You Don't Own Me

Chapter One: Anything But Ordinary

Rated: M(For Language & Sexuality)

Pairing(s): Rachel Berry/Santana Lopez/Brittany/Quinn Fabray

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee and I'm not claiming ownership to any song titles I use for this story. Lesley Gore & Co. own "You Don't Own Me".

Summary: Inspired by a prompt over at the Glee_Kink_Meme. After Sectionals and dealing with the drama that followed, everything starts picking up for the Gleeks when their popularity rises. Rachel Berry has gotten over Finn and decides to focus on her goals and school instead. That doesn't go so well, however, when she performs a song by Lesley Gore in Glee and has incidentally cast a spell on herself. The entire female population has suddenly fallen for the Diva wannabe and the poor girl doesn't even know it! When she actually starts receiving positive attention from certain girls she's deemed as her rivals, she's certain it's the end of the world. She's so caught up in lust, love, and jealousy with these girls, that she doesn't realize she's going to have to make a decision on who she wants to be with. Who will she choose, or will she allow herself to be shared by three other girls?

It was just another ordinary day in Lima, Ohio and McKinley High School students were up bright and early as they began flooding the hallways of their school, most of them quite sluggish and exhausted. Some of the students who definitely reserved the right to be fatigued were the members of New Directions. They did, after all, recently blow a lot of people away with their spectacular performance at Sectionals and won big time. Despite all the drama that went on within the group, they managed to pull it together and worked out some of their issues with one another, with the exception of their overdramatic diva in charge, Rachel Berry. Nevertheless, everything was starting to pick up for each individual Gleek and the changes were quite pleasant.

Emma Pillsbury, who almost resigned from her position at the school after Ken left her waiting at the altar, found the confidence to stay with the help of a very smitten(and newly single) Will Schuester. After everything that happened between him and Terri as well as the intense rivalry he had with Sue Sylvester, he was once again appointed the advisor for the Glee club. Artie Abrams was a very happy young man, maybe it was due to the fact he had a very beautiful Tina Cohen-Chang on his lap whenever he rolled down the halls or it was because he had more friends outside of Glee club than he could ever imagine. Yeah, he was living the life. Noah Puckerman was still struggling with the rejection of Quinn Fabray, and though he knew he could never be with her romantically, his life improved dramatically when she announced that she was keeping the baby and he could at least be around to be a father to baby Drizzle.

Finn Hudson was still angry with Quinn and her baby's daddy drama, but he wasn't quite as upset when Rachel freaking Berry denied a romantic entanglement with him. He was the captain of the football team and as slow as he may be, he thought he was a nice guy but eventually, began to let the whole thing go when he realized they were better off staying good friends. Finn became a ladies' man and just decided that he would go with the flow until he fell into a stable relationship again. Quinn Fabray was living a difficult life but with a few more months to go until the baby was born, she felt completely whole and happy. Since she was staying with Brittany after her parents kicked her out, she enlisted the help of her two best friends and Puck to help raise baby Drizzle. When it came to Santana Lopez and Brittany, however, the two friends-with-benefits decided it was best to just stay friends and Puck agreed to stop seeing Santana romantically. It worked out for all of them because really, why get caught up in complicated relationships when they were still so very young and they wanted to enjoy their youth while they still could.

As for Rachel Berry, things kind of stayed the same much to her dismay, but her determined self would not allow anything to deter her from moving on. Sure, she occasionally dealt with usual slushy facial but the attacks were becoming less frequent and even that was starting to make her nervous. She needed routine in her life, and if that included bringing an emergency back up outfit to school everyday just because somebody boldly attacked her, then so be it. That was the problem, however, because people were looking at Rachel a little differently now since her demeanor sort of softened after Sectionals but that didn't stop her from being wary of everyone else. She was disliked and she knew it and it hurt her feelings at times, but now that people were actually being polite to her, she found herself wishing that someone could throw her into the dumpster already.

