vala asked as she leaned against Daniel's desk.

Daniel sighed and closed his book "My office is always sort of clean."

Vala laughed "oh is that what you call it. It's more like organized chaos"

"Call it what you want, I know where everything is" Daniel opened his notebook and made a few notes. "Have you seen Sam lately?"

"Yeah she's in her lab."

Daniel nodded sipped his coffee

"She's pregnant you know"

Daniel spit out his coffee coughing he said "Wha... What?"

"Come on Daniel she's been sick every morning and moody. Tell me you've noticed"

"Well the sick thing has been almost all day. That could be the flu. The moodiness could be because of the IOA"

"Daniel please, don't play stupid. You have kept your nose in your books to much look around. Sam has been seeing someone and well oops look what happened." Vala beamed a big smile at Daniel " Who's she been seeing?"

"I don't know Vala I have to get back to work." Daniel grabbed his glasses and walked out of his lab

"Where are you going?" Vala yelled.

"Sam" The lights to Sam's lab were off minus a small desk lamp were Sam was sitting typing in the corner.

"Sam. Look at me" still Sam typed and ignored the voice. From where he was standing he could see Sam was crying. Closing the space between them he pulled Sam out of her chair and into his chest.

"It's okay Sam. Shhhh"

"This... Can't be happening" Sam said between sobs. "I'm pregnant Jack" Jack froze his movements for a moment.

"I'm going nowhere Sam. I will be here for you." He gently rubbed Sam's back.

Daniel was walking down the hall and reading some of his notes, Sam's lab door was open so Daniel walked in "Sam can I talk to..." Daniel looked up to see Jack and Sam in an embrace "Oh sorry I didn't. I'll come back"

"Daniel It's fine" Sam said pulling away from Jack and wiped her eyes. "What's up?" She asked as she turned the lights on.

"I wanted to see how you are doing" Daniel leaned against the door frame

Sam walked around the room "I'm okay. Has the IOA left?"

"Umm yeah they left again a few minutes ago. One of them was mumbling something about General Landry needing to control his people under his command. It was funny the look on his face when he was forced off the base." Daniel was trying to make Sam smile but the smile he got from her was so forced it hurt.

Jack noticed the hurt written all over Daniel's face "Thanks Danny boy that good news" Jack put his arm around Daniel's shoulders and ushered him out of the room and whispered "Go get Dr. Lam please" Daniel nodded and walked away.

Jack turned around to look at Sam "You know at some point the truth will get out."

Sam turned away from Jack "You know this is your fault."

"How is this my fault" Jack walked over to Sam and turned her around

"'I'll use protection Sam' does that sound familiar? Or how about 'Your crew is all but gone Sam you can give in just this once' Hmm damn it Jack because of you this has become a problem." Sam in a mocking tone yelled at Jack

"Come on Sam. It's not all my fault"


"Colonel Carter the last diagnostic has finished, no problems found." the young officer at a station to Sam's right

"Thank you Lt. Young, you can go on your vacation now" Sam said from the command chair.

"Ma'am are you going on yours too?"

Sam looked at him with a puzzled look "I have a few more things to do but yes I will be soon as I am finished" Sam watch him leave and looked out the window to watch Earth rotate.

"Colonel Carter."

Sam looked over at the door way to see Jack smiling at her. The kiss was passionate and mesmerizing that Sam didn't remember getting to her quarters.

"Jack" Sam sighed when they broke the kiss

"I'll use protection" Jack answered he pushed her back to the bed

"Jack wait" Sam panted between Jack's attack of kisses

"Your crews all but gone Sam you can give in just this once." Jack moaned and before he knew it Sam assaulted him with her lips.

Jack was flipped and before he had a chance to use protection Sam was feeding him into her.

"Sam.. Oh god" Jack moaned and was rubbing his hands over Sam's breasts

Sam was moving up and down faster and faster "Oh Jack!" Sam cried out.

Jack grabbed Sam's hips and flipped her onto her back. Giving her a moment to adjust to the move he began to thrust into her. "Harder Jack" Sam cried out. He complied and began to thrust harder.

They both started to moan and yell out each others names with in minutes they were screaming out in passionate bursts.

"Colonel Carter to the Bridge" A page from the bridge shocked Sam back to where she was and made her panic

"Oh my god." Sam looked at Jack and pushed Jack off and started to rush around

before Jack could do any thing Sam was dressed and putting on her boots as she rushing out the door.


Jack leaned in to whisper into Sam's ear "You never gave me a chance to use protection Sam"

"Colonel Cater, General O'Neill" Dr. Lam pulled them back from the past

"Yes Doctor Lam. Colonel Carter will require a complete physical"

"Wait?" Sam was angry and shocked when she looked at Jack "What are you doing?"

"Sam I'm trying to help" Jack place a reassuring hand on Sam's shoulder

"By handing me to the IOA? Because that's what you are doing by doing this" Sam pushed Jack's hand off her shoulder in anger.

"Colonel Carter I will not allow them to get a hold of the results I promise." Dr. Lam explained

"See. Now go Sam you need this and you know it" Jack gave Sam a small smile and watched both Dr. Lam and Sam walk out of the lab.