Beauty and the Beast; Ouran edition!

Chapter 10 - Transformation

Kyoya was about to strike Tamaki when he heard a familiar voice,

"No!" Haruhi yelled jumping out of the cab.

"Haruhi...." He said

"No, Kyoya, no!" She yelled desperately. Tamaki got up and fought Kyoya back just when the piece of wood was about to hit his head. Kyoya was frightened, his eyes went wide as Tamaki roared at him.

"Come on Hunny." Haruhi said, racing towards the house, not soon followed by Ranka. Tamaki continued to fight Kyoya, knowing that Haruhi had come back for him, and pushed him to the edge of the house, Kyoya broke free and started swinging the wood around and climbed up the side of the castle while Tamaki was distracted. Tamaki quickly grabbed the wood and snatched it from his hands causing Kyoya to lose his balance and flail to the side of a rooftop and hold on for dear life. Haruhi started running up the stairs towards Tamaki. Tamaki flipped Kyoya over his shoulder, but Kyoya quickly regained his footing finding another piece of jagged wood and lunged toward him. He swung at a gargoyle that resembled him, and decapitated it.

"Come out and fight coward!" He yelled, walking down a balcony with gargoyles lining the sides. "Were you in love with her beast? Did you honestly think she'd want someone like you when she could have someone like me?" He had walked right past him, and now Tamaki was mad. No beyond that Tamaki was pissed. He crept up on him and surprised him. Kyoya started swinging at him again, Tamaki caught the wood on his mouth, Kyoya broke free swinging again. Kyoya charged and sent him to the edge of the balcony. "It's over. She's mine." He said. Tamaki swatted at him crushing him against the roof and picked him up my the collar of his shirt holding him over the edge into the river over one hundred feet down. "Put me down, please. I'll do anything, just don't hurt me!" He begged. Tamaki saw that two wrongs don't make a right, and put him safely down on the balcony, pinning him down and growled.

"Get out." He said threateningly.

"Tamaki!" Haruhi yelled from the balcony of the third music room. Her hair gone astray, desperate. He looked up at her and his eyes brightened.

"Haruhi." He said softly. She reached a hand towards him and he started the climb up to the balcony. He was almost there and he reached for her hand. "Haruhi?" He repeated. She took his large paw into into her petite hand, he cupped her cheek with his paw. "You came back." He said excitedly. She closed her eyes enjoying the warmth on her face, when suddenly, it left her. Tamaki was roaring in pain and all she heard was a stabbing sound. Kyoya was looking up proudly and was about to stab again until he lost his handling and started falling off the roof. Haruhi caught Tamaki before he fell and let Kyoya go. She helped him over the edge as he was moaning in pain. Everyone came running out to see what was happening. Haruhi laid him down gently on the cold marble balcony of the third music room sadly. She touched his face as his breathing got more and more ragged. He opened his eyes slightly to look at her.

"You....You came back." He said, struggling for air.

"Of course I came back. I couldn't let them-- oh, this is all my fault. If only I had gotten here sooner." She said, laying her head on his heaving chest.

"'s better. It's better this way." He said, in a whispering voice putting his paw on her face

"Don't talk like that." She said wearily, getting up to look at him. "You'll be alright. We're together now, everything will be alright. You'll see." She tried to sound hopeful, but she knew it was in vain. He was battling the pain.

"At...At least, I got to see you one. More. Time." He said, giving up. She sobbed silently into his paw before it fell from her face. His eyes rolled back into his head and he sighed one last breath before letting his head fall against the floor. She covered her mouth with her hands, and her eyes went wide. She shook her head, thinking it would all be a dreama nd she'd wake up any time now.

"No. No. Please. Please don't leave me." She breathed. Laying her head on his already cold chest once again. She sobbed, and cried. "I love you." She whispered in between sniffles.

And finally, the last petal fell from the white rose, and it's light died down. Everyone looked dismally from the rose to the couple on the balcony.

One last thunderclap rolled by, and suddenly flickers of light that looked like mini colored meteorites, fell from the sky one by one. She looked up from her crying as smoke filtered from under Tamaki, and his body lifted up from the ground. Haruhi took her hands from his clothing and backed away, albeit reluctantly. She looked on the scene perplexed as did everyone else. Tamaki's cape wrapped itself around his body, his hand broke free and light was pouring from his fingertips as they turned back into hands. His foot broke free and the same thing happened to it as it did his hand. Haruhi backed away, cautiously trying to put her untamed hair behind her ears, watching the scene that was playing out in front of her. She watched as his beastly figure slowly became human. The rest of his body and face transformed back into human, and Haruhi looked upon his golden hair, shocked. His body slowly made it's way back to the ground, the smoke slowly dissipating. Haruhi walked towards him and extended her hand to touch him. His back heaved up and he was off the ground, Haruhi retracted her hand.

He looked at his now normal hand and realized what had happened. He turned around to look at Haruhi, she looked at him, seeing the resemblance. Not being able to see his eyes yet, she walked forward, he met her halfway.

"Haruhi, it's me." He said to her taking her hand in his. She looked at him almost skeptically, removing the hair from his eyes. She tried to remember the painting from only just a few weeks ago. She looked into his eyes, and remembered the purple orbs from when she sacrificed herself to save her father and instantly recognized him.

"It is you!" She said, placing a hand on his cheek. He lifted his hand to cup her cheek. He slowly moved toward her and their lips met for the first time. Fireworks swept around them and into the air, lifting the curse. The castle went back to being a school and everything was light again. The gargoyles turned into carved statues, the dark and dismal hallways regaining light.

"Hunny! Mori! Hikaru Kaoru!" He exclaimed, hugging them all. Antoinette raced towards him, leaping into his now empty arms, he laughed. He put her down and took Haruhi's petite farm, picked her up and spun her around. When he put her down, they saw Nekozawa running down the drive in order to find a dark place screaming something about murderers.

The next night, they threw a ball and everyone danced and had a great time.

"I told you she'd break the curse." Hikaru said walking up to Renge.

"No, I believe I told all of you."

"I saw her first!" Hunny said on top of Mori's shoulders as he was running around.

"That's true." Kaoru stated.

As Tamaki and Haruhi recreated their romantic evening the night before, everyone watched dazzled. After their dance, They locked lips once again, and it seemed everyone was happy again.

And don't worry, Ayanokoji married herself a nice rich a powerful man who wouldn't give a second thought about her other than her being his trophy wife.


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