You Don't Own Me

Chapter Three: You Shook Me All Night Long

Rated: M(For Language, Sexuality, and Adult Content)

Disclaimer: I Don't Own Glee, But Glee Owns Me.

A/N: Yes, this story is absolutely absurd but writing it makes me giggle. My friends think I'm completely masochistic for being in love with Lea Michele's character, but I don't care; Rachel Berry owns my soul. Anyway, this one is for all you Rachel/Brittany shippers out there. Oh and there's more interaction between Rachel and Quinn, I unintentionally left her out in the last chapter. Hope you enjoy the lengthy update. Warning: Spoilers for Funk at the beginning of my 2nd Author's Note.

It had been a week since Santana Lopez totally claimed Rachel Berry as her own, but much to her dismay, their status as McKinley High's latest and most attractive power couple in charge went unnoticed by half the female population. What made the situation worse was the fact that her small and incredibly cute girlfriend was still in denial about why she was a target for sexual frustration. She still believed that it was a rumor fueled out of jealousy in order to further humiliate her shall she ever fall for it herself. While Santana appreciated that Rachel only wanted to pay attention to their relationship, it still bothered her that other unworthy sluts wanted a piece of the diva as well. The Latina, along with Kurt and Mercedes, would let the rest of the carnival freaks stalking Berry know that she belonged to her and no one else.

Except when it comes to the possibility of sharing Rachel with her best friend, Brittany, who she cannot mistreat in any type of situation. After Santana walked the aspiring Broadway star to class, she was cornered by both Quinn and Brittany at the end of the hallway. They certainly looked displeased and she knew exactly why. The head Cheerio smirked knowingly and raised an eyebrow as she challenged the both of them to say anything negative about her relationship with Berry. It was Brittany who spoke first and the words that fell from her lips instantly fueled the uncontrollable anger within her. She bit her tongue as hard as she could to keep from spewing out insults that would ultimately end their friendship and Santana didn't want that to happen. "Santana, we've talked about this before. Don't you think that sharing would be caring? Rachel's like totally hot and I kind of want to have sex with her too. When do you think would be a good time for her and I to hang out?" Brittany asked this as if it were the most normal thing in the world to ask your best friend. It pissed Santana off, but Quinn looked even more upset than the both of them put together.

"Excuse me, Brittany, but you can barely count to five in Spanish so what makes you think you're suitable for Berry? Anyway, Lopez, you've been purposely keeping Rachel away from us because you're afraid of a little competition. Are you worried that Brittany and I are absolutely capable of making her happier than you ever could?" Quinn sneered though there was no actual animosity written behind those dangerous hazel eyes of hers. There was a slight edge to her voice, however, and it definitely raised Santana's interest though she knew she shouldn't get herself into trouble with her girlfriend already. She wanted to keep Rachel all to herself because her body was a wonderland and her attitude turned her on more than anything; why the hell would she ever want to give other people the opportunity to explore Berry for themselves? The annoyed but calm brunette sighed in defeat, knowing that she could never say no to Brittany and Quinn would find a way to get under her skin enough to concede.

"I'm not exactly happy about the feelings you harbor towards my woman, but I'll allow you to entertain with the idea that you can totally win Rachel over. I'll give each of you a week to play with Rachel, but if you're doing this out of spite and not because you have feelings for Berry, then I'll murder you. Don't fuck with her emotions, she means a lot to me and if she means something to you, then you're going to have to prove it to me. We'll come up with an agreement between the four of us if this works out, okay?" Santana says reluctantly, though she had a nagging feeling in the back of her mind that she wouldn't mind sharing Rachel with her two best friends. Quinn had always been a repressed lesbian and she suspected it ever since she began drawing inaccurate pornographic images of her girlfriend. Brittany…well, she wants everything that makes her happy and she has often admitted that Rachel was extremely fun to hug and her voice makes her heart beat fast. There was nothing wrong with poly-amorous relationships, Santana totally encouraged it but she felt like they were way too young to explore each other that way. Then again, Rachel had a right to explore other options before settling so Santana surprised herself when she felt no jealousy at the thought of her getting involved with Brittany and Quinn as well.

Quinn's expression immediately lit up at Santana's suggestion and thanked her before she waddled away to her next class. Brittany had this period off so she would have plenty of time to plan before befriending Rachel and making any serious moves on the girl. The Latina shrugged and walked away, trying to ignore the fact that other women still wanted Rachel Berry. She would fight tooth and nail to protect her from those who intended to harm her and damn it, she wouldn't mind a little extra help from Quinn and Brittany. She smiled at the thought of Rachel being loved and cared for by all those she thought hated her; it was satisfying to know that one could prove the beautiful girl wrong from time to time. By the time she entered Chemistry, she overheard one of her Cheerio teammates whispering about how nice Rachel's ass was and she couldn't believe her luck. She actually got away with punching the girl in the side of the head. Today was going to be a good day indeed.