She was cautiously strolling the full hallways again and she was sporting a very Berry like argyle sweater vest complete with long white sleeves and a mismatched plaid skirt with her signature knee hi's. Rachel was very aware that people often made rude remarks about the way she dressed but that didn't bother her at all; she was happy with herself and that's all that mattered. What disturbed her more than anything else at that moment, though, was the fact she had just bumped into Dave Karofsky and instead of wearing his usual sneer, he was smiling brightly at her. "Hey Berry. You're lookin' good today." He told her with sincerity lacing his voice and he was saying it quite suggestively as he gave her an appreciative once-over. What. The. Hell? Ignoring the fact her eyes practically bulged out of her sockets, Dave attempted to caress Rachel's dark chestnut locks and with that, the girl panicked. She saw the grape slushy in his free hand, the one he hadn't been throwing at her lately(or any for that matter) and took matters into her own hands.

She snatched it and bravely splashed the entire thing on herself, shocking Dave and those around them to the core and she had to admit, he did kind of look cute with a friendly expression on his face. Not that she was interested in him, she wasn't into anybody these days so she could get away with complimenting someone in her head. "Dave, it's not that difficult to ruin somebody's outfit, which you have been expertly doing for years now. Next time, do not hesitate and provoke me into doing something incredibly demeaning anymore. Jerk!" She cried out, turning on her heel to run into the nearest ladies' restroom. What she didn't see would have surprised her. A jock and two girls in the surrounding area held down Dave as they began scratching and kicking him furiously for humiliating Rachel Berry, something which was now considered to be a crime though the actual diva didn't know that. Oh, and she also didn't realize she had the creepy and totally insane Suzy Pepper following her into the restroom. Seriously, Jacob was enough, wasn't he?

"Something is definitely wrong, but I can't quite place my finger on it. At fist, I suspected that Dave might have been inebriated but even he isn't stupid enough to come to school in such a state. What's happening to everybody?" Rachel ranted to herself as she attempted to wash the delicious ice particles off her face and hair. This wasn't good for her flawless complexion, and as much as she enjoyed that people ceased surprising her with slushy attacks, she shouldn't have done it on herself. That was just idiotic, not meaning to insult Kurt Hummel since there was purpose to that incident, but she just felt very uncomfortable. Sighing and flipping her incredibly wet hair backwards the way Brittany showed them all how to, she dried herself off with a towel when she was interrupted by the sound of a throat clearing.

Rachel jumped and wheeled around only to anxiously laugh out loud in relief, eyeing Suzy Pepper cautiously. She didn't expect her throat to immediately dry up at the incredible sight before her, and she had to grip the sink behind her to hold her in place because the girl she was staring at certainly couldn't be Suzy Pepper. She was…very attractive, which was hard for her to string those words together even in her own mind. The slightly taller girl had a coy smile playing her lips as her eyes darted up and down Rachel's form. She must have gotten an extreme makeover sometime last week after Sectionals because she hadn't run into the girl in awhile, well, at least not looking like this. Suzy was wearing grey skinny jeans that accentuated her hips and thighs, an ashen colored, crew neck fitted top and a pair of charcoal and white hi-tops that seemed to match her outfit perfectly. And Rachel also couldn't help but notice the swell of her breasts, and the new pair of thick black bordered rectangular glasses that made the other girl look like a sexy nerd, which she now was apparently. Rachel shook those thoughts out of her mind, not knowing where they came from in the first place, and proceeded to speak since Suzy was ogling her. How odd.

"H-hello Suzy, in what do I owe the pleasure of your company this afternoon? Er, I mean, uh, you look really pretty today! Damn, I mean, what are you doing here?" Rachel Berry did not stammer, ever, that was Tina's job but the demanding confidence she thought she had faded away slowly as Suzy took a few steps closer to the diva. When the brunette tilted her head, she noted that Suzy's auburn hair was let loose in curls around her face and was that mascara, eyeliner, and lip gloss? Wow, who knew the girl could look so beautiful. Wait, what? Since when did Rachel even start thinking about her own gender this way? You know, come to think of it, a few other girls had been giving Rachel this similar predatory look that the eccentric girl had plastered on her face. Woah, slow down there. Predatory? Did this mean because of the random makeover Suzy suddenly gained the nerves to tear Rachel a new one like the others did(or used to) on a regular basis?

