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"That'll be the day, when you say goodbye, oh yes, that'll be the day, when you say goodbye....." the worn-out radio blared from his black, 1950's Plymouth. Taking a swig from his favorite, cheap, beer, savoring the burning trail it left as it poured down his throat, Ace Merrill wiped his mouth and softly sang along to the last few lines of the song. "You say you gonna leave me, but you know it's a lie, 'cause that'll be the day-y-y.....when I die!" chuckling, he reached out and spun a dial, completely silencing the coming radio-host's annoying, booming voice.

He cruzed around the backroads on the outskirts of Castle Rock, which was as he described it,'Oregon's very own shithole' and your's truly had the 'honor' of living in it. It pissed him off. I pissed him off how when he would drive through the fancy part of town, Castle Hills, with their fany white pillars, and aqua swimming pools, the rich kids would sneer at him, because he was a nobody, but he would sneer right back. He hated it. He knew he could have been there right now, if it wasn't for the dick-ass man he called 'father.' He didn't give a damn if Ace was dead or alive, had lost his high-paying job as the manager of a Bank of America office because of spending time in jail for robbery, and was now sitting on his ass slowly drinking their last few dollars away, ever since his wife left him. Ace hated him.

Ace thought about his girlfriend, Lucy, he didn't need her either. She was just another annoying slut that was good for a long night of fucking, a slut he had feelings for. He didn't need that dick Eyeball, or those homos Furry and what's-his-face. Pushing his crappy thoughts to the back of his mind, clearing them with another swallow of beer, he hid the bottle as he drove passed the sheriff's office, making his way into town. He drove another few blocks and pulled over just as the Castle Hills neighborhood started. Fucking Beverly Hills wannabes. He saw his friends surrounding a huge estate, their faces pressed through the metal bars of the fence gaping at the moving trucks and fancy Porsche's and Ferraris. Digging around in the pocket's of his worn-out Levi's, Ace pulled out a toothpick and shoved it into his smirk, hopping out of the car and strolling over to Lucy.

Quietly, he walked up behind her and slid a hand up her skirt. She jumped and screamed, spinning around. Her face as red as her hair."Dammit Ace!" she screamed. Ace smirked and pulled her into him. Forgetting her anger she wrapped her arms around his neck and welcomed the tongue that he shoved in her mouth.

"Hey bitch." Ace rasped, pulling away first. He strolled over to Eyeball and hit him on the arm. Eyeball stared at him as if he just woke up.

"What the fuck?" Ace asked, nodding his head towards the moving vans.

"Oh, a new family's moving in from Califoria, from LA, Hollywood..........or was it......Beverly Hills, well, you know, the rich side of town," he licked his lips at the gleaming red Ferrari."the Grants I think there name is." he explained. Ace rolled his eyes, lighting a cigarette.

"Why don't they stay in their fancy California, why the fuck did they move to this shithole." he muttered, throwing the match away, right next to someone's shoe. The pair of Keds jumped.

"Hey!" It was Chris Chambers. Ace raised his eyebrows, suprised that the little fucks dared show there faces so close to the Cobras."watch where the fuck you throw that thing!" he shouted. Ace stared at him.

"Hey Asshole." he muttered. Glancing over his shoulder,"Eyeball! Get your ass over here." he shouted, making Eyeball obediantly appear at his side.

"You called?" he asked, shoving his heads in his pocket.

"You're brother's not being polite.....again." Ace smirked. Eyeball laughed. Ace took a step closer to Chris, who was surrounded by Gordie, Verne, and Teddy."You need to learn some manners, shithead." he said through his teeth.

"Or he'll have to teach 'em to you." Eyeball added, still laughing.

"Fuck you." Chris shot at Ace, not even glancing in Eyeball's direction. Overcome with anger, Ace grabbed Chris's head and shoved him to the ground, sticking his lit cigarette close to his eye......why does he always do that? Everyone wondered.

"Take it back!" he growled.

"Aaaaah!" Chris screamed, shuting his eyes together, hard.

"Stop it! You're hurting him!" Gordie and Teddy yelled, but were held back by a smirking Eyeball and Lucy. Verne, getting braver from seeing his friend in pain stood up to Ace.

"Stop it!" he yelled. But from one menacing glare from Ace, he shut his mouth and backed down.

"Take it back!" Ace yelled again, Chris still screaming.

"God get off of him, don't you have anything better to do?" a voice yelled behind them, they all swivled there heads to find a pretty girl with blue-green eyes and shiny long hair standing in front of them, wearing the latest fashions in Gucci and Prada. She must have been from the new family that just moved in. Ace dropped Chris's head and stood up, glaring at her. But the girl stood her ground.

"What you want, bitch?" red-haired Lucy yelled behind Ace. Ace rolled his eyes and just wished his stupid girlfriend would keep his mouth shut.

"You talking to me?" Ace growled.

"You're seriously dense if you have to ask." she spat in a disgusted tone.

"Hey! What I do is my own fucking business, so beat it!" he yelled in her face. She didn't even flinch, but just stood examining her perfectly manicured nails.

"Why don't you make like a tree, and get out of here!" Lucy yelled, grabbing Ace's arm, as if to show her property. Ace was mortified, he pushed her off. The rest of the guys stared, this girl was hot. The girl looked amused at Lucy.

"It's make like a tree, and leave, you back country hillbilly." she muttered, smirking.

"Hey! Get your Gucci ass out of here before my boyfriend kicks it for you!" Lucy yelled. As if by magic, two huge bodyguards dressed in black appeared by the young girl's side. She smirked.

"You were saying?" she laughed."Besides I live here, so you leave."

"We'll get your ass for this kid." Ace took a step closer but backed away when one of her bodyguards showed him his .42."We'll get you later." he muttered, storming off to his car. Lucy glared and followed him with Eyeball. The girl kept smirking.

"Ta!" she called after them, with a giggle. When they left, she turned her attention to Chris, Gordie, and Verne, who were gaping at her. She gave an outstretched hand to Chris, who was still sitting on the ground, he grabbed it, and she pulled him up. Then she gave them a smile, and walked away towards the gate to her mansion.

"Wait!" Chris called after her, stoping her.

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