Okay, so this is my first fan fic about Alice in Wonderland but I just got a sudden insiparation for this, so, be easy on me, here it is.

So this first drabble is when the Hatter loses his family om the Horvendurus (Spelling?) day. In his POV.

(Hatter POV)

I took in that little chap, Thackery was his name, poor little thing, The Red Queen was making her mark, thats for sure. I was talking to Mally when I came to an abrupt stop. There was Thackery, sleeping, but he was sitting up, curious thing, like falling up, all though that does sound quite fun.

"'Atta'?" Mally called. She had the funniest little accent and with her tiny voice it sounded down right adorable.

"I'm just thinking Mally, oh, have you ever fallen up?" I asked her. Her little eyebrows furrowed together in confusion.

I just gave my giddy laugh then walked over to Thackery. As I was walking, my bouncy red hair caught my eye. It was in need of terrible cutting. I shook that thought away and gently picked up Thackery and took him upt to my room, I made him a makeshift bed out of pillows and blankets. I set him down and tucked him in.

He was a cute little chap but never the less, different. Shaggy and scruffy brown hair. Wait, do shaggy and scruffy mean the same thing, hmmm, I wonder. Back to the point, He was completley bare (Thanks to the 'Queen') so I made him a waistcoat that was a light blue, and his eyes were the strangest, a yellowish brown color.

Quite different but who am I to talk, I have a pale white face, lime green eyes, long red hair that is in need of cutting and a ridiculously large hat.

Well, we might just be a different pair of friends. The poor chap needed a friend and thats exactly what I, Tarrant Hightopp, is going to give him.

Having said that I took off my hat and crawled into bed for a good night sleep, tomorrow we are celebrating, for what I dont quite know (Thanks to my mad mind, I didnt pay attention) and the white queen was coming so I wanted to look my best, and the best part, my whole family is going to be there, Mally would love my sister, quite like her only a bit taller, and Thackery would love all of them, more friends and comfort, he would rest most of the time though.

And with that the Hatter fell asleep, obllivious of to what would happen tomorrow.

Okay, so I was going to cut it there, but I'm gonna do Thackery's POV when he wakes and sees everything.

(Thackery POV)

I woke the next moring to a loud crash, I figured that fellow, oh what was his name, ah, Tarrant, was just making a hat. But as I opened my eyes, I relized that ther was only half a roof there, the other half had been...... burned off!

Just then Tarrant burst through the door.

"Thackery!" he shouted over the sudden roar that errupted from outside.

He came over and grabbed me, tucked me inside his jacket, then took off running down the stairs of the old cottage. He was flying, litterally flying, I trufully didnt know that hatters could move so fast. Then I caught a glimpse of the horrible creature called a Jabberwocky that had attacked my village just a few days prior. Then Tarrant yanked me out in a hurry and put me on a white horse, with it, the white queen sat upon it. She quickly grabbed me and held me securely. Then Tarrant shooed the horse away, much with the queens worry and protests to stay and help, and then he ran off to help. As the horse galloped away we heard a large explosion followed by many screams and one that stood out, one of sorrow and not fear.

"Noooooo!!!!" the voice cried out.

We turned to see Tarrant blocking his face from the fire, but he was the only one besides us....... that was still breathing. Dead.... his family, dead..... killed in front of him. Oh, dear. The fire had died down a sob escaped Tarrant's lips as he saw the bodies, scattered. His family. He shook his head before he went into rage.

"Stupid, bloody begh head!" he screamed, his voice a heavy Scottish Brouge. He began to kick the stray wood and scream in outrage. The queen started to turned around, but stopped when we heard his quiet voice as he looked around, now out of his rage.

"Their all gone." he said quietly, he took on last look before dissapearing into the forrest at a full out sprint. Oh dear indeed, poor chap, Oh dear.

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