By the time Rachel's off period rolled around, she found herself walking side by side with Quinn Fabray and Brittany instead of her overprotective girlfriend Santana. The smaller girl couldn't help but keep her arms folded to her chest as she kept looking over shoulder to see if there were any hockey players waiting to attack her with slushies. Brittany noticed how paranoid the singer was and smiled, wrapping an arm over her shoulders as she pulled her closer into her body. "I cannot fathom the reasons why either of you would wish to spend time with me since the both of you have blatantly expressed your dislike of me in the past. I must admit, I'm quite uneasy at the moment as I suspect that I will be met with a slushy attack." Rachel bluntly stated after a peaceful moment had gone by. She was expecting insults to be thrown at her but none came. What happened next, however, pleasantly caught her off guard.

"Rachel, I know we haven't been kind to you in the past because of how intense and overwhelming you used to be. We've changed though, and we figure that you deserve to be treated with respect because you're simply a wonderful person underneath that diva image. I want us to make it up to you and I hope you can believe that." Quinn told her sincerely, her fingers lightly trailing themselves up and down Rachel's arm suggestively. The ex-Cheerio couldn't help but sigh in content as she enjoyed the feeling of teasing the surface of Rachel's skin. She briefly wondered how she would feel from the inside but shook those thoughts off since she would without a doubt begin to molest the singer. Quinn tilted her head to the side as she analyzed the beautiful expression on Rachel's face. She was simply mesmerizing, how could she have not seen it before?

Rachel was speechless, Quinn had never offered to say anything positive to the girl before and this sounded genuine. It was unsettling at first but since Rachel opted to make friends with anyone at any given opportunity, she would take it up. Before she could respond, Quinn leaned forward and pressed a gentle kiss on her forehead, her soft pink lips lingering before pulling away. "We'll hang out later sometime, I'm going to be late for class. See you around, Rach." The pregnant ex-Cheerio called out, turning around slowly before entering her classroom. The smaller girl was heavily blushing, turning her head to observe Brittany's reaction but it didn't give anything away. The innocent blond was just staring at her fondly and that caused a chill to run down her spine. The taller girl had never given her that look before…well, except for that time during their performance of "Lean on Me" where she randomly embraced her. It was…very stimulating if she were to be honest.

The lovely moment was ruined by the sound of the bell ringing and although it alarmed Rachel that Brittany would be running late to class, the Cheerio didn't seem bothered by the fact whatsoever. Since when has she ever worried about tardiness in the first place? Sue Sylvester always made sure her Cheerios could get away with whatever they wanted. With a charming smile in place, Brittany leaned over to the smaller girl and whispered, "I'll have a surprise waiting for you when rehearsal comes around. I know you haven't seen me take up a solo or anything but trust me, you're going to like my voice. There's a reason why I'm still in Glee you know." With that said, Brittany pulled away and ambled towards her next class, her head still over her shoulder as she refused to look away from Rachel. The short brunette couldn't help but wonder why the Cheerios wanted to befriend her all of a sudden. Sure, there had always been an intense rivalry between herself and Quinn over the boys in their lives but she let that go and apparently so did Quinn. She wasn't about to question Santana since she was her girlfriend but still, she wondered what could have possibly possessed the new head bitch in charge to want her in such a romantic manner.

Brittany was actually kind of hard for Rachel to read and that frustrated the singer more than anything. Was this some sort of elaborate prank? The thought immediately left her head because surely Santana wouldn't be cruel enough to take her virginity as some sort of joke. That was ridiculous, she was being paranoid. Rachel just had to take this in stride and accept the friendships that were being offered to her. It was a welcome change despite how overwhelming it felt. She never once questioned her sexuality ever since the whole thing happened with Santana and she didn't want to look back either; she was comfortable with herself, respected the relationship she was now in, and that was enough for her to accept everything as it was. There was no need for explanation, and that's how Rachel liked it.

The rest of her day went on without incident, and when it was time for Glee rehearsal, she found herself becoming more excited at the prospect of finally seeing her friend, Brittany, take up a solo. Rachel always wondered what the girl would sound like if she hadn't always provided the vocals in the background, and maybe she would prove to be talented like Santana. She entered the choir room and found a familiar Cheerio expectantly waiting for her arrival and out of pure instinct, Rachel walked over to the Latina and wrapped her arms around the taller girl's waist. Santana pressed her lips against the diva's lips and they remained in that position for awhile before they were interrupted by Kurt and Mercedes loudly clearing their throats. "Remember, Berry, if it's too much, don't hesitate to blow on the whistle. We have yet to show you what we're capable of." Kurt said quite enthusiastically, apparently not afraid to antagonize his Cheerio teammate.

