A/n: hey guys …im back!! Sorry everything has been so hectic lol ok so this is about Nessie wanted to start clogging… yes I am a clogger but im kinda gunna make Emmett make fun of it a lil?? Ok so Ness is about 6 or 7 in this so um… here we go!!!

Nessie (POV)

I was at my cubbie after school let out when I heard tapping….. what in the world is that noise? I asked myself. Me being well me … I decided to go check it out. I followed the tappy noises to the auditorium to find a bunch of girls about my "age" dancing ….with some kind of weird shoes on. I was trying to be kind of sneaky but no such luck. With my mother's blood in me it was no surprise when I tripped on the chairs; all of the chairs came crashing down on me. I let out a sharp yelp and pulled myself out of that danger hole. I was dusting myself off when I looked up to find everyone staring at me. I could feel myself turn bright crimson red.

" I um…. Sorry I'll just uh…." I stammered trying to pick up the chairs.

"No no darling you are alright. But would you mind telling me why you are in here in the first place?" A nice looking woman walked over to me helping me finish getting up.

"Sorry I just heard noises and was curious …. " I explained to her.

"Oh dear you are fine! We are just practicing clogging… have you ever heard of that?" she asked me.

"Um no?" I replied.

"Well it is a type of dancing in which you wear clogging shoes and they make tap noises. There are many different ways to move your foot to make a different sound. "

I nodded then my cell phone started singing Tik Tok by Kesha.

"Oops sorry I um have to go… when will your next practice be …I kind of wanna do this but I will have to ask me mom and dad. "

"Tomorrow dear… oh and please do ask your parents…..We need one more clogger for our competition next month.!" She called back to me.

I run out the door and see daddy's car waiting there for me. I climb in and think about how I'm gunna ask them if I can clog…..