In the middle of nowhere…Or so he thought

There was a man driving down an empty road, surrounded by a forest, in the middle of nowhere. There was heavy rain and the man's window wipers weren't working 100%. There were no streetlights on the road. The only light he had was from the lighting. The man in the car was in his forties, weighed 180 pounds, and his hair was thinning. He leaned close to his windshield to make sure that no animals or humans were crossing. He also leaned close to see the lighting. It always fascinated him ever since he was ten. All of a sudden, a big lightning bolt lit up the sky. The man looked up and said, "Woo!" After the lighting was over, he looked back on the road. There was a deer crossing and the man panicked. He stomped on the breaks and turned his steering wheel to the left. His car slid on the pavement and wouldn't break. The man closed his eyes and heard a bang. He opened his eyes and found that his car was in a ditch. He muttered to himself, "God damn!" He clipped his seatbelt, grabbed a flashlight and an umbrella from the backseat, and got out of the car. He looked around for the deer, afraid that he might have hit it. He found no deer and no blood. He heard some movement coming from the forest to his right. He pondered, "What did I hit?" He walked over to his car and saw no damage to the front. He was starting to get drenched in the rain. He was about to get into his car, when he tripped on a root. He sat up and saw that his clothes were covered in mud. He grabbed his flashlight and was ready to stand up, when he saw his tires. His tires were spiked. He stood up and looked on the other side, same thing happened to his passenger tire. His heart started to race faster. He knew he had to stay calm. He opened the trunk to see if he had a spare, but didn't find one. He ended up taking out his suit case so he could change to clean clothes. He went in the back seat changed his clothes. The only logical plan he came up with was to just wait till the rain stop. He turned on the radio and turned to 780 AM to see if the news would say anything about when the rain would stopped. The radio was all-static, he couldn't get a clear station. He ended up falling asleep.

He woke up to a knock on the glass. It was a man in a trench coat holding a flashlight. The man in the trench coat said, "Sorry to wake you up. I have a tow truck and wondering if you need a tow."

The man in the car said, "Yeah, thanks. I followed some guy's directions and ended up getting lost."

The man in the car got out of his car and opened his umbrella. The tow truck driver extended his hand said, "My name is Victor."

The man shook his hand and said, "My name is Austin. Someone spiked my tires."

Victor replied, "Oh. Well I can replace your tires for about $40. I'll take you back to my shop. Go in my tow truck so you won't get any wetter."

Austin replied, "Thanks a lot."

Austin went in the tow truck and relaxed. He couldn't help but think that something was wrong. After Victor hooked up the car to the tow, he got into the car. Victor took off his hood and looked at Austin. Austin said, "You're the guy who told me take this road. It's your fault I got flat tires."

To be continued…