Stalker in the Shadows

Chapter 1

Risa had been dating Satoshi Hiwatari for a few months now. Despite Hiwatari having a sour and distant attitude towards a lot of people, Risa Harada was one person he was always himself around.

Risa was one of the twins of the school she attended. She was the one who believed in all the supernatural stuff, she even had a stack of tarot cards at her house. She had beautiful brown eyes and medium brown hair which she always wore down. It was true that Risa was the true romantic.

Her twin sister, Riku, was the athletic one who was on the track team at their school. Riku wasn't interested in dating and unlike her twin sister, did not believe in the supernatural. She had the same eyes as her sister, but she had short red hair. Riku called Risa's supernatural and tarot cards "superstitious nonsense."

Even though they were alike by their looks on the outside, they were nothing alike by their hobbies and interests.

"So where are you taking me tonight?" asked Risa as she twirled around Hiwatari in her short skirt as she giggled.

"If I told you it wouldn't' be a surprise now would it?" asked Hiwatari, who straightened his glasses from slipping off of his nose.

"We better hurry though. You know about what's been happening out here," said Risa as she clung to Hiwatari's arm.

"You mean that murderer that's been on the loose? Yeah I've heard about him. He's killed 5 people already in our city," said Hiwatari.

"According to Takeshi Saehara, they only have a vast description of him," said Risa as she and Hiwatari quickened their pace.

"Really?" asked Hiwatari.

"According to the police, he looks to be 17 years old, long blonde hair tied in a high ponytail, and dressed in white with some yellow," said Risa as she and Hiwatari turned a corner and walked into a restaurant. They hung up their coats and waiting in line for their table.

"But why is he killing in the first place? What do all the victims have in common?" asked Risa.

"They were all younger than 17. I don't know why and frankly I don't want to find out," said Hiwatari.

"He's going after youths?" asked Risa.

"Yeah," said Hiwatari.

"That's messed up," said Risa.

"Don't worry Risa, if he comes, I will protect you," said Hiwatari as he grabbed Risa and twirled her around dancing.

Risa giggled at this gesture, but then the waiter came up and showed them their table.

Throughout the evening, neither said another word about this so called killer.

When Risa and Hiwatari were done with dinner, Hiwatari hailed a cab to take them home.

Safely inside, Hiwatari dropped Risa off at her mansion. He got out of the cab and gave her a kiss on her lips which caused Risa to blush red.

"Good night Risa. I will see you tomorrow," said Hiwatari as he waved goodbye and got into the waiting cab to take him back home.

He gave the cab driver his address and the yellow cab drove off.

Risa sighed as she closed the door and she put her hand over her heart to make it stop beating so hard.

"Riku! I'm home!" called Risa as she made her way upstairs to her room.

Riku had already gone to bed when Risa knocked on her door and opened it to see only blackness and the form of her sister asleep in bed.

"Night sis," she said as she closed to door.

Once the door snapped shut, Riku opened her eyes and threw off the blankets and gasped for air.

I thought she would never leave, thought Riku as she exited her bedroom and went out onto her balcony.

She took hold of the balcony as she let her body dangle on air until she let go and landed easily on the ground beneath.

Riku turned and ran into the night.

She glanced at her watch and it said it was only 7:05pm.

"I was supposed to be there at 7! Niwa is going to kill me!" yelled Riku as she ran through the dense forest.

"Not if I get to you first," said a pair of golden eyes through the thick brush.

"NIWA!" yelled Riku as she saw her boyfriend Daisuke Niwa waiting on a park bench.

Both teenagers actually snuck out of their homes to meet up in the vast darkness of the nearby park so they could have some alone time together. For Daisuke it was more complicated than it looked. He was incredibly close with his family and he told them everything. He hated keeping secrets from them. This was just one time. It probably wouldn't happen again.

Daisuke was willing to risk it to see the girl he loved. A female voice he recognized jolted him out of this thoughts.

"Hey Riku! There you are! I thought you weren't coming," he said as he caught her flying form and let her hug him as he hugged her back.

"You know we shouldn't do this," said Daisuke.

"Do what?" asked Riku as she broke the hug and allowed Daisuke to sit down as she did on the park bench, beneath a flickering street light.

"The streets are dangerous right now," said Daisuke.

"Don't tell me you are scared of that killer. He could be anywhere in the city right now! What would he want with us anyway?" asked Riku.

"Besides I hardly get to see you. I miss you," said Riku as she blushed as red as her hair.

"Miss Harada," said Daisuke.

"We see each other every day at school," he said.

"I mean outside of that," said Riku.

"I at least want to go out with my boyfriend. My sister just got back from her date with Hiwatari!" yelled Riku, trying to prove a point.

"Miss Harada went out with Hiwatari?" asked Daisuke, feeling kind of low seeing less than a year ago, he had had a major crush on her, only to be turned down.

"It's ok," said Riku.

Daisuke looked at her. She was leaning in closer to him.

He leaned in to her.

"Everything is going to be ok," whispered Riku as she kissed Niwa.

Daisuke leaned in further and deepened the kiss.

Neither one saw the angel clad in white standing near the tress, under the bright light of the non broken streetlight.

Daisuke opened his eyes from kissing Riku and gasped.

Daisuke had seen him.

"Miss Harada, we need to run," whispered Daisuke.

"What?" asked Riku as she glanced over her shoulders.

"Oh my God! That's him!" said Riku in a hushed voice as her heart beating wild.

"Keep on pretending to kiss me," whispered Daisuke.

Riku did as she was told, but then Daisuke grabbed her arm and both ran the opposite direction from where the white clothed angel was standing.

"They saw me," said Krad as he closed his eyes and let his huge white feathers erupt from his back.

"Time to have some fun," said Krad as his body lifted from the walkway and took to the skies after his two victims.

"Miss Harada, come on!" yelled Daisuke as he pulled her along running as fast as they could.

"I'm trying! My legs are hurting!" she screamed.

Daisuke stopped and Riku fell to the cement panting. She looked back and didn't see anything except blackness.

"He isn't following," said Riku as she panted to catch her breath.

"That's weird. Maybe he didn't see us," said Daisuke as he kneeled on his knees next to Riku.

But then a huge angel like shadow passed over the two teens.

"Then again," said Daisuke as he grabbed Riku's hand, lifted her up and ran.

The running didn't help as the angel landed right in front of the two frightened teenagers.

"Ah!" squealed Riku from the wind that the wings had made from landing their host.

Daisuke and Riku looked up at the so called killer.

Krad locked eyes with the girl and slowly put his hand behind his back and brought it back out holding a very long feather in his hands.

"Are we supposed to be scared?" asked Riku.

"You will be," said Krad as he advanced forward towards them.

It happened too quickly for anyone to see.

Krad advanced on Riku first, shoving her down to the ground and stabbed her with the feather, which caused her to start to have blood rushing from the fresh wound on her chest.

He did the same to her legs so she couldn't get up. Krad left the feather embedded in her chest, then he turned to Daisuke who tried to run to Riku's aid, but instead ended up in Krads' arms, kicking and grunting trying to break free.

Krads' left arm found its mark around Daisuke's throat. He tightened his hold around his throat until Daisuke's head dropped down signaling his was knocked out.

Krad picked up Daisuke bridal style, grew his wings back out and took to the sky with his captive.

What turns out to be a romantic night for Daisuke and Riku turns life threatening when a killer named Krad stalks them throughout the city with one intention, to claim Daisuke as his own, no matter what.