The Latina rolled her eyes, knowing fully well that the boy was just waiting to jump at the chance to show off how tough he could be, despite how stereotypically gay he was. They turned around when they heard the sound of the door slamming shut with Mr. Schuester looking absolutely disheveled and uncomfortable. He slowly backed away from the entrance when all of a sudden, the door flew open again and an ecstatic looking Suzy Pepper entered the choir room. Her wild and crazy eyes wandered around the room before they fell upon her intended target: Rachel Berry. While Rachel could appreciate the girl's decent makeover, she instantly felt the hairs on the back of her neck raise vertically. She was truly afraid now because she recognized that same look she had given Mr. Schuester awhile back(that was clearly a mistake) written in Suzy's facial expression. "Oh Rachel, I can finally demonstrate my undying feelings for you through song. I can assure you that even though I'm nowhere near as talented as you, I'm still quite good." The girl declared with a longing sigh and without warning, the resident lunatic lunged herself at the smaller girl.

Before Santana could reach out and beat the other girl into a bloody pulp, Kurt and Mercedes actually caught the girl in the air and threw her down to the ground. Mr. Schuester, relieved that the girl had focused her affections on someone else, was in shock to see two of Rachel's former rivals tearing Suzy Pepper a new one. "Hey, who the hell do you think you are throwing yourself at our home girl like that? You need to get quarantined before you're allowed at least five hundred feet away from Rachel." The Glee club gasped as they heard Mercedes chastise the writhing girl on the ground, it was amusing and terrifying all the same. Kurt lifted Suzy off the ground and escorted Suzy out of the choir room, telling Mercedes to stay behind and that he'll let her know where to locate Pepper later. Rachel and Santana glanced at each other nervously before looking over to Mercedes who stared at the both of them with a questioning look.

After thanking the girl politely, and when the general awkwardness of the situation faded, everybody settled down and waited for Mr. Schuester to speak. He was basically going on about how they really needed to prepare for Regionals and that they really needed to switch things up and improve some more. It was then that Brittany decided to raise her hand, and of course, their choir director hesitated before giving the floor to the innocent blond. It wasn't as if he didn't respect the girl, he just wanted everybody to be serious about Regionals and with Brittany constantly prowling for hidden non-existent ducks, Will was just unsure whether or not he wanted her to contribute to anything. "I've got a song that I'd like to sing, Mr. Schue. It might point us in the right direction because we haven't really done anything edgy or truly rock and roll. We should give it a try, we may be able to pull it off." Brittany suggested after everybody had given the girl their full attention. Rachel raised an eyebrow at this but the blond was actually being serious. She wasn't sure whether to trust the friendly Cheerio with a solo anymore, but the singer kept quiet out of respect.

Brittany gave the music sheets she had prepared in her hands over to Finn, who instantly ran over to the drum set, while she assisted Artie with his electric guitar. Everybody patiently waited for Brittany while she carefully prepared and as nervous as they were about her performance, they were pretty much looking forward to hearing Brittany take over a song by herself for once. Rachel slightly fidgeted in her seat as she met Brittany's intense gaze before the girl signaled the band to start playing familiar music. Oh. My. God. Rachel immediately clamped her legs shut as she felt herself being swallowed up by the seductive tone of Brittany's singing voice. It was husky, sultry, and the growling that ripped out of the taller girl's throat was simply sexy as hell. Who knew that the blond could pull off AC/DC's You Shook Me All Night Long so fucking well?

She was a fast machine

She kept her motor clean

She was the best damn woman I had ever seen

She had the sightless eyes

Telling me no lies

Knockin' me out with those American thighs

Taking more than her share

Had me fighting for air

She told me to come but I was already there.

Rachel swore to God she felt Santana stiffen beside her but she instantly relaxed when the entire Glee club decided to participate. Santana felt it would be less personal and intimate if everybody else sang along with Brittany, but she knew that wouldn't distract her best friend. When the Latina stood beside Brittany and Quinn, she noticed that they were looking directly at her girlfriend, who was desperately turned on by the performance. The brunette couldn't help it, three beautiful girls who were singing one of the sexiest songs she'd ever heard in her life were looking her over with unreadable expressions and she was undoubtedly aroused by it. Brittany's gaze held her attention longer, however, and she secretly hoped that Santana wouldn't be bothered by this considering their own history together. It was Brittany, she completely owned her at this very moment, especially when she kept repeating, "You shook me all night long!" Rachel boldly shifted her thighs as an experiment and she realized that her core was not only throbbing excitedly, but her folds were impressively wet as well. She needed release. Badly. As much as she wanted to participate with the Glee club, she was feeling incredibly selfish and her needs were to be met as soon as possible. After the song ended, Brittany sent her a sexy smirk that had the girl jumping out of her seat, excusing herself to use the restroom before bolting out of the choir room. Santana knew what this meant and immediately stalked her girlfriend, feeling absolutely horny even after knowing it was Brittany who unexpectedly aroused Rachel.

Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to share after all, the Cheerio thought as she thrust three fingers into Rachel forcefully. They locked themselves in the bathroom, taking advantage of the time they had together now to get one another off before they went over to Rachel's house to continue this little session of theirs. Rachel had wrapped her legs around Santana as her head hit the back of the tiled wall, nails digging into tanned shoulders aggressively. The Latina swallowed her girlfriend's moans with a passionate kiss that nearly sent her over the edge while massaging her girl from the inside and with the feeling of the singer's walls tightening themselves around her fingers, she knew she wasn't going to last another minute. After curling her fingers in the right spot, Rachel screamed her release inside of Santana's mouth, which left the cheerleader panting heavily afterwards. After the both of them came down from their high, Rachel was still peppering kisses all over Santana, briefly sucking and nipping at her collarbone when she noticed that Santana was paying attention to a text message she just received from Brittany. The brunette heavily blushed as she backed away from her girlfriend, reaching down to pull up her panties that she let fall to the ground. She was bracing herself for an angry speech but it never came.

Santana looked over at Rachel with a smile in place, showing her the text. "Brittany's throwing a pool party at her place this Saturday and she invited us. You want to go?" She asked sweetly, pulling the singer in for another demanding kiss that failed to lull the dull ache between her thighs. Rachel was grateful that Santana didn't show an ounce of anger for what just transpired between them after Glee but she couldn't stop herself from wondering what the other girl had planned. Rachel huffed and was beginning to feel annoyed with herself; this was simply an opportunity for her to seal the inevitable friendship that had been growing between Brittany and Rachel. This was just Santana's way of stepping aside and giving her "permission" to hang out with other people. Face it, Santana had been clinging onto Rachel and barked at anyone(including Rachel's friends) who threatened to invade her girlfriend's personal space. Whatever it was that kept Santana calm, Rachel gladly accepted the offer and looked forward to attending the pool party with her new friends. It wasn't like anything interesting was going to happen.

Santana didn't think it would be such a terrible idea at all to bring her girlfriend along to a party where it required you to be in either swim trunks or a bikini. She didn't think of the consequences that would follow bringing her scantily clad girlfriend to Brittany's house, where a ton of hormonally charged teenagers were currently drinking and dancing suggestively against one another. Seriously, the head cheerleader assumed that Rachel would be sporting a one-piece swimsuit that effectively covered her delicious body while wearing ridiculous flippers and goggles. Yes, it was quite rude to assume how childish Berry could be but after dealing with years of being visually assaulted with hideous argyle sweaters and bright blue pantsuits, how could she not think that Rachel's swimwear could be just as ugly?

She was proven wrong, however, and she wasn't sure whether or not she should be pleased with that fact. Santana was in the middle of a non-important conversation with Puck when all of a sudden, her girlfriend unintentionally created a dramatic entrance. They were in Brittany's backyard, clearly enjoying the sunshine and warmth Saturday provided and everybody was having a great time. The obnoxiously tall Finn Hudson wore a dopey grin on his face as he flipped burgers and hot dogs behind the grill Brittany didn't know how to use while the hostess herself was off chattering away with Quinn in the Jacuzzi. Mercedes and Kurt were attacking Tina and Artie with squirt guns and it was entertaining, really, because Kurt was taking his role way too seriously as a badass. Santana would have thought it was adorable if she hadn't been so annoyed with his awkward, erroneous re-phrasing of Clint Eastwood quotes. It was Rachel's shrill voice that interrupted the Cheerio's thoughts and the party right then and there and everyone's eyes flickered over to the brunette.

Jaws were dropped, plastic party cups were crushed, and silence would have reigned had there not been music playing in the background. The five foot two singer stood there in all of her glory sporting a plain black bikini that revealed way too much of her perfectly tanned skin. Santana had seen her naked, plenty of times, yet she still felt the awe that everyone who surrounded her felt when they took notice of her beautifully toned legs and arms, taut abs, and small but round and full breasts. She was absolutely gorgeous and this definitely beat the image of Rachel Berry wearing a one piece swimsuit complete with flippers and goggles. The smaller girl sauntered over to Santana wearing her signature smile that secretly melted her girlfriend's heart and she held out a small bottle of sun block lotion. "Darling, would you mind applying this all too important sun block lotion over my back? It's quite obvious that I don't wish to be burdened with the risk of unnecessarily obtaining cancer." The diva demanded and it would have been comical had Santana not been aroused.