"You know, when you ramble, other people find it annoying but personally, I find it quite endearing. You're a wonderful singer, Rachel, but I bet you tell yourself that everyday because of that needy immense ego of yours. I figured this was a good time to do this because, well, I think I have competition." Suzy told her in an unrecognizable sultry voice that left the shorter girl wanting to hear more. When she opened her mouth to protest, or something, she wasn't allowed to speak because the next thing she knew, the insane girl before her slammed into her against the nearest wall and pinned her arms above her head. A few seconds later, lips are clashing with hers and teeth are lightly nipping on her bottom, full lip. She thought for a brief second that this was wrong, that she couldn't kiss someone of the same sex since she was attracted to men. Or at least she used to be until this very heated moment. Jesus Christ(if she believed in him), who knew Suzy had such powerful lips?

Suzy spread her legs between one of Rachel's exposed thighs and started grinding against it quite roughly. This caused Rachel to part her lips and moan, giving the other girl permission to explore with her tongue. This was happening way too fast but the aspiring Broadway star found herself not caring, sucking on Suzy's long, thick tongue before wrestling it with her own. Their lips melded together with a fiery passion neither of them knew they had and the sounds that were elicited from such a simple action drove Suzy wild with desire. She saw the change in Rachel before anyone else did, and although most of the female population were still in denial about their sudden attraction to the singer, Suzy thought it was within her right to claim Rachel as her own. So when she slid her hand between their bodies, her fingers trailing underneath the waistband of Berry's skirt to squeeze the treasure between her thighs, Rachel stiffened.

She took this opportunity to selfishly bite onto Rachel's lower lip, really hard and with that came a yelp and a little blood dripping from those beautiful Berry lips. The shorter girl was hit with realization that she had just been making out with Suzy Pepper and the girl attempted to eat her face off. What was going on? Something was not quite right with the world anymore and it frightened Rachel more than anything. She harshly pushed the other girl away, shakily wiping the blood on her lips with the back of her hand and groaned. She needed to get out of here, change into her regular clothes and skip her next class so she could relax and think. "I-I cannot do this, you took advantage of my vulnerability. Although I will have trouble forgetting this ever happened, I will forgive you. Now excuse me, I must go now!" Suzy just remained quiet as she watched the girl she adored run away from her. She furrowed her brows, hoping that no other girl would get the chance to steal her Rachel Berry away.

After dealing with a random tantrum she threw in the privacy of her own room, Rachel was all set to return to school in order to gain her old diva self back for Glee. What took place earlier never happened and it wasn't going to distract her from performing in front of the other Gleeks who seemed much happier these days. She wanted all this strangeness to disappear because she could not deal with immediate changes well enough. It was too much and she found herself missing the good ol' days. It didn't matter much anymore because Rachel remembered that she had yet to deal with the Cheerio's tormenting her and Kurt butting heads with her during Glee. Yes! She was finally going to be met with routine again and she definitely wouldn't mind the new insults Mercedes would throw at her because that's what she needed. Anything to forget the encounter with Dave and Suzy molesting her…

When she arrived in the room meant for New Directions meetings, she was surprised she wasn't the only one there that was early. Everybody was there and it looked like they had been anticipating her arrival because their heads whipped around to see who was there at the door. She tried to ignore the friendly facial expressions as she walked past them all to sit on the steps on the stage. They might have been staring at the new outfit she was wearing, which was supposed to be sexy on purpose since the song she would be singing would provide female empowerment. She wore a deliciously short black skirt complete with fishnets and spiky black boots she impulsively purchased at Hot Topic awhile ago and sported a black fitted cami top with lace. Let's face it; a dark, broody Rachel was sexy and the entire room shamelessly spent a few minutes checking her out before the comfortable silence was broken.

