Beauty and the Beast; Ouran eidition!

Summary: When Belle's (Haruhi's) Father (Ranka) gets imprisoned by a beast (Tamaki) I think you all know what happens, but what happens when it's the cast of Ouran instead?! If it sparks your fancy read.

Chapter 1 - The Enchantress..Enchanter*

Once there was a 'prince' in the abandoned school of Ouran. He's lived there for many years, alone. When an enchanter came to the school to test his humility.

"I am Nekozawa, if you will take me in. I am only a poor beggar looking for a place to stay. I only have this magical white rose to pay you with. But do not let looks deceive you." He came just before the sun set in an all black cloak covering his whole body except for a face, and it wasn't a very pretty one at that.

"If you are not as beautiful as me, I may not let you in." Said the blond haired boy with the amethyst eyes. When the sun went underneath the horizon the man took away his cloak and the masked face and pulled out a puppet cat.

"You have let my look deceive you, and you have turned me away. Even after I warned you, you took no heed to it. You are now to be cursed for you show no humility. Until you learned to love and be loved, you will remain on this earth as a hideous beast." He said calmly. Tamaki dropped to his knees to beg forgiveness.

"Please, it was only a joke. See? You may come in young sir."

"It is too late. You only allow me entrance now that I have threatened to curse you. You will be a beast." He said before putting the cat, Belzenef's, paw's on Tamaki's head and turned him into a hideous beast, and transformed the school into a tacky gothic place. When the transformation was complete he handed him two things. "Here. If you have someone fall in love with you before the rose wilts, your 21st year, you will turn human and I hope you have learned your lesson by then. And here is a magic mirror to see people with, it may be your only window to the outside world. I bid you farewell." He said before lurking back into the shadows. Tamaki ran back into the school, where he locked himself away, and sought refuge in the third music room where he usually goes to sulk. After sitting in a corner and the mushrooms started growing, he got up to try and play the piano. The one thing he took joy in anymore. But the way his claws were he scratched the wood, and broke the keys. He couldn't take it, he found the nearest thing he could to rip. He found a picture of himself when he was human and ripped it right across to all you could see was his eyes. It wasn't going to be long until the rose wilted, and he had no idea what he was going to do.

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