Stalker in the Shadows

Chapter 4

Daisuke injured shoulder had now turned Daisuke's sleeve red. He paid no attention to his injury because he was too busy watching the older teenager with the purple hair and big black wings.

Daisuke couldn't say anything. He just stared at him. He knew his name.

"Dark," he said quietly.

Dark, who was staring at Krad, looked down at the helpless red head entrapped in Krad's strong arms.

"Why is the boy here?" asked Dark, staring back at Krad.

Krad closed his eyes and scoffed.

"He was the key," said Krad as he nuzzled Daisuke.

Daisuke gagged.

"Pleasant," said Krad.

"According to legend, only family blood can summon you again," said Krad.

Daisuke's eyes went from wide to bugling out. Him and Dark were RELATED? Krad's voice interrupted Daisuke's thinking.

"It took awhile too. You wouldn't believe all the trouble I went through to find him. All the victim I thought for sure was related to you all turned out to be false. It was a big amount let me tell you. All of it was because of you Dark," said Krad.

"Why did you want me here anyway? I'm not supposed to exist within this dimension," said Dark.

Krad tossed Daisuke to the floor as he flew rapidly towards Dark.

Dark chuckled before he too took off into the air, ducking Krad's futile attempt to strike him with his feathers like he did to Daisuke.

Dark managed to miss all of Krad's attack. He looked down for one instant and saw that the red headed kid was slowly making his way for the door to the station.

Dark swooped down, barely missing another one of Krad's feathers in the attempt.

He put his arms around Daisuke's body before completely breaking the door down.

Dark took to the sky with Daisuke in his arms.

"Hang on tight kid," said Dark.

"I'm trying!" yelled Daisuke.

Daisuke looked behind Dark and saw that Krad was following them in the sky.

"Dark look out!" yelled Daisuke.

Dark looked behind him to see that Krad was ready to strike again, but this time, Dark took out one of his own feathers, threw it at Krad, and hit his target.

The feather landed right in Krad's heart.

"Aah!" screamed Krad as blood seared the wound.

Krad fell to the ground at an unbelievable rate.

"That won't hold him for long," said Dark watching Krad's descent along with Daisuke, who also watched.

"I'm taking you home. Where do you live anyway kid?" asked Dark.

"Fly further south," said Daisuke as he led the black angel towards his house.

Daisuke wasn't enjoying the flight.

Thanks to the blood loss from his shoulder, Daisuke was losing consciousness. He was dozing in and out of sleep. He could barely hang onto Dark for support.

Dark looked down at the teenager while flying steadily with the wind that carried him.

"Is that your house?" asked Dark.

Daisuke opened his eyes to a familiar sight.

"Yes," said Daisuke. He leaned on Dark's shoulders while Dark made his descent to the pavement.

He banged on the door hard with his fist.

"Hello!" he said.

"We need help out here," said Dark.

Emiko answered the door in tears.

"Oh Dai!" she screamed as she gathered her son in her arms, not caring that a black angel was standing a few inches away from her. All she cared about was her son.

"What happened?" asked Emiko.

She looked up to see the stranger was gone.

"Emiko," said Kosuke patting her back.

"Let's take him inside. Emiko go get a towel," said Kosuke as he picked up Daisuke in his arms. He carried him inside the house, up the stairs, and to Daisuke's room.

Kosuke put his son gently down on his bed.

"Easy now Dai. You're going to be okay. I have to take a look at the cut son," said Kosuke.

Daisuke was asleep while his father ripped open his son's shirt, examining the wing wound.

"This looks bad Dai," said Kosuke.

"We're going to have to take you to the hospital," said Kosuke.

He put a towel that Emiko had brought him over the injury while both he and his wife ran from the house.

They put Daisuke in the backseat of their car while his father drove with incredible speed to the local hospital.

From way above the sky, the angel known as Dark followed the car from a safe distance from where no one could see him.

"I have to keep a good look on this kid. Krad might try again," said Dark.

He flew with the speed of a jet to keep up with the car below.

Dark landed on top of the hospital. Dark looked around to make sure no one had seen him.

Dark looked at his wings.

"It's time," he said to his wings.

His monstrous black wings disappeared from his back to turn into the little fluffy form of Wiz, his companion for all time and his aid for him to fly.

"Choo," said Wiz as he looked up at Dark.

"Stay here Wiz. I'm going into the building to watch over that kid," said Dark as he opened the door.

"Choo," said Wiz sadly as he cuddled up near the door to wait for his master to come back.

Dark kept out of sight from all the nurses, doctors, orderlies, and patients.

He was sneaky and silent as a ninja.

He didn't even know the kids' name so he couldn't find the room. It was time to play the flirt card with one of the nurses.

"Hey sweet cheeks," said Dark in a mysterious voice.

"May I help you?" she asked as she looked up at Dark and immediately blushed red.

"I'm looking for a boy who came in with a shoulder injury. He has red hair. He came in with his parents. I'm his older brother. I came from work and my mom and dad didn't tell me anything. Could you please help me out?" asked Dark in his sexy tone of voice.

"Yeah sure anything for you," said the nurse.

"Aha. Here we go. Daisuke Niwa. Room 311," said the nurse.

She turned to flirt with Dark, but he was already gone.

"Damn it," said the nurse.

Dark found the room with no problem. He peeked in and saw that the mother and father were by their son's side.

"This is going to take awhile," said Dark.

He disappeared from the room's door before anyone could see him. He needed to speak to Daisuke alone to figure out what the hell was going on and why he was summoned in the first place.