The Plan

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Chapter One

The Confession Plan

Loud squeals of adoring fan girls were heard everywhere around me. I groaned slightly. It was that time of day again. Evening. When the night class students come out and head over to the classrooms to learn. It probably sounds a little strange that they learn at night, but it's not that strange if you know of their secret. The Night Class students are really a group of vampires. They were brought here because of the chairman's idea that we will be able to live in peace with them, side by side. The screams got louder as the door to the Moon dorm creaked opened. Standing behind it were the gorgeous perfect figures of the night class students.

"Get back!" I yelled in a frustrated voice, trying to make way so that the night students could at least get through without being pulverized. "Everyone move back!" Well, that wasn't necessary. The once screaming, mobbing girls were now arranged in to neat lines on either side of the walkway, staring silently with looking of absolute adoration on their faces.

The night class now strode between the two lines, some looking annoyed and some just impassive.

"Hello, ladies. How are you doing today?" came Aidou-senpai's voice from within the group.

"We're fine!" came the chorus of enthusiastic voices. He nodded happily, looking very self-satisfied.

"Idol is soooo cool!" squealed a girl from behind me.

"And look at Wild!" said the brown-haired girl beside her. "His orange hair!" She sighed passionately.

I peaked over at Kain-senpai. He was looking very annoyed, glaring at Aidou-senpai, who was relishing all the attention as usual.

"Hello, Yuuki," came a deep voice from beside me. I looked up and felt my face grow hot.

"K- Kaname-Senpai!" I stuttered.

He smiled warmly, staring directly at me. "Thank you for all your hard work."

"Uhhh... sure!" I said, feeling utterly stupid.

"Don't be so uptight," he said, moving towards me. "We've known each other for a very long time, have we not?" I felt my face grow hotter.

"Yes. It's just..." I paused, searching for what to say. "You're the one who saved my life, Kaname-senpai." I stared down at the floor. He caressed my cheek gently, leaving me no choice but to gaze into his beautiful eyes.

"Don't worry about that anymore," he said gently. "It was such a long time ago." Suddenly, I felt his hand get thrown off my cheek fiercely. I looked up, startled.

"Zero!" I said, surprised to see Kaname-senpai's arm encased in Zero's palm.

"Class is starting, Kuran-senpai," Zero said, almost snapping. Kaname slowly took his arm out of Zero's and headed over to the group of night class students waiting for him up ahead. The others were glaring at Zero angrily, defensive and angry over the way he had treated their dorm leader.

"Goodbye Yuuki," he said, as he walked away.

I stared after him, my heart hammering in my chest.

As soon as he was out of earshot, I burst out, "Zero! What was that for? What did he ever do to you?" I glared at him.

"I don't like him. I don't like any of those vampires but I hate him most of all," he said, clenching his fist. I sighed. It was always that way with Zero. His family was killed by an evil vampire so he believes all vampires are evil. I guess you can't blame him for thinking that way after what he went through. The family I never knew was probably killed by vampires too. But I can't be sure, so I have no reason to hate them. Especially since I was saved by one of them ten years ago.

"Let's go!" Zero said abruptly, pulling me by the arm. I looked down. If only he could realize that some vampires are evil, but Kaname-senpai was not one of them! I'm sure of it!


He was walking away. And the box was still in my pocket.

"K-Kaname-senpai!" I called after him. He stopped abruptly and turned to face me. He was smiling warmly. The group of night class students up ahead, paused in their tracks. They always waited for Kaname-senpai. I self-consciously looked around and felt the eyes of every girl there boring through me.

"Uhhhh..." I quickly strode over to him. "I made this chocolate for you for Valentine's Day. I- I hope it's good." I bowed quickly and moved back slightly. "Sorry if it's a bother." My face was toward the floor.

He lifted my chin so that I was looking straight at his perfect face. "Thank you," he said, his smile widening. He kneeled in front of me and gently kissed my hand. I felt my heart racing inside me.

"K-Kaname-Senpai!" I stuttered, my eyes widening.

"Yuuki!" My entire body shook vigorously. "YUUKI!"

The image of Kaname-Senpai kneeling in front me faded. I picked my head up groggily to see Yori standing in front me.

"Yori," I rubbed my eyes tiredly. "Was I sleeping?" I got up and looked around. The classroom was empty.

Yori nodded. "You fell asleep during class. Luckily, it was towards the end of the lesson so Sensei didn't notice. Let's go."

I followed her towards the open doors of the classroom. "Being a prefect must be tiring," she commented. "You and Zero are always falling asleep during class."

I nodded silently. "Hey, Yori," I was barely aware of what was coming out of mouth. "How do you know if a guy returns your feelings when you give him Valentine's day chocolate?"

