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Hamtaro and his friends are hamsters in this story, and yes, they live in an alternate world where they co-exist with dragons and have magical powers and that sort of thing.

Disclaimer: I do not own Hamtaro or the Dragon Rider. Hamtaro belongs to his creator (s) and Dragon Rider rightfully belongs to Cornelia Funke. You could all pretty much guess what I would do if I owned Hamtaro...or Dragon Rider....Also, I really don't think that anyone in the Hamtaro or Dragon Rider section has done this, but if any of you think that this seems familiar, just PM me and I'll be sure to immediately delete. But I'm pretty much sure that this is no way at all similar to anything in either section and just for the record, I just came up with this randomly so she and I weren't copying anything or anyone AT ALL!!

Summary: When the life of Hamtaro's dragon, Dracoheart, is in danger from the evil humans, Hamtaro must travel across the world in search of the legendary dragon sanctuary, the Rim of Heaven. Tagging along with him are the Tiger (and very annoying) twins, Stan and Sandy. Along the way they meet new friends and possibly, romance, but they find out in the end that they're not the only ones in search of the Rim of Heaven. An evil being, created out of pure gold and viciousness, is after them in order to destroy the last of the dragons...and hamsters! Add a lot of adventure, a dash of weird encounters, and a pinch of romance, you get...this! (I suck at summaries)

Prologue: Bad news

All was still in the valley of the Draco-hams. Mist had drifted in from the sea nearby and was clinging to the mountains. Birds twittered uncertainly in the foggy damp, finding no place to go to return to their nests. The dark, gray clouds hid the sun, blocking all light and allowing the darkness to consume the land.

A small, gray rat about the size of a humans thumb withmuzzled whiskers cam scuttling down the slope, falling head over heels tumbling down the moss-covered rocks. It took her a while before she was able to pick herself up again. The only reason why it took her three long minutes was because she kept muttering to herself over and over again incomprehensible.

"I told them! I told them! But did they listen to me? Ooohhh, no! Of course, not! No one ever listens to me!"Then she raised her pointy noise, listened and headed towards a group of green bushes at the foot of an enormous oak tree. "I knew before winter! Oh, yes, I knew before winter alright, I could smell it coming, but they wouldn't believe me, no, not them! They could smell too those...but they feel safe here! Safe! Huh! They're no safer than a doormouse.

It was so dark under the bushes you could hardly see anything at all. Even if you squinted. Though the rat knew that the gigantic oak tree was there. No human was able to see it because of the fog creeping around its every core and center.

She glanced warily around again, and then disappeared into the crevice in the oak tree. There was a huge tavern inside. If you looked up, you would see the little tiny cliffs and ledges surrounding around the tree; and if you looked on these ledges and cliffs you would see small hamsters with different colored fur walking this way and that carrying bundles of wood, or clothing, or berries. Then, if you were to walk at the very ledge of the tavern and looked down you would probably hold back a gasp of shock when you see small dragons (AN: They're about the size of a baby dragon like in the 1st Harry Potter movie, but remember to hamsters, they're still huge all the same!) flying all over the place with similar ledges and cliffs to that as the hamsters above.

These were none other than the Draco-hams. Hamsters that live in co-existence with the dragons as their friends, but apart from the dangerous beings out in the world like humans and the dangerous and most vicious...cats. No one has ever searched for the sacred fortress of their homeland, and no one ever has except for outside messengers and fellow friendly adventurers.

The rat came scurrying in, but sadly she didn't get far. Someone grabbed her tail and lifted her up in the air as she tried her hardest to kick and scrath whoever was daring enough to get her.

"Hi, Rat! What are you, like, doing here?"

The rat snapped at the furry fingers that were holding her tight, but all she caught was a mouthful of ham-girl hair which she spat out scornfully.

"Sandy!" She hissed. "Let go of me this instant, you brainless sunflower-muncher! I don't have time for your silly ribon tricks!"

"You, like, don't have time?" Sandy placed Rat on the flat of her furry paws. She was still a young hamster, easily big enough to fit in a human's palm, with sandy-orange colored fur, brown tiger stripes trailing along the top of her head to her back, a red ribbon tied to the end of her tail. She was said to be out of the most peculiar sort of hamster out of their group because her green eyes sparkled like that of a cats so she was most definately respected among her fellow ham-mates. "How come, Rat? What's the big hurry? Need a dragon to protect you from hungry cats or what?"

"This has nothing to do with cats!" hissed Rat angrily. She didn't care for young hamsters herself, although all the dragons loved them and their furry faces. When the dragons couldn't sleep they would listen to the strange little songs the hamsters sang, and when they felt sad no one could cheer them up as well as those kind-hearted hamster layabouts.

"I've got bad news, if you want to know. Extremely bad news," grumbled Rat. "But I"m not telling anyone except Hamtaro and Dracoheart. Certainly not you or even your twin brother Stan!"

"Hey! I have every right as my sister does!" Another hamster saddled up next to Sandy. He was definately the twin of Sandy, except his furry little face was a bit more male-like and he didn't have a ribbon at the end of his tail. Though his tiger stripes was the same and so were his fierce emerald eyes. Side by side the two twins looked like miniature tigers and ironically enough that was their nickname. The Tiger Twins.

Sandy glared at her brother. "Like, not now, Stan!" Then she turned back to the small rat that was still in her small paws. "Bad news? What sort of bad news?" Beside her Stan looked confusedly from Rat to his sister.

"Put--me--down!" snarled Rat.

