"Help me Gibbs."

Abby stood in the squad room, covered in blood, her hair a mess and her clothes

ripped and torn. The team all stood in shock. Gibbs put down his cup of coffee, walked over

to Abby and hugged her gently, thankful and relieved that she was alive. He released her and

guided her over to Ziva's desk chair who then wrapped a blanket around her and handed her

a hot cup of tea that she had just made. The team circled around her, and Gibbs knelt down

in front of her.

"Can you tell me what happened to you Abby?" Abby took a drink of tea and began.

" I was going to my car, down in the parking garage, when a masked guy came out

of the shadows and grabbed me from behind. He put his hand over my mouth so I couldn't

scream, and held a knife to my throat, threatening me." She paused. "He…He put me in a

van, like we use for stake outs. He had someone else driving the van. By the scent that I was

smelling, it was a women. He told her to drive, and then he…he…." She paused as

flashbacks ran through her head. "He raped me." She broke down into tears at the horrible

memory. Gibbs hugged her, as did the other agents.

"We will find who did this to you, Abby. And when we do, I will personally kick his ass."