It took a moment for her to process what her girlfriend had just asked but just as Santana was beginning to comply, she felt Brittany's presence lingering behind her. "I'll be more than happy to help you out with that, Rachel. Santana's going to be busy anyway." Santana heard her friend say and when she turned around to ask what she meant, she saw the mischievous grin playing on Brittany's lips. Before she could brace herself, Brittany, with the subtlety of a freight train, shoved the girl with full force and the Latina stumbled backwards until she fell into the pool with a tremendous splash. Rachel gasped but she couldn't do anything about it when she felt both Quinn and Brittany quickly leading her over to one of the chairs near the Jacuzzi. Quinn happily took away the bottle from Rachel's hand and squirted a decent amount of lotion onto her hands before sensually massaging the singer's shoulders. The pregnant blond cursed herself for coming up with the many insults that implied Rachel was indeed manly but she clearly was the epitome of femininity and beauty. Brittany snatched the bottle from her companion and immediately sought out Rachel's thighs, enjoying the pleasurable sounds escaping the girl's throat.

Santana, however, was in the middle of the pool coughing and furiously rubbing her eyes and nose before she took in the sight before her. Quinn was paying special attention to Rachel's lower back while Brittany distracted her girlfriend with her hands working their way down her marvelous legs. As jealousy was a natural emotion that often bombarded Santana, she felt a twinge of nothing at the sight and she had to raise an eyebrow. It was actually kind of lovely watching her girl receive the pampering she knew she deserved, especially from two girls who she once deemed as her enemies. This week had been strange, especially for everyone who noticed that the former ice queen Quinn Fabray was attempting to befriend Rachel Berry. Brittany had spent some more time with the diva, forcefully including herself in activities that Santana originally planned for herself and her girlfriend. It surprised her that she wasn't bothered by them at all, and she briefly wondered if this thing between her and Rachel was actually serious. Who the hell was Lopez kidding? What she had with Rachel was real, and with Quinn and Brittany involving themselves in their relationship, Santana actually kind of welcomed them with open arms.

Rachel deserved to be loved, and after idly witnessing the girl deal with slushy facials, verbal attacks, and yearbook photo defacing for so long, maybe Quinn and Brittany had a right to atone for their sins. Santana's nostrils flared as she was reminded of the awful things she had personally said to Rachel herself. The truth of the matter was that even though Rachel Berry was the most overwhelming and intense human being she'd ever encountered, the girl didn't deserve the abuse anymore. Of course Santana would allow Quinn and Brittany to involve themselves with her girlfriend, it wasn't like she was offended by the idea of possibly entering a poly-amorous relationship with them. All she wanted was for Rachel to be happy and being loved and cared for by more than one person, that could be more than enough to make up for everything. "Damn, didn't think Finn and I were capable of turning you girls incredibly gay. Not that I mind since my member is throbbing at the sight, it's actually pretty hot. I totally smell a girl-on-girl orgy coming on and I want to watch." Puck said to Santana as he leaned over to help her out of the pool. The head bitch in charge sighed, annoyed that Noah Puckerman hadn't learned his lesson after her Like a Virgin performance.

Instead of replying, she growled and pulled Puck into the pool with her. As she held him down in the water forcefully and temporarily, she howled into the air, "Chicken fight!" Everybody surrounding them cheered and instantly, Matt and Mike jumped into the pool as well. Matt supported Santana while Mike and eventually Finn struggled to support Puck over their shoulders. Santana briefly looked over her own shoulder and found Quinn, Rachel, and Brittany watching them curiously as they all held hands. It was nauseatingly adorable, and it was enough for Santana to know that she had all the encouragement and motivation needed to defeat her perverted ex-lover and friend. "Bring it on, Jewhawk." She whispered harshly, and the fight commenced.

A few hours had passed and the party was still going on strong. Almost everybody was shit-faced, or at least buzzed, but the only few people who hadn't drunk themselves to death included Rachel and Quinn. While Quinn's reasons to remain sober were quite obvious, Rachel made it perfectly clear that teenagers were capable of entertaining themselves without being intoxicated. Santana rolled her eyes at that one but was grateful that the girl had been mindful all throughout the evening since Puck attempted to seduce her girlfriend with wine coolers. Thankfully Brittany stepped in and told him off, warning him that if he impregnated the tiny diva, she would chop off his testicles and sell them on eBay. She also added that they weren't worth much anyway and she'd happily accept a quarter for them, which definitely discouraged Puck from trying anything else with the ladies.

The Bad Touch by The Bloodhound Gang was currently playing on Brittany's iPod dock, and everybody was dancing along to the music. Santana couldn't help herself when she was a little impaired so when she began grinding against Rachel suggestively, unintentionally giving everyone around them a show, she cast a glance over to Brittany and motioned for the girl to join them. The blond surprised the shorter brunette when she placed her hands on Rachel's waist, pressing her crotch directly against Rachel's magnificent tight ass. "S-San, are you okay with this?" Rachel nervously asked, goose bumps suddenly appearing all over the skin where Brittany had teased with her touch. The Latina licked her lips at the sight of her gorgeous friend practically humping her girlfriend from behind and unfortunately for Rachel, that would trigger both her desires and Brittany's. Since Santana didn't find the idea of fucking her girl while under the influence appealing(sex meant nothing to her anymore if wasn't meaningful), she pulled away from Rachel's grasp and forcefully turned the singer around so she was facing Brittany.

