Chapter Twelve

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"It's been a while since the last time we went to town together," I squealed enthusiastically. Skipping eagerly through the cobblestone streets, I felt the warm late March winds breeze right over me. Now that spring had finally arrived, we could finally go out and enjoy the town's sights. "I'm glad the chairman asked us to help him out! Let's look around!" I shot a grin to Yori, who was standing beside me, calmly watching my sprees through the streets. She smiled softly, nodding in silence.

The tens of shopping stalls situated around us, each one piled on with its own array of goods, only added to my excitement. Hopefully, Yori would be a more animated shopping partner than Zero. It seemed to me that, although the dependable and good friend Yori always was, she didn't seem to show any excitement for anything girly.

Take the Night Class for instance. Even though I don't swoon at the sight of Aidou-senpai or Kain-senpai either, anyone would have to admit, having one of them as a boyfriend would be like living in a dream. It seemed that the only one of notable mention in the Day Class was Zero. The 'normal' boys, sort of looked to him as their ray of hope, as they were forced to watch the girls practically pass out at the sight of the vampires. Even the Day Class girls admit that Zero is gorgeous. The only thing stopping him from being crowded over was his 'too cool to be approached' attitude. Anyway, like I was saying, Yori doesn't even come at twilight to see the Night Class. I guess that's just the sort of girl she is. Like she told Aidou-senpai at the ball, "I prefer someone more normal." I smirked at the thought of how she had answered Idol, not having the slightest idea of the true meaning of the word 'normal' to someone like him.

"Yuuki, where are you going?" I heard a faraway voice call. I glanced back and saw Yori a couple of feet away, gazing at me curiously.

Realizing that, engrossed in my train of thought, I had wondered into a dark passage, I stopped myself. Looking back at her, I smiled uncomfortably. "Sorry, I guess I wasn't paying attention." Running ahead to take my place beside my best friend, I tried to look nonchalant as I said, "I guess I tend to do that a lot, huh?" I laughed awkwardly and began to walk again. I could feel her giving me a mystified look from behind me, but it seemed that she decided to say nothing and follow on after me.

Catching the eye of a clothing booth, I hurried towards it and began examining the many shirts and outfits folded neatly and piled atop each other. After tossing through a few articles of clothing, I raised a long, white apron and unfolded it, laying it out in front of me. The edge was decorated with frilly pieces of fair lace and there were small pockets stitched in by the bottom corners. Right across the front, there was an illustration of some spoons, a large metal bowl, and a hand mixer. Below the picture were the words, "I cook best, my style!" I laughed aloud, thinking of how he always changed his recipes to something totally outrageous. Perfect. It seemed to be made just for him.

"This seems good for the chairman, don't you think?" I showed the apron to Yori, and without waiting for her opinion, said, "He loves to cook, so it's perfect!" I handed it to the lady and said excitedly, "I'll take it!" I handed her the amount of Yen according to the price written on the tag and took the bag she had placed it in, thanking her before continuing on our walk. I peeked inside at the apron, grinning broadly. With this, he was sure to want to send me into town even more often!

Suddenly, I heard a slight whimpering sound from below me. I shifted my eyes downward and saw a young, perhaps five-year-old boy, rubbing the back of his palm against his eyes and sniffing unhappily. Feeling sorry for the obviously lost child, I bent down, the sound of the plastic bag I was holding crunching under me, and placed my hand gently onto his shoulder.

"Are you alright? Did you lose your mother?" I asked soothingly. He looked up at me, moving his hand nodded. His eyes, now unobstructed struck me as fascinating. The left eye was a bright, sea blue, while the other was a light, cinnamon color. I knew that such a thing existed, different-colored eyes, but something about it seemed to irk me.

Ignoring the feelings knowing inside me, I asked, "Do you know where she is?" He bobbed his head and looked up at me hopefully, clearly wanting me to take him to his mother.

Pity welled up inside me as I continued to look at the child, wondering how frightened he must've felt. I got up, straightening myself, and looked toward Yori. "I'll take him to his mother. You can go back to the Academy on your own."