"Rachel Berry, I never thought I would say this to you but that outfit you're totally rocking is making me question my sexuality. And being the fabulously gay young man that I am, that's saying quite a lot." Kurt Hummel declared, pacing back and fourth as he was evaluating Rachel. Everybody in the room gasped and gaped at the boy, who was nodding his head in approval before returning to his own seat. Rachel blushed darkly at the compliment since Kurt had always been a bit malicious towards her, with Mercedes egging him on. This was so not going the way she had planned, she intended on bringing out the inner bitch within to put these Gleeks in their places but they were being genuinely nice. It was painful to bear since this was not routine.

"While I appreciate your enthusiastic response to my apparel, I must voice my concerns on the matter. And please, don't be offended when I ask this but…are you high?" Rachel asked incredulously, looking around the room which didn't help support her cause at all. Santana Lopez sat cross legged, clenching tightly as her hands gripped the bottom of her chair while staring at her mile long legs, which was impossible since the girl was five foot two. Brittany looked dazed as her eyes darted up and down the brunette's scrumptious body. Quinn Fabray, however, kept a straight face though her cheeks were crimson colored. It looked like she was biting the inside of her cheeks to keep from saying something. Tina and Artie were slack jawed, still enjoying the pleasant sight of a frustrated Berry. Mike was the only one desperately trying to look away. Finn was covering his crotch with his book bag and was muttering something about mail and Puck, well, he was just obviously lusting after his favorite JewBerry.

Mercedes and Kurt glanced at one another and smirked knowingly though without meaning to because Rachel thought they were insulting her with a lie. She huffed and before she could go on one of her infamous tirades, Mr. Schuester walked into the room with an eager Ms. Pillsbury by his side. They greeted the entire class before asking them to settle down as he gave a very long speech about how proud he was of New Directions. While he spoke, Rachel was the only one eagerly listening since she had other things on her mind that she'd rather forget. The rest of the class, minus Kurt and Artie, were struggling to stay put in their chairs as they continued watching Rachel. She was the very epitome of beauty, and everybody wanted to know why they felt a gravitational pull towards her, though the feelings were much stronger in the females. Santana had it really bad, however, because when Rachel accidentally cast a glance over the Latina with an infectious smile, the Cheerio was so ready to pounce and fuck the girl into an oblivion. She personally had no idea why since she hardly knew the girl and could barely tolerate her diva attitude but then again, that domineering attitude was so freaking sexy and she wanted nothing more than to make the other girl submissive.

As usual, when Will announced that they should split up into groups to perform a song, Rachel isolated herself from everybody else to polish her dancing for the song she was about to sing. It's not like she hated them, it was far from that, but it was mainly because they disliked working with her and she thought she was better off on her own anyway. She was surprised when she found herself being surrounded by every member of New Directions, each small group glaring at one another. Quinn courageously stepped forward and cleared her throat, "R-Rachel, would you like to join Brittany, Santana, and I? We're having some troubles figuring out a good song to sing and we'd like your assistance." Rachel's jaw dropped wide open and some of the guys groaned but for unknown reasons. The irresistible and gorgeous Quinn Fabray, former arch nemesis, spoke politely to Rachel without using any of the offensive nicknames she used on her. Was it the end of the world already?

"T-that's n-not fair, F-Fabray! You a-already maxed out your g-group, A-Artie and I need one more person!" Tina attempted to growl, but failing miserably with her fake stuttering that she grew accustomed to. Brittany began pouting and her shoulders sagged, a low whining sound coming out from the back of her throat. "You don't need to be so mean, Tina. I need Rachel's help because I'm not that much of a good singer and I would like some vocal lessons but I guess you want to take that away from me. God, I suck!" If Rachel's heart hadn't melted from the sight, she would have suspected that the girl could be an excellent actor if she wanted to be. Rachel stood up the moment Santana raised a threatening fist towards Tina and she rushed to assure the sad Cheerio.