"Baby, I want you to kiss Brittany for me." Santana slurred, completely ignoring Rachel's question as she attempted this little experiment of bringing these two together. Rachel blushed, shyly looking up at Brittany through her lashes and what she was met with was the sight of a sexually starved Brittany who couldn't wait to ravish the shorter girl. Of course, the Latina's girlfriend gasped at the suggestion and of course she would have to ruin the good time by lecturing her on the benefits of remaining faithful to one another. It was ironic, really, because her Cheerio teammate placed her leg between Rachel's thighs and her squawking girlfriend was still furiously rubbing her core back and fourth on said leg. Santana was both amused and aroused so she decided to shut her girlfriend up with a kiss, which was the most effective and easiest way to prevent anymore unnecessary word vomit coming out of that girl's talented mouth, and surprisingly, Brittany joined in on the kiss. Rachel's eyes widened at the sight and accidentally let out a strangled moan when she felt both Santana's and Brittany's tongues entering her mouth. Brittany's possessive lips captured Rachel's full bottom lip while Santana nipped at the top, which left the singer to tease both of the girls lips with the tip of her tongue. The blond Cheerio pulled away from Santana's wandering lips and reached around the short brunette's neck to pull the girl in for the most savage, soul-searing kiss she could offer to the diva.

Santana was panting heavily so when she was pushed aside, she clumsily stumbled into the strong arms of Quinn Fabray's. The pregnant girl was on her way to remind the drunken Latina that it was past her curfew and that she'd happily give both Rachel and her a ride home, but she was immediately distracted by the sight of two brunettes sandwiching a blond. It was beautiful if the girl was to be honest, and if she were to be entirely truthful, she felt left out and offended that they didn't give her a chance to make out with them(Rachel was on her mind the most). Santana sensed the longing in Quinn's eyes and smirked, grabbing a handful of Quinn's silky smooth blond locks and pushing her forward towards Brittany and Rachel. "What the hell are you doing, Lopez! Oh God, Rachel! I'm sorry-" Quinn stammered as she realized she had been pushed into Rachel. The blond didn't have the time to finish her apology as the diva stunned her to silence with that intense lustful gaze she was giving her. She whipped her head around only to find Santana making out with Brittany and when she turned her attention back to Rachel, the brunette growled at her before crushing their lips together.

Quinn's faith in God had totally been restored as the heavenly taste of Rachel sunk into her mouth. She moaned shamelessly into the shorter girl's mouth, her raging lust/love for the girl exponentially growing as they explored each other's hot mouths with their tongues. She was conflicted for the briefest of moments, thinking it was incredibly wrong to steal Rachel away from Santana and since the Latina was psychotic when jealous or angry, the pregnant teenager currently running on instinct and hormones considered pulling away. Reluctantly, she might add. When she broke the intense kiss, she didn't even realize when Santana and Brittany had stopped kissing, they were just watching the two go at it. Quinn was immensely turned on but she thought this was kind of weird and confusing. Rachel appeared to be thinking the same thing so when she stepped back in order to say something, she felt Puck's strong arms wrap around her.

"Damn, Jewberry, that was fuckin' hot. I didn't know you had it in you to string three girls along. Mind showing me a few tricks?" He asked, rubbing his manly hands up and down her arms. She had stiffened uncomfortably but she didn't have to worry about it for too long since Santana, Quinn, and Brittany shook him off her forcefully. Puck immediately withdrew, admitting defeat by flailing his arms in the air as Santana punched him really hard in the stomach a few times. After the awkward moment disappeared, Quinn cleared her throat. "We have to get going, Santana, I'm exhausted. You'll just have to spend the night with Puck and I because it's a long drive to your house. Rachel…are you ready to go?" She cautiously asked, hoping that Rachel wouldn't mind sharing the guest bed she'd been sleeping on with Santana and herself.

Before Rachel could reply, Santana interrupted and raised an eyebrow as she glanced over at Brittany, who lazily draped her arms over Rachel's shoulder's protectively.

"Brittany will take care of my girl, Quinn, it's all good. Oh and Rachel," Santana continued, leaning over to whisper in her girlfriend's ear to finish her suggestion, "Brittany fucking loves it when you lick her armpits. If you really want great sex, make sure to tease her underarms first before anything, okay? And don't worry, I don't care that you like Brittany too. It's okay, baby, it's okay." The Latina sleepily rambled on before she was carefully being pulled away by Quinn, who looked over at Rachel to analyze the expression on her face. The brunette felt guilty that she felt no shame when she kissed two girls who weren't her girlfriend, but then again, Santana had blatantly made out with Brittany right in front of her so maybe she was okay with it…Rachel shook the filthy thoughts out of her head before she could properly explore them. Santana was drunk so maybe that would explain some of the easiness she felt when she witnessed two of her best friends making out with her girlfriend. That was it, that certainly had to be it. There was no logical reason why Santana Lopez would be okay with sharing her property. Oh God, Rachel resorted to objectifying herself in order to rationalize the events recently taking place. This was becoming complicated and it slightly worried her.