She looked at me worriedly, "Are you sure, Yuuki? It's going to get dark out soon." I glanced up toward the brilliant blend of orange and red, and tried my hardest to ignore the ominous feelings rising up from inside me.

Nodding slowly, I said, "That's okay. I'll be fine. We can't leave this boy on his own." I turned on my feet before I had a chance to reconsider or ponder on my fears of being in town alone. Whirling back for a moment, I waved goodbye to my friend, and allowed the boy to lead the way.

As we strode past the center of town, the roads began to get narrow and murky. It seemed to be taking an awfully long time to get to our destination. The sun continued to lower itself as the minutes droned on, doing nothing to calm my fears. As it began to get darker, the memories crept into my mind once again, plaguing me at their full strength.

"Zero!" I called out, glancing left and right in alarm. How could he do this to me? He knows I hate being in town alone. Seeing as I had no other choice, I began to stride quickly through the streets, looking sideward as I walked, hoping that perhaps Zero was hiding in one of the alleys. Eventually, as my terror rose, my pace began to quicken as well. Now running, I looked through every crevice with no sign of him to be found.

"Where are you?" I cried out, knowing that I was probably only speaking to the walls. Unexpectedly, in my haste, my elbow jammed into a rod of broken metal edging out from the dark brick wall. I stopped abruptly and glanced down at my arm which immediately began to drip with blood. Clutching it in pain, I tried to apply pressure onto the bruise so as to stop the blood from staining my sleeve.

So absorbed I was in the pain of my injury, I paid no attention to the rustling sound from above me. Concentrating fiercely, I tried my hardest not to wince as I slipped up my sleeve so as to get a direct look at the gash. Thankfully, it wasn't too bad, but enough to make me quite uncomfortable. The noise from over me grew louder and suddenly, a swishing sound was heard and I threw my head upward swiftly.

A figure was coming down toward me at an alarming speed. Speedily, I unleashed the Artemis Rod placed against the side of my leg, and threw it over my head in defense. The monster landed onto my weapon and unlocked its mouth to reveal a set of two petruding, threatening fangs. A Level E! Gathering all my strength, I threw it off my rod onto the crimson, brick wall. Within a split second, it leapt off the wall and back at me, landing once again on the Artemis. "You smell delicious!" It cried maliciously. "I want your blood!" Absolutely petrified, my knees melted into butter and my entire body froze. "A vampire… A scary vampire! It will eat me!" The voice that had plagued me for years came back to haunt me, as did the memories of that snowy night.

I stared into the bloodlust eyes of the Level E, my fear continuing to escalate. The vampire, seeing my frozen position and my clear sense of fear, prepared to attack.

"Don't just stand there, Yuuki," a familiar sound came from behind me. Before I even had a chance to turn back and confirm who it was, I felt my hand thrust forward and plunge the weapon directly into the mad vampire. I could hear the static bolt the rod was sending, in displeasure at being touched by my fellow guardian arm. But he made no move to release it.

At Zero's fierce attack, the Level E flew backward a few feet. Quickly, Zero stepped before me and took the hunter weapon from my hand. In one swift movement, he unleashed the blade hidden within the weapons depths and sliced the now advancing vampire in half, shredding it to dust…

Jolting myself, back to reality, I looked down at the child who was still leading the way, and realized that we had gone into a secluded side of town. I reminded myself firmly that it was just that…a memory. And nothing more.

"Here it is," he turned and looked up at me, smiling thankfully.

I looked up at the building and was surprised to see the entrance to a large, ancient-looking building. The stone material seemed worn and I couldn't help but notice that there didn't seem to be many windows. It seemed strange for a family to live in this building. "Are you sure it's here?" I asked not able to rip my eyes from it in astound curiosity.

The boy nodded and smiled gently at me. "Thank you," he said, standing up on the edge of his toes and landing a soft kiss on my pale cheek. My eyes widened slightly in surprise as I looked down at the boy. Suddenly, everything began to get fuzzy. My body began to sway from side to side and before having the chance to think about what had happened, everything went black.


