Abby's Really Gone?!?

"Shepard was your boos, but Jenny was my friend, Gibbs."

Those words still burned in his mind as he stood staring into her cold,

abandoned lab. He would never forget that moment in her lab, the day after

Jenny had been murdered in L.A.

"You were always my favorite, Abbs." He knew he should have been with her. He shouldn't have let her go home alone. Ever since that rainy night after Kate was murdered when Ari shot into her lab, he had been keeping a closer eye on her. She was special, and he didn't want to loose her too. Now, She was gone forever.

(24 hours earlier)

Gibbs walked into Abby's lab, greeted by the sound of Android Lust playing semi-softly in the background. Abby was standing in front of the computer looking through the crime scene photos and sipping on a caf-pow. It was her most favorite non-alcoholic drink. He set one on the desk in front of her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Whada ya got for me Abbs?"



"Jenny's." Most of the things in her blood were normal. Except one." Gibbs gave Abby his 'don't make me say please' look. "She had a bun in the oven. She was pregnant Gibbs."

Gibbs stormed out of Abby's lab and headed down to Autopsy to see if Ducky had anything for him. As he headed for the door, he said "Good job Abbs." Abby smiled as he walked out of her lab. 'Damn he looks sexy.' Flashbacks of their secret, passion-filled nights of making love on his couch flashed through her head. Keeping their relationship a secret wasn't easy. She always had trouble keeping secrets like that, but, she knew if she told, and jenny found it, it would have been 'bye bye Abby' and possibly 'bye bye Gibbs'. He and jenny weren't married though. They divorced last year when their careers relied on them not being married.

Later on that night, Abby came into the squadroom to find Gibbs sitting at his desk finishing up some paperwork.

"Gibbs. You okay?"

"Yeah Abbs."

"No you're not. You're holding something back…" She looked at him. The night Kate died, he had been holding things from her. "What are you holding back?"

"Nothing Abbs…"

"Yes you are!" Abby yelled. She hardly ever raised her voice in anger toward her silver-haired special agent. Gibbs put the paperwork aside, took off his glasses, and walked around to face her.

"You are right Abby, I am holding something back. I..I want to tell you but..

"But, you're not what?"

"Daddy!" A girl ran out of the elavator, followed by another girl that looked identical to her. "Daddy!" They both had long red wavy hair and green-blue eyes. They ran over to Gibbs and wrapped their arms around him. They were both about 12 years old.

"Hey! There are my gorgeous girls! How was school? He leaned over and gave them a hug.

"School was fine daddy." Abby kept looking from the girls to Gibbs and back to the girls.

"Gibbs, who are they and why are they calling you daddy?"

"These two gorgeous girls are my twin daughters, Rebekah and Elizabeth. Bekah and Ellie for short. Abby stood in shock for a few seconds, then squealed.

"I can't believe it! Little Gibblets!" She gave each of the girls a hug. Abby then pulled Gibbs aside.

"Whos the mom?"


"Who is their mother, Gibbs?"

"Who do ya think?"



"Oh gosh. It must be hard on them. On you."

"It was at first, buts its slowly getting better."

"I'm glad…well, im gonna head home for the night. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye girls!"

"Bye Abby!"

"Bye Abbs."

"Bye Gibbs." Abby walked out of the squadroom and into the elavator. Gibbs gathered this things and the girls and headed home for the night.

3 a.m. the next morning, Gibbs cell started going off. He reached over to the nightstand, grabbed it and answered. "Yeah…Gibbs."

"Agent Gibb, Seargent Stickler. You may want to get down here."

"Whats up? Dead Marine? Midshipman?"

"Your Forensic Specialist?

"She in trouble?"

"Abby? Well, sort of…Shes been murdered."