"If you say so." Sandy sighed and let Rat hop down to the stony floor of the cave. "But I wouldn't wake Hamtaro or Dracoheart just yet. The two of them are still asleep."

"Then I'm waking both of them up!" spat the rat, making her way farther into the tavern, right to the ledge. She hopped down into the small, wooden elevator shaft used by the hamsters to get up and down in the tree, and went down. Stan and Sandy followed her quickly by using a set of staircases. The very bottom of the underground cavern was lit with blue fire, keeping the damp away from the heart of the tree. Beside its licking blue flames the dragon and hamster lay asleep, curled up with the dragon's head on its paws and the hamster's head snuggled against in the dragon's belly. Both were coiled around the fire. The flames brought a glow to the dragon's silver scales and the hamster's pure half-orange and half-white fur coat. Rat scurried up to the sleeping figures, climbing up the hamster's snoozing body and tugged on his ear.

"Hamtaro!" she shouted. "Hamtaro! Dracoheart! Wake up! They're coming!"

Sleepily, the hamster opened his eyes. "Oh, it's you, is it, rat?" he murmured in a rather hoarse voice. "Has the sun set already, then? Should I wake Dracoheart?"

"No and no, but you must get up all the same! You have to wake the tree leaders!" Rat jumped off Hamtaro's head and scuttled up and down in front of him. "I warned you all, I really did--I warned the whole bunch of you, but you wouldn't listen!"

"What's she talking about?" The hamster cast an inquiring glance at Sandy and Stan, who were now sitting by the fire, nibbling their sunflower seeds.

They both shrugged simultaneously. "No idea," Stan said, munching. "She just keeps jabbering on. Well, there's not much room for any information in a brain like hers."

"Oh really!" Rat gasped indignantly. "Honestly, I ask you, I--"

"Take no notice, Rat!" Hamtaro rose, stretched, and shook himself clean of dirt. "He's just in a bad mood 'cause the fog makes his fur all damp for the his 'ladies'." This sent Stan to glare angrily at his fellow companion as his sister snickered endlessly.

Rat threw both twins a venomous glance. "Pull the other one! These Tiger Twins are always bad-tempered. I've been up since sunrise, running my paws off to warn you. And what thanks do I get?" Her gray coat was bristling with anger. "I have to listen to their silly fur-brained fancies!"

"Warn us of what?" Sandy threw the nibbled remnants of her seed at the wall where it smashed in half in a very skilled manner. Out of all the dagger-throwing hamsters in the entire village, Sandy was by far the greatest and most skilled out of them all. Her brother even said so. "Oh, cats! Stop, like, winding us all up like this or I'll, like, tie a knot in your tail!"

"Quiet, Sandy!" Hamtaro angrily kicked his foot on the dust covered floor sending some into the fire which sent blue sparks into Sandy's and Stan's fur, where they went out like tiny shooting stars.

"All right, all right!" she muttered. "But the way that rat, like, carries on is enough to drive me insane!"

"Oh, really? Then just you listen to me!" Rat drew herself up to her full height, planted her paws on her hips, and bared her teeth. "Humans are coming!" she squeaked, so shrilly that it sent the trio to cover their sensitive ears. "Human beings are coming! And you know what that means, you barkdust burrowing, sunflower-brain, fur-ball hamsters? Humans are coming HERE!"

Suddenly it was silent.

The three hamsters looked at each other as if they had seen a cat themselves. But Rat was still trembling with rage. Her whiskers were all aquiver, and her tail twitched back and forth on the underground floor.

Hamtaro was the first to move.

"Humans?" he asked, bending himself to hold out his paw towards Rat. Looking offended, she scrambled onto it. Hamtaro raised her to his eye level. "Are you sure?" he asked.

"Perfectly sure," replied the rat.

Hamtaro bowed his head. Stan folded his arms across his chest, a mixture of different faces. "What did we expect? It was bound to happen sooner or later, someday," he said quietly. "They're all over the place these days. I think there's more of them all the time in the forest."

Sandy was looking stunned. Suddenly she jumped up and spat into the fire. "But that's, like, impossible!" she cried. "There's, like, nothing here they'd want, like, nothing at all!"

"That's what you think!" The rat bent over so far that she almost fell out of Hamtaro's paw. "Don't talk such nonsence you idiotic ham-girl! You've mingled with humans before, right? There's nothing they don't fancy, nothing they don't want. Forgotten that already have you?"

She looked at Rat scornfully but held up her paws in front of her to defend herself. "Ok! Ok! You're right. We're all right. They're greedy. They want everything for themselves. At least, like, only the evil humans anyway."

"They do indeed." The rat nodded. "And I tell you, they're coming here."

The dragon-fire flared up, and then the flames burned low until the shadows swallowed them. Only one thing could extinguish Hamtaro's dragon friend, Dracoheart's fiery breath so fast. It was sorrow. The dragon was awake now, with a look of pure sadness in its golden eyes, but he blew gently on the dusty ground, and the flames flickered up once more. Hamtaro exchanged a knowing glance with his dragon friend, amber eyes looking sad as the golden ones on the dragon.

"This is bad news indeed, Rat," said Hamtaro at last. He led Rat up on his shoulder, and then went slowly to the shaft with Dracoheart right behind him. "Come on, Sandy, Stan. We have to wake the clan."

The Tiger Twins looked at him and then each other, sharing similar groans of anguish. "It's bad enough that we were allotted as the 'Tiger Twins', now how are they going to handle this?" Stan asked his sister, but Sandy only shrugged as they followed Hamtaro and Dracoheart up into the tavern.

Mist still clung to the walls.

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