My mind was hazy. Strangely, it was difficult to recall the events that had happened to me seemingly just moments ago. My eyes fluttered slightly and slowly opened. I stared up at the freshly-painted ceiling, trying to recollect my thoughts. Where am I? I thought in bewilderment. What just happened? How did I end up here? I twisted over onto my right, and still feeling a bit dizzy, saw a pair of strong legs sitting beside me.

Raising my eyes, I saw a well-dressed man seated on the nearby chair. His clothing was impeccable, the tuxedo neatly ironed and looking brand new. His dark, smooth hair fell messily onto the edge of his shoulders, framing his pale face. His cocoa eyes were gazing onto me, the loneliness which was so familiar to me, more expressive than ever.

"Are you alright, Yuuki?" the familiar voice breathed.

Startled by the source of the voice, I sat up and twisted my head to look directly at the pureblood. "Kaname-senpai!" I said in surprise. He smiled softly, his eyes locking with mine. I stared at him awkwardly, then after a few seconds, ripped my eyes to look into my lap.

"What happened?" I asked, hoping that perhaps he, having brought me here, would know of the events that had led me into this room. "The last thing I knew I was helping a lost boy find his mother." I finally summoned the courage to look back up at him, trying my hardest not to think of the events that had occurred the last time we had spoken.

His pink lips were twisted into a frustrated frown. "The boy must've been a vampire child, who was invited to the Vampire Ball being hosted here tonight. When he kissed you, if he did," he added, "he would've sucked in your vitality, which is the power of vampire children." His lips twitched for a moment, his frown deepening. Suddenly, he looked up at me and gave a sudden smile, though for some odd reason, it seemed to be a tad forced. "You should be more careful, Yuuki."

"Right!" I said immediately. "I'll know for next time." He nodded and continued to stare into my eyes unabashedly. Feeling slightly uncomfortable at his piercing gaze, I ripped my eyes from his and looked around the room, drinking in my surroundings.

The room was extremely large, its wall bare except for a few paintings scattered over the sides. At the far end, some forty feet away, was a small unlit fireplace, which seemed to be completely unused. Compared to the extent of the room's size, the amount of furniture was quite negligible. The couch I was laying on, the chair on which Kaname-senpai was seated, and a rectangular, brown coffee table beside us, were the only fixtures available.

But what caught my attention most was the fact that there were absolutely no windows. The room was completely blocked off from any outside contact except for the wooden door situated at the end of the room. Something about it seemed somehow familiar, though I could not quite place it.

"Weird," I muttered subconsciously, not at all aware that I was speaking aloud.

"What is?" I glanced to the side and saw Kaname-senpai's curious expression. For a moment, I was slightly confused, unaware of what he was talking about. Finally, figuring it out, I broke into a forced laugh. "Oh, nothing. The room just feels a bit familiar that's all." I felt utterly stupid at my comment. Why would this room be familiar anyway? Probably just my imagination.

I glanced toward the Pureblood King, who seemed, strange as it was to me, to be gritting his teeth painfully. His eyes began to glow a bright crimson, a color I had never seen on him before. Could he possibly be lusting for blood? But what had caused it so suddenly? Quickly pushing these thoughts from my mind, I reminded myself the Kaname-senpai was the vampire who had save me ten years ago. He would never attack me.

But those well-known words came back to me tormenting me to no end. Scary… A vampire… It will eat me! No! I chided myself. No way! Kaname-senpai would never bite me. He knows what it would do. He'd never do such a thing.

I forced myself to bury my fear and asked in almost a whisper, hoping my fear was so apparent, "Are you okay?" He shut his eyes tightly, seeming to be in tremendous pain. "Kaname-senpai!" My voice rose in panic. I began to get up, intent on finding out what was wrong, but was curtly interrupted.

His eyes suddenly reopened, his face still contorted with intense throbbing. With fierce intensity, he shot up and strode quickly towards the door. "I'll be back," he said briskly. "Don't leave from this room." And without so much as another word, he closed the door behind him, leaving me staring in utter confusion.