After saying goodnight to Quinn and instinctively placing a chaste kiss on her lips, Rachel turned to Brittany who was currently occupied with some of the remaining guests leftover in her home, but she too was saying goodbye. Thankfully. The blond felt shy dark brown eyes watching her and Brittany offered the girl a brilliant smile, hoping that she wouldn't ask for a ride home because there were things to be done and said. Rachel tried to grasp the reality of the situation, wondering why it felt so natural to embrace these girls in her life, who were her former tormentors throughout most of her educational career. While Rachel admitted to herself that same sex attraction was perfectly normal, she didn't think things would be this complex, especially when dealing with three attractive girls who used to tease her mercilessly but now treat her like an actual human being. She should be angry and confused, unwilling and dominant, but for some reason, she found herself…appreciating the situation she was in. It was true, Rachel was an attention whore and she proudly thrived on it and it didn't matter how she was getting the attention as long as she was getting it.

She didn't imagine that it could be like this, however, and the thought of being intimate with other girls aside from Santana…it was natural and satisfying in a way she couldn't explain properly to herself at this very moment. The fact that she could allure Quinn Fabray and Brittany as well as Santana made her feel mischievous and smug for the moment. She would develop a better conscience later; right now, it was just Brittany and herself and she would indulge in her desires. She didn't realize how long she had been waiting there with a curious expression on her face because when Brittany approached her, she was temporarily startled. "Oh, Brittany!" Rachel started out nervously, trying to appease the sexual tension hanging thickly in the air by stalling, miserably failing in the process. "I just want to thank you for-mmph!" The brunette was cut off by the blond's lips pressing hard against her own. The ditzy Cheerio pulled away with darkened eyes darting up and down the singer's body, wrapping her arms around the shorter girl's neck.

"Shut up and kiss me." Brittany playfully teased, Rachel quickly taking the bait by stretching upwards in order to claim the blond's lips once more. The singer didn't know what she was doing, really, but all she knew in that moment was that she wanted to do whatever this was with Brittany, Santana's best friend and semi ex-lover. She pushed out all logical thoughts from her head that were threatening to ruin this moment because this felt incredible. It seems like Rachel wanted this just as much as she wanted everything else in life and she was too greedy to give it all up. She needed more because she felt like she deserved it all, and unbeknownst to her, Brittany's thoughts mirrored her own. The innocent Cheerio just wanted to convey her feelings for Rachel, which had definitely changed ever since Sectionals. The short singer was brilliant, talented, and beautiful; why the hell did she deserve all the ostracism in the first place? When Brittany bit Rachel's tongue at the unpleasant memories of taunting Rachel herself, the shorter girl let out a low mewling sound that turned the taller girl on.

Rachel assumed she had done something wrong and looked uncertain for the first time this evening and Brittany wanted to assure her that everything that was happening between them was okay. So she picked up the smaller girl using all of her strength, and carried the girl over her shoulders as she made her way upstairs and into her bedroom. When she gently pushed Rachel onto the bed, she immediately stripped herself of her swimwear as she towered over the girl. The brunette gulped loudly, wondering to herself if this was indeed a good idea after all since she only knew how to pleasure Santana but when she felt slender fingers slipping into the waistband of her skimpy bikini bottom, all coherent thought fled again. After Rachel unhooked her top and tossed it over to the ground, she was laying down flat on her back completely nude on Brittany's bed with said girl beginning to crawl over the singer. Rachel's breaths were deepening, nervousness once again settling in because she was about to have sex with Brittany, Santana's best friend, and she was allowing it to transpire. What was wrong with her? When Rachel anxiously shot up, Brittany placed a hand on her chest and gently pushed the girl back down. Brittany was basking in the beauty that Rachel radiated and it slightly offended her when Rachel sat up with a panicked expression written on her face.

It was because Rachel didn't know, she didn't know that the blond had been harboring not-so-friendly feelings towards the girl and the brunette assumed that this was going to be a meaningless…encounter. Brittany refused to use the word 'fuck' because that unpleasant word was far too vulgar to describe what she was about to do with the singer. This was how she expressed her feelings to somebody she liked, to somebody who deserved to be loved and cared for and that person was Rachel Berry. She was going to be gentle with the girl because she wanted to make love to her, to make the girl finally understand that there were people who genuinely cared for her. Santana and Quinn were different people who weren't exactly perfect when it came to expressing their feelings but she knew they felt the same for Rachel and that they wanted her to be happy. They all just didn't know that they were the ones who would be responsible for Rachel's happiness and Brittany really tried to simplify this but failed because love was obviously complex and what was just beginning to unravel for the four of them…they would figure out what that was together in the end. Just as long as Rachel would remain happy and in their lives. Brittany always believed that she could have her cake and eat it too.

