It was the end of May, NEWTS and OWLS were finished and everyone had a break before graduation. Hermione and Ginny were out by the lake with the boys, relaxing under a tree. Ginny and Harry were cuddled up together and Ron had laid his head on Hermione's knee. They were talking about everything that had happened the last seven years and what the future might hold.

Severus walked out the castle doors and toward the four of them, hands behind his back , as he looked for trouble makers along the way. He saw Ron, with his nappy head on his wife's leg. He knew she had no feelings for him, but he still did not like seeing the boy touching his wife. He stopped beside the four of them unnoticed, he went a few minutes without saying a word.

"Is my wife's leg a suitable pillow, Mr. Weasley?" Severus finally commented.

Ron sat up straight. "No Sir…well I mean yes…no…sorry sir," Ron stared down at the ground.

"Come on guys, lets go to the pitch for a while," Harry said as he stood up and helped Ginny up.

"See you at dinner, Hermione," Ginny said as she was dragged away by the boys.

Hermione patted the ground beside her and looked up at Severus. He hesitated at first, but then sat down with his back propped up against the tree.

They sat and looked over the lake. Birds chirped and butterflies fluttered. A lady bug landed on Snape's arm.

Hermione carefully picked it up and let it fly away. "I love spring time, its my absolute favorite season. New life springing forward and everything," she smiled and laid down beside him with her head in his lap.

He stiffened up and looked around as he thought about casting a notice me not charm but decided against it. He continued to listen to her talk about her NEWTS that she had just completed the day before. Slowly he started to relax and absent mindedly stroked her hair.

"Are you excited about graduation Friday?" he asked.

"Of coarse I'm excided…a little nervous…and a little sad."

He stroked his finger , softly over her cheek until they were interrupted by a small shaky voice.

"Professor, Sir….there was a incident in the common room," the first year slytherin advised.

Severus huffed in aggravation as Hermione sat up and looked at the small, shaking boy.

"I will be right there Mr. Parker," Severus said without moving. He turned back to Hermione. "And so ends the relaxing afternoon," he was about to kiss her when he realized he was still being watched.

"I will met you there Mr. Parker…" Severus snapped. "Unless you require assistance finding your way back to the common room…or would you rather watch my wife and I kiss goodbye?"

The boy turned and ran off back toward the castle. "You don't have to be so ..rude," Hermione said with a smile.

"Well if I'm going to go around sitting on the ground with my wife's head in my lap and kissing under a tree overlooking the lake, ….I have to show some type of normalcy," he smirked. He kissed her quickly but not too chaste, before he rose up and headed to the Slytherin common room.

Graduation day came and Severus watched his wife walk across the stage to receive her diploma. Who would have thought seven years ago he would have fallen in love with the witch.

She smiled as she took the scroll from Dumbledore and then looked to the crowd. He was the first one her eyes sought out, she flashed him a smile that made his heart tighten in his chest. What magic did this witch hold over him? He smiled back, not caring who saw. As she walked away his eyes caught Dumbledore who looked at him with a twinkle, but Severus did not stop the smile on his face, he couldn't even if he wanted to. After the ceremony he watched her as she was congratulated by her parents and everyone else. He hung around as long as he could before finally he could take no more. He looked to Dumbledore and gave a nod. Dumbledore smiled as he walked over to Mr. and Mrs. Granger.

Severus found his wife talking to Harry and Ron. He walked up beside Hermione, and placed his hand on the small of her back as he forced a smile toward Harry and Ron, who up to almost a year ago he could not wait for this moment. The moment he would finally be rid of the golden trio….now they would be a permanent part of his life.

"Congratulations Harry and Ron," Severus said.

"Thank you Sir," the boys answered in unison.

"You are no longer students, therefore "sir" is no longer required," Severus looked down at his wife. "I apologize but I must steal Hermione away for a while."

Hermione gave them a hug and said goodbye before she went off with her husband.

"So where are we going," she asked excitedly, once they were out of the Great hall.

"It's a surprise," He stopped abruptly in front of the entrance to the castle and pulled her close. "Hold on," he whispered in her ear right before they apperated.

They reappeared with a pop.

"Did we just apperate out of Hogwarts?" she looked up to see him nod. "But…"

"Dumbledore gave me special permission," he smiled.

She took in her surroundings, they were in the Forbidden Forest, right outside of the trees that lead to their special place.

They walked through the tree line and instead of instantly being surrounded by beauty , they were in a …tent. Hermione thought that was odd, she looked around confused, and even more so when she saw Ginny and her mother across the room. They smiled and waved but stayed where they were as Severus grabbed her chin to turn her to face him.

He smiled at her confusion, he could see her brilliant mind working to put the pieces together. "I thought you deserved a real wedding."

Her eyes widened. "Severus, you didn't have to.."

"I wanted to."

Her eyes teared up. "This is so sweet, I.."

"Shhhh, don't say that too loud," he raised a finger to her lips. He gave her a chaste kiss. "And don't tell anyone where we are…they portkeyed in, and I want to keep this place, our secret. The wards won't let them past the tree line," he whispered, then walked out the other entrance of the tent.

As soon as he was out of site, Ginny squealed and ran to hug Hermione. Mrs. Granger followed behind.

They began to her ready, fixing her hair and make up. And then they helped her into her dress. Her mom zipped it up as she looked at herself in the mirror.

"The gown is so beautiful. I can't believe Severus picked this out on his own," Ginny said.

Few minutes later her dad came in to let them know that it was time. As he looked at his daughter he started to cry.

"Oh dad, don't cry, you'll make me cry, and mess up my make up."

"Sorry dear…its just…my baby girl is getting married." he sighed.

"We've been married almost a year."

"I know, but I wasn't there for that."

Her mom and Ginny took their seats, Mr. Granger held his arm out for his daughter.

They walked out of the tent and into the beauty of "their" place, she would always think of it as their place. She saw the small crowd of her friends and teachers. There was a gazebo set up close to the waterfall. A charm was used to quiet the sound of the water, to a nice soothing level. Severus stood under the gazebo in his normal garb, with Dumbledore beside him.

She walked down the aisle on her dads arm looking at the faces of everyone as she made her way down to her husband. This was more than she could ever have imagined.

It was a simple ceremony, after all they were already married but it meant so much to her. At the end of the renewal vowels Dumbledore told Severus he could kiss the bride. Hermione looked up to her husbands eyes, she could not believe he did this for her. As much as he hated parties, and people , public displays of affection, etc, etc. She smiled which drew a smile from him.

"What is it Mrs. Snape?"

"I love you."

"And I love you."

He kissed her, and kissed her…..and kissed her…..

"Merlin, you two get a room!" Sirius yelled.

Severus smiled, "With pleasure," he grabbed his wife and they apperated.

They ended up on a remote island somewhere, in a beach house.

"Severus, we are going to miss the reception," she protested.

"I want to be alone with my wife. I do not feel like sharing you this evening," he kissed her passionately, drawing a moan from her lips. "Unless you would rather go back while I wait here…. I don't think I can handle any more parties, with that bunch. My reputation after today is shot to bloody hell."

"I don't think you will have any problem showing everyone you are still the great feared potion master,…now they just know there is a different side to you. Which I love both." She kissed him and they made their way to the bedroom.

THE End (for now?)

A/N:I apologize, I feel like I rushed this last chapter but I was just ready to be done with it. Thanks for reading and reviewing. I enjoyed writing it and as my writing improves I hope to go back and improve on the story. Might be a sequel later if my muse comes back. :)