What in the world just happened? Why did Kaname-senpai get up and leave so suddenly? Could it be because of the pain he was in? I continued to look intently towards the door, half-expecting him to turn the knob and step back in, making up some excuse for his sudden exit. But the door refused to budge.

Looking around, I once again began to wonder why the room seemed to be so familiar. Why did so many things seem almost like dejavu today? First the child's diversely-colored eyes and now my surroundings in this basement. Something about the fact that it was windowless seemed to strike at my core.

Interrupting my train of thought, I heard the door creak loudly and slowly open. For a second I just stared ahead, wondering who was hiding there. Finally, the vampire child I had brought here stepped cautiously through the door.

"I'm sorry for what happened back there, human sister," his apology surprised me, as did his truly regretful face. Without waiting for even a moment, he stepped back out and shut the door behind him.

"Wait!" I called, quickly standing up and striding towards the entrance. Where had the boy gone? Had he found his mother?

Clutching the doorknob, I contemplated whether to follow the vampire or obey the pureblood. Without too much thought, I chose the former, and at the same time find out where Kaname-senpai had gone.

I stepped into a dark and narrow hallway, shutting the door behind me. Quickly glancing left and right, I tried to figure out where the boy had gone. Catching a quick glimpse of light and hearing slight sounds of people talking, I started cautiously in towards the other end of the hall.

Striding down the hall, I suddenly came in contact with a piece of material blocking my path. It felt similar to a curtain, though I couldn't see very well with the absence of light. Tossing the material to the side, I flinched for a second at the sudden brightness. The hallway continued, but on the left, there was a low wall, overlooking the room down below.

Looking down, it immediately registered in my mind that this must be the vampire banquet Kaname-senpai had mentioned. Crowding the large ballroom, were perhaps hundreds of elegantly-dressed men and women chatting together in a friendly manner. Many of them were surprisingly recognizable to me. Famous actors, actresses, and chairmen were all gathered under one roof, seemingly knowing each other very well. Who knew they were actually vampires? It dawned on me, right then and there, how much power the vampire race truly possessed over humans, without anyone realizing it.

I searched the ballroom quickly, trying to catch sight of Kaname-senpai, or perhaps a familiar face from the Night Class. After all, they were all of noble descent and this seemed to be a lavish ball. After a few searches, I noticed a young, beautiful woman with flowing caramel hair in a satin blue night dress inch over a bit. Right beside her was the familiar face I had been searching for, though completely unexpected. The moonlight-haired hunter was leaning onto a nearby pillar, and looking around irritably. Zero? What's he doing here? I thought curiously. They surely don't invite former humans to these feasts. And judging by his disapproving glances, he didn't seem to be there to enjoy the festivities. The Hunter association had most probably sent him to watch over the vampires.

He suddenly turned and looked in my direction. Frightened of being discovered, I lunged down immediately, hiding myself behind the low balcony wall. If Zero ever found out how I had gotten here, he'd never stop berating me for my carelessness in following a strange kid to the other side of town. Not exactly something I needed at the moment.

Coming back to reality, I noted in surprise that the seconds before, commotion-filled room was now deadly silent.

"Thank you all for coming. I'm sorry for interrupting. Please continue to enjoy the feast." Quickly, I got to me feet and peeked carefully over the wall to get a direct glance.

Kaname-senpai was standing importantly at the head of the large crowd. Any signs the previous pain I had seen, were gone, replaced by a slight smile. The large vampire clusters who were previously bowing deeply, now raised their heads at the Pureblood's words. The act highly surprised me. Were Purebloods truly so honored and revered? Sure, I knew that no one in the Night Class dared go against him. But even here, among extremely important-looking vampires, he was held in the highest authority.

Suddenly, a tall, blond man stepped in a neatly-pressed tuxedo stepped up. "It is a great honor that Kaname-sama has agreed to attend my banquet. Thank you." His tone was respectful, fit for speaking to the leader of their race.