"You don't suck, Brittany, granted that you don't have many years of training like I do but you're quite good. I'll be happy to help you out, hon. And Tina, perhaps I could join you next time?" She said with a raised eyebrow, trying to decipher the expression on the Chinese girl's face. With the promise of working together next time, Tina's face lit up and took a spot on Artie's lap to work on a duet. After Chang left, Brittany bounced up and down happily, shyly grabbing Rachel from behind the neck and pulling her into a longer-than-necessary hug. To the shorter girl, it felt like she was being choked to death but to the happy go lucky blond, she was reveling in the warm embrace. She was already ahead in the game no one knew they were playing when it came to wooing Rachel Berry.

Santana and Quinn were not amused. They pried the smaller girl out of the taller girl's arms and dragged her away from everybody else. They discussed which songs they thought had potential for all of the girls to sing until they got distracted and started giggling like crazy. It was a different experience for Rachel, not being used to the positive attention but she kept her mouth shut and played along. "Hey Berry, what happened to your lip? It's bleeding…" Quinn said, trying not to sound so concerned but it was too late. Rachel flinched when Santana reached out to get a better look so she suddenly lied. "Oh you know, I bite my lip too hard when I get nervous. I must have been biting it again, it's such a disgusting habit, I'm aware but I'll be fine." After cleaning it properly, she returned to the girls and her hyper self came bubbling at the surface when she remembered that she had the perfect song for all four girls to sing.

"Okay, I think I may have the perfect song for all of us to sing since it's quite empowering to the female community. I was watching the First Wives Club last night starring one of my favorite idols, Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn, and Diane Keaton. At the end of the movie, they performed a song by Lesley Gore and the title of the song is You Don't Own Me. Have any of you heard of it?" Rachel asked in one breath, observing the facial expressions on each of the girls' faces. All of them but one shook their head and Rachel was surprised that Brittany had any knowledge regarding Lesley Gore. "Oh she's that lady who sings 'It's my party and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to…', right?" Brittany inquired, and Rachel just wanted to grab the cheerleader and kiss her though she was sure she'd be met with Santana's foot up her ass. She enjoyed listening to music from the 40's and up, Lesley Gore managing to be one of her many favorite artists from the past.

The two were talking back and fourth about how they each knew about the famous singer and Rachel was enthralled by Brittany's insight. They were interrupted by a jealous Quinn and Santana, looking up at Rachel with expectant eyes. "If you two are done quacking like ducks, maybe you could perform the song for us, Rach. We'd like to hear what the song is about now, if that's okay." Santana tried to sound irritated but she ended up sounding hopeful for a performance by Rachel Berry, which she actually was. Brittany got distracted and asked something about where Mr. Schue kept the duck but Rachel ignored it. She instead got up and threw a wink and smile at the girls, "Alright, ladies, bear with me. Let me show you how it's done." All three Cheerios blushed shyly and watched the girl take center stage, drawing everybody's attention.

"Okay, listen up everybody. I'm going to perform a song by Lesley Gore and you're all going to sit down, stay quiet, and take it like ladies and gentlemen. Got that? Alright, I brought a compact disc that's pre-recorded with music and no lyrics, and the song of my choosing is on there." Rachel sauntered over to the stereo while everybody remained silent as they walked closer to the stage to watch the small girl perform. There was excitement and sexual tension hanging thickly in the air and everybody except Rachel was aware that she had been the direct cause of it. Quinn, already fighting with her stubborn pregnancy hormones, decided once she got around to it, she would get off to the thoughts involving her and Rachel.

The lights dimmed, the sound of music already starting to play in the background and a confident Rachel Berry strode towards the edge of the stage, arms raised above her head:

You don't own me, I'm not just one of your many toys. You don't own me, don't say I can't go with other boys…

Everybody could feel the passion ready to explode out of the tiny girl's body and they were going to patiently wait for it since they were already enticed by the alluring lyrics coming out of the girl's mouth.

