Title: High School Never Ends

Part: 1 out of ?

Warnings: AU, Japanese names, Perverted!Yami, and an OC Yugi (you'll see why! X3)

Pairings: YYxY, possible others.

Genre: Romance/Humor

Rating: PG-13

Author: YamixYuugiLover

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh!. Never have, never will.

Summary: Meet Yugi Motou, the shy, but feisty new high school senior who has just transferred into Domino High for the sole purpose of getting a better education and having more free time to himself. But things don't go according to plan when he meets the popular, gorgeous, mysterious, drop dead sexy Yami Sennen. Yami can charm any and all with just one of his famous smirks or with his killer smiles, yet the very first words he got from Yugi were Go. To. Hell. Yami. Sennen. Can Yugi resist Yami's romantic yet perverted ways or will he fall for the man who wants to show him how to love and get in his pants at the same time?


--Yami thinking--

-Yugi thinking-

~Yugi's POV~

Monday is the worst day ever. I mean, first I woke up late on the first day of going to Domino High School, rushing to get the new school uniform on and then rushing downstairs only to get a piece of toast and mumble a goodbye to my grandfather, Sugoroku Motou and dashing down the street towards my new school. The cool autumn air felt good on my face as I was nearing the front gate of the high school.

-I'm so happy to finally being able to go to a school that actually cares about education- I thought to myself as I slowed down and started to walk to the main office to get a map of the school as well as my timetable. As soon as I got both of them, I went back into the hallway and walked towards room 410, which was the second to last door on the left. This school looked way better than the last high school I was in...in fact, I think Domino is twice as big as the one I used to go to.

My old school in Egypt didn't have as many classes, and lacked motivated teachers to actually teach the subjects. So I moved out of my parent's house (My parent's didn't care much about me anyways), and moved in with my grandfather, who was really happy to have someone live with him. He told me all about Japan and how everything was much more advanced there than it was in Egypt, so I finally decided to pack up my stuff and live in Japan.

My thoughts came to a stop when I stood in front of the door to my homeroom. Putting the map and my timetable in my jacket pocket, I swallowed nervously before knocking on the door. An middle-aged man poked his head out of the door, and his brown eyes slightly widened as he looked at me. "You must be the new kid." The man said as he opened the door all the way and showed the rest of his body off. He was wearing a decent grey suit with a black tie around his neck.

The man, who now I know is the teacher, Mr. Kurosawa, made me introduce myself in front of what seemed to be noisy, unbearably rude people. My left eye twitched.

"Hello. My name is Motou Yugi."

A roar of laughter along with a few whistles came from my new classmates, in which I now consider them 'cockroaches' in my head. Damn it. I really do hate Mondays. I sighed, and awaited for one of the 'cockroaches' to question me.

"Hey Yugi!" A loud voice rang out. "You look exactly like the guy in the back here. His name is Yami Sennen. Are you two related biologically or what?" The voice continued. Many laughed at that. I fought the urge to stomp out of the room and plan to exterminate this whole school that was apparently full of these damn 'cockroaches', but I managed to keep a calm look on my face and decided to look around in search of the one that apparently looked like me.

I noticed that the teacher had not said a word since I spoke my first and only sentence of introduction. He must of thought that I might as well start to get used to this. Twitching at this fact, my amethyst eyes kept scanning the classroom until they settled on the only person in this room that wasn't laughing.

I took in the sight of him, and decided that he was, indeed, a spitting replica of me. The only difference between us is that he had lightning bolts that that struck up in his ebony hair, his eyes were pools of crimson that anyone could get lost in, and had a more well-toned body than I did.

-Wait a minute...Did he just wink at me?-

I blinked at him, and then saw him smiling at me. Not the kind of smile that is friendly and gives you a warm feeling on the inside. No, this smile could make any girl or boy faint from this smile. I would call that smile his killer-smile. But you must be wondering why I didn't faint because of that smile.

Maybe I have a strong immune system? Do I look like one who possess some kind of natural ability? I didn't think so.

The laughter faded, and I was not pleased by that. They were all waiting for his response. Or mine.

Finally, he said in a deep baritone voice, "I wouldn't admit it if I were related to him." Their laughter returned. -Neither would I you conceited jackass.- But I couldn't summon enough courage to say what I was thinking. Instead I gave him the best death glare I could and then stared at my shoes, waiting for the teacher to tell me where my seat would be.

The teacher finally came back to life and announced that my seat would be the empty one that was next to the window, at the corner, right beside Yami Sennen. The keyword here is beside.

I wouldn't have minded if the teacher told me that my seat would be the one that was four rows in front of Yami Sennen. Or, for that matter, I would have been very thankful if the teacher said that my seat would be sixteen feet away from Yami Sennen.

In the end, I couldn't think of anything I had/hadn't done to deserve this.

As I sat down, I couldn't help but feel stares directed at me, as if I've done something wrong. I sensed that I was in danger; twenty-five pairs of eyes were on me, the unfriendly looks coming from the guys while the girls gave me looks that indicated imminent murder in the near future.

Ignoring the stares, I started to glare at my desk until I thought I was burning holes through it, until felt something move up my leg. I stopped staring at my desk, and without thinking about it, looked down to see what was rubbing up against my pant leg.

To my horror, it was a steel-toe clad boot, that connected to a blue leather covered leg and finally went up to see a pair of amused crimson eyes staring at me. Yami Sennen gave me another one of his killer-smiles, and leaned in next to me and whispered, "Hey there, Little One. Nice to meet you."

I don't know whether it was the way he said 'Little One', or that I was still pissed off about the first statement he made earlier, but something in me snapped and I grabbed his collar, hauling him up until he was face to face with me, and said in the most threatening tone I've ever used, "Go to hell, Yami Sennen!" I let him go, and stood up and left when the bell rang to go to the next class.

-Heh, I probably got him off my case now!- I thought happily as I pulled out my map and went towards my next class, with a bright smile on my face. I only hope that I didn't have every class with Yami Sennen, because I don't know if I can handle having that cocky jerk in every class. With that in mind, I keep on going down the hall towards my next class.

-Maybe Mondays aren't so bad after all.- I grinned as I got ready to introduce my self again to even more 'cockroaches'.

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