Kaname-senpai smiled and said, "Thank you for hosting us, Aidou-dono." My eyebrows arched. Aidou?

"The Aidou Clan has but one request of Kaname-sama." He turned and gestured a young girl similar looking to him. "Tsukiko." She stepped up and smiled shyly and Kaname-senpai.

"Otou-san!" I was barely surprised by now, to notice Aidou-senpai step up from behind the two. "Kaname-sama!" he turned back in fear toward the brunette standing before them. "I do not wish for this!" His father paid him no attention in the slightest.

"It is our clan's wish that you will one day consider Tsukiko." And with those words, he bowed respectfully and stepped back. Immediately, countless vampires came forward simultaneously, each trying to out voice the others.

"My daughter as well, Kaname-sama!"

"It will be a great honor for us…"

"Kaname-sama, for you my daughter will…"

The voice was drained out by the multitudes of others, each edging forward to make their request. I felt a sharp pain arise from inside me. Was Kaname-senpai really that desirable among vampires? Sure, I knew that being of his stature, he would have no shortage of suitable fiancés. But who knew they all desired him as a son-in-law so eagerly. And they barely knew him. They just knew of his high status in the social pyramid.

His popularity got me thinking. I knew I that I loved Kaname-senpai and Zero as well. But the question once again rose to my mind. Why did I reject Kaname-senpai at the White Day Ball if I loved him? If I had even formed a plan to become his lover, even going as far as using Zero for my desires, shouldn't Kaname-senpai be my first preference?

The truth is, the recently-gained knowledge that I was loved Zero, and not as a brother, had done no less than utterly shock me. Did I just gain these new romantic feelings or did they always exist deep within me?

Zero had always been by my side, protecting me from any possible danger. Since the chairman had brought him in, four years ago, blood-soaked and hate-filled, we had been together. No matter what happened, through thick and thin, he had always stayed at my side and I had stayed by his. I knew that much. But there was still the impending question. What of Kaname-senpai? What place did he carry in my heart? Was his place larger or smaller to that of Zero's? Or perhaps equal? I felt my heart ache with the pain and stress my thoughts were giving me. It was indescribably frustrating to be in love with two people at once.

With a jolt back to reality, I noticed Kaname-senpai eyeing me, a pain-expression on his face. Surprised by the unexpected eye contact, I turned on my feet, and swiftly made my way back to the room I had been in.

Closing the door in a hurry, I slipped down and buried my face into my arms. My mind began to race immediately. What should I do? I knew one thing for sure. I would have to make my decision fast before I lost both of them forever. Kaname-senpai or Zero? Zero or Kaname-senpai? Oh! Who should I choose? I sincerely wished for something, anything, that would reveal my true feelings and allow me to hasten my decision-making.

The door creaked open, colliding with my crunched-over backbone. "May I come in?" A familiar voice asked softly. Startled, I rose to my feet and edged myself backward, trying fast to think of any reasonable excuse for my actions.

The door opened widely and Kaname-senpai stepped inside, immediately shutting it behind him. He turned to face me, the pained expression that had almost fully vanished at the party downstairs, now back again. He began to walk towards me, his eyes not ripping from mine. The pace of my heart began to quicken, more from my fear of the Pureblood than from the mere fact of him being so close.

He stopped inches away from me, causing me to feel immensely uncomfortable. He leaned in a bit, seeming as if he wanted to encase me into his arms, but stopped abruptly. The surge of guilt threatening to engulf me since the night I had rejected him returned at full force. No doubt the events of the White Day Ball had made him elevate his caution level around me. And I had ferociously pushed him away before he had a chance to say the three fateful words that would keep him beside me forever. Any normal person would think more than twice before approaching me again.

Suddenly, to my surprised, he raised me into his long arms and carried me, bridal style, over to the scarlet couch situated in the center of the room. Laying me down, he bent down to a dangerously close distance and whispered, "Why did you leave?"

