A/N: Ok, the issue here is, this story has 2 prologues. No, they're not supposed to be read as parts of the same story, they are two possible beginnings for it. The first treats the story as if the kiss had never happened, the second approaches the story as if the things only changed after the kiss took place. I really had to put two different beginning because my sister kept nagging me about the possibility of the second one... and she was kind of right... but I didn't want to just delete the first one, so I just post the two and you read one... or both... and choose the one you like more. It's good for you if you actually like this story, you get two chapters in one! Have fun ^-^

Prologue 1: (Didn't it really happen?)

Daken kept tossing and turning in his bed. There were lots of things he'd been thinking of, but one of them kept him awake that night. Of all the crazy and disgusting things I've done in my life you had to choose THAT one not to be real!

It wasn't as if he liked the kiss that much, nor did he like the guy in question particularly... on the contrary, the bastard had a killer breath, one of those breaths you could use to kill undesired animals in your house. No, the thing was that the kiss was supposed to have happened, hell it felt weird not to. Daken was a hell of a kisser, he knew it well, had the damn thing really happened that guy would be in his own bed right then... beating-off and trying, pathetically, to think of some hot chick to compensate the shame. That was another thing Daken didn't understand. Sex is fucking sex dude. What's the difference if it's a guy or a chick? As long as I'm on top and I get to cum hard and long why the hell does it matter? Of course if he were to fuck Bullseye he would absolutely be on top, so he figured the other one had some reason to be upset. Now see? This is not reality, it hasn't happened!... Yet...

He couldn't keep the grin from his face now. He had to do something about the kiss thing though, nobody got a time like that with him and forgot everything after. Though he didn't forget 'cause technically it never happened... man they could have let me choose what to keep real... He really had to do something about it I don't get restless at night thinking of something like that, I make others feel like this! THAT hurt his manly pride All a man has is his pride... hehehe! Well, IT started with much less than that.

Still chuckling softly, he got up from his bed, not bothering to get dressed, and walked out of his room, down the corridor. I'm gonna finish this with you Lester! Oh, and Venom... U'R NEXT!

Prologue2: (Not real my ass!)

Oh the delicious sounds of masturbation. The guy was really putting everything he had into it. Daken knew he was good at seducing and all, but he didn't even try to turn him on, that damn Bullseye was asking for it on the battlefield, acting all coward and pussy-like. But still, the kiss couldn't even be called a real kiss, it was more like ravishing the other's disgusting mouth so he would shut his hole, not exactly a romantic goodbye kiss before a certain death. I guess it's only natural, lately everyone has been tense, we all need to beat up our nerves! Still it was so much fun to listen.

Suddenly it stopped, fast and dryly. 'To hell with it! Fucking fagot, man whore!' Daken knew who Lester was talking about. So many compliments dear, You're making me blush! It was hard not to smirk at the thought of the almighty Bullseye stopping in the middle of masturbation because he thought the *man on man* thing was wrong, it was more of a teenager's dilemma, not a grown man's, after all sex was sex right? If you strip the sweet and overrated coating of love, the rest was as meaningless as any other earthly pleasure, and as necessary as breathing. Kind of a paradox, but still true.

That's it big guy, we're gonna see if you still think the same after we have a small talk. Yeah, because the talking part WAS going to be small, if he got lucky even nonexistent... or as close to that as possible, he still wanted to tease Lester's nerves as much as he could.

With that he lifted form his bed and started walking towards his open door, passing the corridor, and stopping again once the moans and crescent loud yells recommenced. Oh don't worry Lester my boy, what you started alone, we're both finishing together. And you just wait for your turn Venom!

A/N: The thing with Venom is kind of a crazy idea my wonderful friends and I developed while playing with some Venom toy we got in Burger King and reading Dark Wolverine. Also, seriously I don't even know why I wrote this. I don't tend to like this kind of things really, just Daken was yelling impossibly loud in my head for this story to get out, and I just had to write it (I was told that's something called plot bunnies). As for the reason of why I posted this one and not the other 7/8 ones? I don't know, I just felt like it, I guess... Oh, and I was kind of forced to post this if it counts for a reason! I'm still very happy to see something of mine on . Review if you will please, but be kind, and coherent (or not I you really like it). Criticism is accepted but I don't think I'm going to do much about it, really no offense, but sometimes I just forget to make things different.