Brittany leaned over to whisper in Rachel's ear, brushing strands of dark hair out of the way in the process. The brunette's breath hitched, still perplexed at the fact that she was laying underneath a very nude and intimidating blond Cheerio. She didn't have time to analyze what Brittany had just said to her because it rendered her absolutely speechless. "You're gorgeous, Rachel. I want you to know that I really like you so please stop pretending that this is wrong because it's not." With that said, she waited for the girl to respond but she was pleased that she had silenced the normally talkative girl. That's when Rachel realized that she needed to stop being so insecure and unsure of herself because there was that part of her that still assured her that this was okay and that she was supposed to accept it. So she did. Why question fate?

Rachel reached over Brittany's neck from behind and pulled her in for a satisfying languid kiss that perfectly displayed their feelings for another. The shorter girl liked Brittany, and although she knew they were moving way too fast, she couldn't deny the attraction she'd felt towards the blond. The Cheerio may be slow at times but she was unusually perceptive when it came to people and there was that confidence, kindness, and innocence that she exuded; she was truly a unique and wonderfully talented person and Rachel…well, she didn't necessarily have to justify her feelings for Brittany as they were getting caught up in a situation that was far too complicated for her to assess anyway. Right now, she needed this, and she wanted it just as much as Brittany did(for bizarre reasons unknown to her). So the brunette finally clamped the thoughts running through her mind in this moment and allowed herself to be claimed by Brittany.

The two girls were unsurprisingly gentle with each other because they both respected the other enough to take it slow during this strange transition in their lives and it was perfect. When Brittany went down on the girl, she teased the smaller girl's nipples with her tongue and free hand to distract her from the pressure Rachel would feel when the blond invaded her swollen wet flesh with three of her slim yet powerful fingers. Rachel's pleasurable moans filled the once silent room and Brittany's heart only pounded against her chest at the sounds; her voice had always affected the blond affectionately in one way or another. With every thrust and kiss, the blond would coo in Rachel's ears, whispering sweet things that would encourage the girl to come hard at the end of this. That was all that mattered to Brittany; getting Rachel off in a way only she knew how to. So as the blond carefully curled her fingers in the right spot and pushed in deeply a few more times, the brunette finally came undone. With Brittany's name falling from her lover's lips, the Cheerio smiled brightly and attempted to hide the blush that was consuming her.

Rachel clung on to Brittany as if she were her only lifeline afterwards, shoving her face into the taller girl's chest so she could weep with joy. The blond stroked the girl's hair, whispering romantic things that soothed the smaller girl, who eventually was lulled to sleep by the sweet sound of Brittany's voice. The Cheerio placed a tender kiss on Rachel's forehead and fell asleep with the girl sleeping in her arms. She had achieved her goal of expressing her feelings for the singer and it felt liberating. This was perfect, this was how it felt to be truly happy and all it took was taking the first step into becoming a better person. Rachel would never feel lonely and unloved again.

By the time the smaller girl woke up, however, it was too early in the morning for Brittany to follow suit. Rachel was in absolute shock when she finally took in her surroundings. She was a cheater, an unfaithful whore who went behind Santana's back with her best friend. What kind of person was she? How come the brief guilt she felt last night not be enough for her to put a stop to whatever happened between herself and Brittany last night? Oh my God, she had to be honest with Santana but she knew that their relationship would ultimately be destroyed because of last night's indiscretion. Rachel clutched Brittany's bed sheets tightly against her chest and attempted to calm herself down. Honesty was an important quality, she understood that, but she was afraid that she had just fucked up two important things that was not within her rights to tamper with. Her relationship with Santana and the Latina's friendship with Brittany.

She glanced over at Brittany, and any feelings of guilt slowly faded away. The sleeping girl appeared so peaceful and content, and last night…well, it felt really good. Rachel sighed. This had to be a mistake, there was no way she'd be able to forgive herself for allowing last night to happen. She should have gone home with both Santana and Quinn but no, she just had to be greedy and horny. How pathetic! Before Rachel could scold herself even more, she heard her phone vibrate from within her purse that she had left in Brittany's room last night before they…did "it". She carefully slid out of Brittany's arms and walked over to her purse, well aware that she was naked and exposed as she bent over to pick up her phone. Her brows were furrowed and she pouted. There was a text message from Santana and the message both terrified and confused her.

"Hey babe. We need 2 talk. Q and I will be at ur house around 5 today. Tell B to come along as well. Luv u. xoxo :)"

This was it, the preamble to utter humiliation and inevitable heart break. How could Rachel have been so stupid…

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