The fear came back at full force as his eyes began to narrow. Avoiding his gaze, I turned my head to the side and mumbled under my breath. "I wanted to make sure the boy found his mother and…" my voice became almost impossible to hear. "…And… you were in pain and I wanted to see what was wrong"

I heard him sigh deeply and bring his head lower toward me. "Don't worry me like that, Yuuki." He rested his head against my chest, closing his eyes softly.

"K-Kaname-senpai!" I stuttered, all my body heat rushing to the area of my face. What was he doing? Can it be possible that he didn't hate me even after all I had put him through?

After a few moments, he raised his head once again and twisted it, looking directly into my cocoa eyes. His began to glow a crimson, lustful red, similar to the way they had before. "Do you want to be like me, Yuuki? A bloodthirsty beast who craves blood? Do you want to stay by my side forever as a…" he paused dramatically, "As a vampire."

My eyes widened tremendously as he gazed directly at me. I began to shake with fear at the prospect of what he was suggesting. His question hit me like a lightning bolt. Be- become a… vampire? And strangely, a short time ago, the idea of what the Pureblood was suggesting would've thrilled me. It would enable me to stay by Kaname-senpai for eternity.

But somehow, now, the idea didn't seem all that appealing. What of Zero? He had sacrificed his life, himself, refusing to allow Shizuka to transform me into a vampire, even if it might mean his eventual death. How could I just go and turn myself into a vampire on my own and throw away his sacrifice like it meant nothing to me?

Perhaps taking my extended silence as a yes, Kaname-senpai began to inch toward me. Lowering his face until it was centimeters from mine; he paused for a few moments. I could feel his hot breath touch the nape of my neck, causing a shiver to run up my spine. But all that ran through my mind was, that's it. My life as a human is over. I am going to become a vampire. Zero is going to hate me till our dying days. He's going to hate me forever. No! That can't happen! No! No! No!

"NO!" the words escaped unconsciously from my lips. Without meaning to, my eyes shut tightly in fear. Even with my eyes shut, I could feel him the vampire pull himself away from me. Opening my eyes in surprise and slight relief, I saw him gazing upon me, his expression hurtful and sat up swiftly from my lying position.

At that moment, it suddenly hit me. Almost like a bombshell with its tremendous impact. I had chosen. Finally, I had made my choice. Kaname-senpai had offered me a lifetime beside him but I had chosen Zero. I truly did love him with my all my heart. And I knew that I must vocally make my decision. It was now or never.

Gathering all the courage inside me, I took a deep breath and began to speak. My hands were trembling fiercely with the prospect of what I was saying. "I'm sorry!" I closed my eyes and threw my head to face the floor. "I'm sorry! I can't become a vampire. I don't want Zero to hate me. I don't want his sacrifice for seem like nothing in my eyes." With a sigh, I closed my eyes even tighter and all my feelings began to release.

"I never was Zero's girlfriend… On Valentine's Day, I had asked Yori what was the best way to get you to confess was." I tinged at my words but continued to speak. "She told me to pretend to be Zero's girlfriend to get you jealous. It was cruel and evil. And Zero selflessly agreed to it, paying no attention to his own feelings at being used like that. I was horrible!" My voice rose to an almost panicked yell. "I am horrible. But during that time that we had pretended," I couldn't bring myself to say the word, 'lovers', "I began to truly love Zero. He has always been beside me." I paused for a couple of seconds. "Maybe I will never know what I've been wondering for years. Perhaps I'll never know how you are connected to my past. For ten years, I have loved you Kaname-senpai. I… I don't know what caused my feelings for you that existed for so long to diminish, but…"

The words then began to pour from my mouth at full speed. "I'm sorry! I like you. I really do! But my heart belongs to Zero now. He has a special place in my heart that no one can fill. Zero always stood beside me, bearing with my selfishness. Even if he'd leave me, I'll always love him! I'm sorry!"

My cheeks felt wet with tears that had so suddenly appeared in my eyes, I had failed to notice them. Looking up at the pureblood, I saw his emotions more easily read than perhaps it had ever been in the time I knew him. It was filled with unmistakable pain and suffering.

"I am so sorry…"

And I could think of nothing else to say…


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