And don't tell me what to do, and don't tell me what to say, and please, when I go out with you don't put me on display 'cause

You don't own me, don't try to change me in any way! You don't own me, don't tie me down 'cause I'd never stay…

All the ladies of New Directions were starting to look at Rachel with a new found appreciation, despite the strings of sexual attraction pulling them all in to her. As much as they wanted to focus on her singing, they couldn't help but let their minds wander into dangerous territory due to the exposed legs of the Broadway star wannabe.

Oh, I don't tell you what to say! I don't tell you what to do, so just let me be myself! That's all I ask of you!

I'm young and I love to be young, I'm free and I love to be free, to live my life the way I want, to say and do whatever I please!

And she continued on, repeating the chorus with passion twinkling behind her chocolate brown eyes. Her voice carrying over perfectly as everyone watched with pure awe in their eyes. They knew she was talented, her natural ability to sing beautifully was no surprise to them, but there was something about the way she was singing this song that really captured everyone's hearts. When Rachel finished, she threw her arms open as if she were awaiting a hug and was breathing heavily, another infectious smile painted on those lovely lips of hers. Almost everyone stood up to applaud the performance with the exception of three Cheerios who had something similar crossing their minds though they would never tell each other what they were currently thinking.

They wanted Rachel Berry, no, cross that, they needed her in their lives on a very different level. They fell in love with her and because of that song she sang, they wanted to contradict every word of it. Whether Rachel Berry wanted it or not, they intended on making her theirs because she was so perfect and beautiful, the thought of anyone else having her was very unacceptable. Santana was already thinking ahead of all of them, remembering that there was an upcoming assembly and it was about discrimination and hatred in school. She could perform a duet with the girl regarding homosexuality and she could somehow steal a kiss from her. Yes, that could definitely break the ice and after that, she could definitely see herself walking down the halls with a loving Rachel Berry hanging onto her arm. She smiled cockily, watching the short brunette singer jump off the stage and skip over to them.

Brittany knew she could win Rachel's heart somehow but something was troubling her. She could sense her two other friends were watching the singer the same way she was and she greatly disliked it. Brittany hated competition but if the path to winning Berry's heart involved fighting off her two horny friends, she would do it because if there was something Brittany wanted, then she would get it. No questions asked. When Rachel pulled her into a random hug, the blond sighed contently knowing that she could easily charm this girl into loving her and quite possibly getting her naked.

As for Quinn Fabray, this was going to be quite difficult because after making a promise to herself and her friends that she would not engage in another relationship until she was ready, she knew she wouldn't resist Rachel Berry for very long. Their relationship in the past had been tumultuous at best and even though things were barely starting to pick up for the both of them, it wasn't going to be easy to convince the diva that she loved her. In fact, she decided that once she gathered the courage, she would just bluntly explain her feelings to her and pull her into a searing, mind-numbing kiss. They she would proceed to taking her clothes off. Then she would lay the nude girl down on her back and straddle her face and ride her tongue as hard as she could. Oh God, it's time to pray, Fabray! She frantically thought to herself, forcing those naughty images out of her mind before she did something stupid.

Rachel Berry was just blissfully ignorant of the war that was to come and she just smiled, knowing that even though the day had been quite strange, she was sure that everything would return to normal. She was so looking forward to her daily slushy facial and the Cheerios deliberately tripping her down the hall and laughing at her questionable fashion choices. After all, Rachel needed routine more than anything and, well, she would just have to make an exception to the very few changes coming her way. Santana Lopez trying to seduce her while Brittany and Quinn plot away wasn't a big deal, right? And Suzy Pepper wouldn't corner her again. She was almost certain of that.

Author's Note: So there was the first chapter to the story I had been wanting to write for awhile now. Again, it was supposed to be fluffy and funny, but because I tend to lose control, this is going to be quite smutty. Please tell me what you think, I, uh, don't think I'm good at adding humor into stories. Lol Anyway, just to let you know, I'm going out of town soon and I won't update my latest Glee & Twilight fic until sometime next week. I hope you all forgive me. Oh and I'm thinking the song Santana and Rachel should sing together is Tatu's All The Things She Said but I'd love some of your opinions first.