She cast me a suspicious look. "Is this about Kaname-Senpai?" she questioned. I remained silent so she continued. "Well, there is White Day." she said thoughtfully.

I slapped my forehead. Of course! How could I forget White Day?

"Wait," I stopped suddenly. Yori did the same, looking at me weirdly. My face contorted, deep in thought. "But how do you get a guy to confess on White Day? Not just give you something in return."

Yori said nothing for a few seconds. "Well, they do say the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach..." she said thoughfully.

I groaned. "Yori! I'm serious!"

Yori stared at me, then said. "Get him jealous."

"What?" I said incredulously.

"Get him jealous," she repeated firmly. "Pretend you have another boyfriend - take Zero for example - and he's bound to confess to you before you know it. He wouldn't want to lose to the another guy!"

My face lit up as I gave Yori a quick hug. "Oh, Yori! You're a genius!" I pulled away. "Thank you so much!" I quickly waved and made my way towards the Moon Dorm gates, leaving Yori staring after me in obvious wonder.


I poured the chocolate batter into the flat pan and placed it into the oven.

"There," I wiped the forehead of the sweat. Who knew that making chocolate could be so exhausting? I sat down on a nearby chair and waited for the baking to finish . Most girls buy their Valentine's Day chocolate. Especially the rich girls at our school. Sometimes I think they can afford anything. Anyway, I decided to bake mine this year. I wanted them to be special for Kaname-senpai.

Suddenly, I heard light footsteps down the hall. I gave a quick glance at my watch. 12:30. Who could be down here at this time? A tall silvery haired boy groggily entered the room.

"Zero!" I said clearly surprised.

"I heard someone down here so I came to investigate." He yawned. "What are you doing down here anyway?"

I pointed at the oven, which by now was emitting the smell of good chocolate. Could they be coming out good this time? I've never been much of a cook so it'd be a miracle if they actually taste normal. "I'm making chocolate," I said. "I am a girl you know. It's Valentine's Day tomorrow."

Zero's face became even moodier. "I hate it," he muttered. "So many annoying girls yelling 'kya, kya, kya' over those rotten vampires. W'd do better without it if you ask me." He glanced over at the oven. "And I suppose those are for Kuran-senpai," he said bitterly.

I reddened slightly but said nothing.

"Figures," he said in an undertone as he turned to leave.

"Wait, Zero," I called after him. He stopped without turning.

"You're really good at baking and cooking. Could you help me with these chocolates?"

He turned and sat in the chair beside me without a word. After a few minutes of silence, I broke the ice.

"Zero?..." I began hesitantly. He looked at me, still slightly annoyed. "Uhh... Never mind" I said pretending to be overly curious in my fingernails. Now was not the time to ask him if he was willing to be involved in my plan.

He turned his head away and scowled as he looked towards the almost-ready chocolates.

"What did they those chocolates ever do to you?" I accused. "Why are you scowling at them so much?"

He sat in silence. I sighed, realizing for the hundredth time that penetrating Zero's invisible fortress was almost impossible.

The sweet chocolaty smell was getting stronger. I got up and made my way towards the oven. "They should be ready," I said happily, putting on an oven mitt and taking out the pan. I laid the tray down on the counter and went to the drawer to fetch a knife. I took the sharp metal blade by the plastic handle and began cutting the hardened chocolate.

Well, let me just say that for the record I'm not exactly the best cutter. The supposed-squares were coming out like oddly-shaped rectangles.

"Well, at least it looks like it'll taste good!" I said optimistically. Zero just scowled at them but said nothing nor did anything to help. He's not really mean; that's just his personality.

"Owww!" I raised my finger to see thick red blood flowing down my index finger. "I cut myself," I said aloud.

I looked towards Zero for asssitance. His body started shaking heavily.

"Zero," I said worriedly, forgetting my cut finger. "Are you okay?" I placed my other hand on his arm.

He threw it off me angrily. "Go wash off the blood!" He said fiercely.


"Go wash it off!" He roared. I cast him a quick worried glance then hurried over to the sink. I twisted the faucet and ran the cut over with cold water. As soon as it was clean and covered with a bandage, I made my way back to Zero. He was crouched on the floor, breathing heavily.

"Zero!" I threw myself onto the ground next to him. "Are you okay?" I placed my hand on his shoulder. "Zero!"

He glanced up at me suddenly, his face now calm. It was clear that he was trying to maintain his composure. "I'm fine, Yuuki." he smiled softly.

I sighed with relief. "Thank goodness. I was worried," I smiled as I got up made my way towards the chocolate filled pan. But of course, I knew Zero was not fine. Someone was very wrong and I had to find out what.


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